A Salesforce Admin's Best Friend
Updated December 01, 2020

A Salesforce Admin's Best Friend

Raheel Alam | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Modules Used

  • DupeBlocker
  • PeopleImport
  • MassEffect
  • MassImpact
  • ReassignOwnership
  • MassBackup
  • Single Table Deduplicator
  • MassLeadConvert
  • Lead2ContactDedupe
  • Lead2AccountDedupe
  • Find / Report ID's
  • AddressVerify

Overall Satisfaction with DemandTools

I use DemandTools nearly every day as the Salesforce Administrator. I use Mass Effect and Mass Impact the most to help insert new records in bulk to mass edit records. We have done extensive rebuilding of our org over the past year and without the ability to update tens of thousands of records in bulk, it would have been nearly impossible.
  • More functional than DataLoader.
  • Easily make changes to thousands of records at a time.
  • Identify dupe accounts quickly and mass merge.
  • The UX is atrocious- like windows 95 bad. It needs help.
  • Needs a Mac version. I need to use a PC emulator to run the software.
  • Cloud based would be even better but I do understand the value of desktop based.
  • Massive Time Savings. Being able to ID and mass merge thousands of dupes has saved countless days.
  • Data cleanup and data integrity are easier to manage with DemandTools.
I found DemandTools to be a more robust solution that others on the market and despite the aged interface, its still very powerful and easy to use. I needed an all in one solution and DemandTools provides me all the functionality i need and then some.
It's an incredibly powerful suite of tools that every Salesforce administrator needs to perform their job. If you need to clean 100s of thousands of records like we did, dedupe and mass merge, mass reassign after staff turnover or just backfill data to every record, DemandTools is more than well suited to meet your needs.

Using DemandTools

5 - Team members from within Information Systems, Sales Operations, Marketing Operations, Business Intelligence and the lead Salesforce Administrator are the primary users of DemandTools.
1 - Our Salesforce Administrator handles all in-house support and training for any other team members that need to use DemandTools. In order to use it, a user goes through 1:1 training with the admin on the specific functionality needing to be used and then are tested using dummy data and DemandTools connected to a Sandbox.
  • Data Cleanliness
  • Mass Update/Insert of Records
  • Deduping records
  • Re-assigning ownership after employee turnover
  • We have been able to repair corrupted data by pulling historical reports in SFDC and setting corrupted data values back to their original value prior to the change
  • We've successfully removed or merged 40k+ instances and counting of duplicate account records in our org
  • We are able to quickly add target accounts to our org each quarter and get them in front of Sales Reps immediately.
  • Email Connect is a feature we'll be using soon to help validate our database iteratively by enriching a different batch of records each both to ensure the full database is verified each year
  • We've never used Report Edit but with the number of reports we now have, it would be fun to explore the benefits of it
It's a no brainer really. We use this tool every single day and couldn't do our jobs without it. It's a critical tool in our Administrator toolkit to ensure we can keep our org running smoothly. Sure, the interface leaves a lot to be desired but if you care more about performance than looks, DemandTools is the right choice.

Evaluating DemandTools and Competitors

We needed a product that was more robust that Salesforce DataLoader that we could use to help maintain our Salesforce org and DemandTools was recommended to us by other SFDC Admins.
I wouldn't change it too much. I'd say it would have been better to have an evaluation plan to go through each feature, understand it's pros and cons, test it and see if it provides value in a more deliberate process than just toying around and giving the thumbs up for purchase

DemandTools Support

No - I didn't know it existed, if it does.
We've actually never sent in a support ticket nor have we needed it. Its a pretty straightforward to use product which I think is the key to exceptional support.