DocuSign Will Save You Time
Updated October 29, 2021

DocuSign Will Save You Time

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Overall Satisfaction with DocuSign

Several departments use Docusign. Docusign allows us to have [a] secure web-based signature collection instead of relying on access to notaries, fax machines, scanners, or other means of relaying hard signatures. The electronic signature also opens up more doors for accessibility such as mobile and for customers/clients who do not have access to those means.


  • Ease of signature collection effort (fewer steps, fewer location/technology/knowledge requirements)
  • Speed of signature collection (from transmission to signature to receipt of signature)
  • Ease of user account management (administrative function)


  • Tracking, particularly when collecting signatures through connected applications, such as an ATS, is not always clean or easily traceable.
  • Formatting documents to handle electronic signature types (signatures, initials, etc.) is not always easy, and highly dependent on the partner's technology.
  • It is not convenient to have to use DocuSign as a stand alone product if the signatures are required for 3rd party applications. It definitely excels on its own, but the scope of that usage, at least for us, is slim.
  • Electronic signature
  • Signature fields for 3rd party documents
  • This has cut our signature collection time by 70%
  • Electronic storage of signed documents has given us a secure backup for sensitive data
We used home grown electronic signatures and were not pleased with the maintenance required.

Do you think DocuSign delivers good value for the price?


Are you happy with DocuSign's feature set?


Did DocuSign live up to sales and marketing promises?


Did implementation of DocuSign go as expected?


Would you buy DocuSign again?


This [software] is [amazingly] helpful in any situation requiring a signature. Legal departments, Human Resources departments, Procurement, Auditing, Recruiting, etc. There are tremendous application possibilities.

Using DocuSign

50 - The departments who currently make use of the technology are our Legal, Human Resources, Talent Acquisition and Information Technology groups. The heaviest use is Talent Acquisition.
1 - Skilled HRIS tech with knowledge/understanding of HTML and advanced document formatting skills.
  • Need for electronic signature
  • Distance between requestor and signature provider
  • Lack of scanning/faxing/etc ability for signer for a wet signature
  • Electronically secured/stored signed documents
  • Policy sign offs
  • Formal Acknowledgements (policy, disciplinary actions, annual review)
  • Job Offer signatures
  • Pre Background Check Screening Authorizations
  • I'm not sure. I'd be curious to see other ways companies are using the technology.
The interface is simple enough. However, customization of documents requires differing levels of development, mostly dependent on the platform in which DocuSign is going to be used. This is especially true when there are embedded DocuSign fields being used in a 3rd party app.

Evaluating DocuSign and Competitors

Yes - Docusign replaced the home grown solution we had developed for capturing signatures. It was a very manual process and there was not uniform tracking. We wanted something automated and consistent. Docusign gave us that.
  • Product Features
  • Product Reputation
It worked. Plain and simple. There were other options out there, but DocuSign had a good reputation and it delivered in the areas we needed most. The selection was not that difficult once we saw the platform perform.
If I had to do it again, it might be with different software to integrate. I believe however, that I would start by asking about compatibility with my product. Fortunately enough for us, DocuSign had plenty of experience with the platforms we had in place. Second I would want to see a demo of the software in action in 2-3 different use scenarios. Third I would want to see what reporting/tracking features I would have. Lastly, I would discuss licensing and cost.

DocuSign Implementation

Nothing wordy. It was efficient and quick.
Yes - First stages were discussions with the 3rd party for integration
Once expectations were in place we created templates
Then we added the users and me as the admin
Then we went live.
It was fast fast fast, and we were up and running in no time. The longest part was the document configuration for 3rd party email templates.
Change management was a minor issue with the implementation - There will always be persons who prefer to try and do things their old way instead of conforming. Squash that immediately so that stakeholders have a consistent and audit-passable method.
  • User error
  • 3rd party integration slips (on 3rd party, not DocuSign)

DocuSign Training

Docusign is super easy to use, and apart from a few administration details, there was really nothing to train on. Post implementation, there were issues with configuration of auto-filled documents with the integrating 3rd party. That training required some time, because the DocuSign expert took the time to walk me through the 3rd party's configuration (how often does that happen?) so I could see how DocuSign should be best used to overcome weaknesses in the 3rd party platform. 10/10 expert care.

DocuSign Support

Service is fast and courteous. There is not a lot more to say beyond that.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We did not need it, so we did not purchase it. Once our initial setup was complete, we had no need. This system does not break.
I can't think of a singular incident. I can only recall the initial setup. Most of the time, we had questions regarding the integration with a 3rd party, and DocuSign responded quickly and with clarity to resolve the matter. In fact, they had understanding of the 3rd party that I did not, even though I was an administrator.

Using DocuSign

DocuSign is simple to use. Even docusign template fields are simple, once you've used them a couple of times. This is very user friendly, and I have had zero issues as an administrator.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Document Status Monitoring
  • Reporting and Filtering
  • Document Management
  • Integrating fields in 3rd party software, due to instability in the 3rd party platform, not DocuSign

DocuSign Reliability

In my years of using DocuSign, I have never had an outage. I haven't even encountered a bug.
It does not go down. I have had zero issues with DocuSign, approaching 4 years.
Everything loads quickly. Reports are generated in a reasonable time. No noticeable difference in integrated software processing speeds.


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