Drift turned our website into a Lead Generation machine
October 16, 2017

Drift turned our website into a Lead Generation machine

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Overall Satisfaction with Drift

We are using Drift on multiple company websites to facilitate the live communication of our sales & support teams/departments with website visitors and app users. It solves multiple problems for us. The first one is being able to support existing users or visitors already familiar with our offerings learn some more information or ask specific questions about our products. The second one is identifying possible prospects based on a number of factors like time on the website, the number of pageviews, company size, and industry (through the Clearbit integration) and proactively engage them with automated questions and specialized offerings so that we can start a conversation with them and eventually gather their contact details.
It also allows us to keep track of our history with every individual user, such as how many times they've been on the website, the personal and contact details, which we can then feed to our CRM once we determine someone is a Sales Qualified Lead (SQL).
  • Inbound Lead generation, by automatically targeting prospects or qualified visitors and beginning a conversation with them.
  • User support system, by allowing visitors or app users to ask and get replies to specific product/service related questions they might have.
  • Lead nurturing, by sending automated email campaigns to users who are deemed as MQLs, but need a little extra push before they convert into SQLs.
  • Pricing plans. Their pricing page does not offer a good comparison of different plans and pricing depending on the number of users from the buyer's side, as the monthly plan can change based on that number.
  • Backend User Interface. Some more specialized options (e.g. starting a nurturing campaign) are hidden and could have been able to locate and use.
  • They do not support having access to multiple Drift accounts under the same email, which is a pretty common feature for most of the players of the marketing market (e.g. Mixpanel, Intercom, Hotjar).
  • They do not have as many templates for automated user communication/campaigns as they could.
  • Drift has allowed us to capture more MQLs since we started using it.
  • Drift has increased customer satisfaction with our services since it enabled real-time support and communication with them.
  • Drift has allowed us to spend less time supporting users or replying to user questions, and spend more time on critical business issues, while maintaining the same level of support for our customers.
Drift hits the sweet spot of being very good and optimized for lead generation on a website based on pre-selected criteria, while also being an excellent tool for user support and communication. The fact that it comes with CRM features is a big differentiator to most of the existing alternatives, and one of the main features that put Drift apart from the "customer support" tools and puts it in the "customer/visitor engagement and acquisition tools" list, which is definitely the future of this particular product category.
One other unique differentiator is the ability to trigger different kinds of pop-ups and banners according to pre-selected tools, which NO other product of the category supports.
The reports that we generate with Drift on a weekly basis, are based on the needs that we're covering with this service, and are the following:

- Emails Captured, which gives us an indication of how much the unknown visitors on the website are converting to Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs).
- Conversations, which allows us to have an idea of how many visitors were engaged with Drift and are interested in our services in general.
- Meetings Booked, which is the indicator of success/failure for our sales team, as their goal is to book as many meetings with prospects as possible.

On a high-level, Drift's reports are alright, but for someone looking for a more in-depth analysis, things can get tricky, as Drift doesn't support anything like this out of the box.

Drift is excellent for Inbound lead generation, especially combined with Clearbit, for automated identification of warm leads or possible prospects, especially on B2B websites where every user is important and should be treated differently.
Drift is not well suited to replace a company's CRM as soon as the lead has been deemed SQL, especially for larger companies, as it lacks many of the features that typical CRM platforms have.
Lastly, while Drift is really good for support, since it supports live as well as asynchronous communication with website visitors/users based on their email address, it does not provide the option of creating an automated FAQ database which could serve pre-answered questions to users.