We love Fuze!
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Updated January 12, 2018

We love Fuze!

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Overall Satisfaction with Fuze

Their support team has always been willing to set up time to talk if there are any issues occuring with the system. In addition, they provide a lot of information around frequently asked questions and user guides within their online portal. It is really easy to find the information that we need in order to be successful when using their product.
The overall process did not take long at all. Our entire organization was up and running in what seemed like no time. The process was not cumbersome at all and we were able to integrate with other systems like Salesforce very easily. We have been very satisfied with how Fuze has worked for us up to this point.
Fuze is used amongst our entire organization. It allows our employees to record their calls easily so that they can always go back and reference them for information that may have been forgotten. It enables us to set up virtual meetings by one click of a button and it also syncs up very nicely with Salesforce so that we can click to dial as opposed to typing in someone's phone number. All in all, it allows for a easier, faster and more effective way to contact people.
  • Click-To- Call. This is a direct integration with Salesforce that allows you to click the Fuze icon and it will automatically dial for you. This is especially useful for our Sales reps who need to have a high amount of calls to make throughout the day. Allows us to move much faster than normal
  • Call recordings- all calls that happen within Fuze are recorded and can be easily found on their portal. By one lick, you can download the call and then relisten to it or save it. This is a great feature for call coaching opportunities and also for people to re-listen to their calls to make sure they got all the relevant information
  • Ease of use. Fuze is a very intuitive tool that does not require a lot of training to use. Once you download the application it is extremely easy to set up and get going. It has a very modern look and feel and is well organized.
  • Fuze does not let you mark mass calls as complete. So every time I open the app I usually get a bunch of notifications of missed calls or voicemails and I have to click on each one in order for them to go away. It would be nice if I could mass select all the ones
  • From a functionality standpoint sometimes the call quality has been poor. I have heard only multiple occasions from prospects that the connection sounds statically or there is significant amount of feedback occurring. This is usually resolved after hanging up and calling back but that is not the best experience for both parties involved.
Adoption has been handled extremely well. We use Fuze for everything from a communication standpoint. By having one consistent platform it eliminates all possibility of confusion and ensures that all employees are all following the same procedures for setting up calls and virtual meetings. It enables managers to find all relevant information for their team members in one location and not have to try and pull from a variety of different systems. It makes for a seamless and consistent experience.
Overall, Fuze is better organized, easier to navigate and faster to get up and running that GoToMeeting was. I strongly prefer Fuze from both an end user and also administrators perspective.
Fuze is a very easy to use, intuitive system. It is cloud based and very easy to set up and manage. You have the ability to download a mobile app for when you are on the go and you can easily find all of your call recordings in one centralized location. It is a very useful tool for all organizations with Sales teams or any sort of function that is making a lot of calls during the day. Probably is not as well suited for organizations that are not focused so much with outbound prospecting.

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Using Fuze

100 - Fuze it utilized from our entire organization. It is our primary tool that we use for all things related to phone calls. It is most frequently used from our sales department as they are the ones on the phone the most, interacting with prospects and clients. Fuze allows us to make calls remotely as well as log and track calls to gain insights.
2 - Our director of Sales Operations is the primary contact for our Fuze partnership. This is a very technically sound individual who knows both the front end and back end features of the tool. Fuze does not take much on going support to use but if there are any issues, it is pretty easily resolved internally if not then we can call our contact for any deeper probelms
  • Sales calls- Fuze it used hundreds of times a day to make calls, log them and track.
  • Scheduling and creating new meetings- the tool really easily enables you to schedule meetings with prospects or current clients C
  • Call recordings- we are able to pull all call recordings and use them as coaching and feedback sessions for our employees. Allows our audience to learn quicker and apply best practices
  • Call shadowing- Fuze enables multiple people to listen into a call to provide live feedback to our sales reps
  • Volume tracking- we can see how many calls are being made by our reps and their outcomes. Whether or not they are setting meetings and appropriate next steps.
  • Salesforce integration- we have enabled one click calling to allow our reps to make a lot of calls quickly and easily!
  • Sales competition- based on call volume and meetings set we can provide our reps the opportunity to win a contest and incentivize them to work harder
  • Pitch competition- take call recordings and vote on the best ones and also use them as an opportunity to teach our reps and fine tune our messaging
Overall ease of use with the product. It helps of move quicker and more efficient all while providing us the necessary information that we need on the back end. A great product for any organization to adopt, especially if you have a sales department who are responsible for generating revenue. Highly recommend Fuze