Groove is the answer to your sales engagement needs
Updated November 10, 2021

Groove is the answer to your sales engagement needs

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Overall Satisfaction with Groove

Our entire GTM team uses Groove. Our SDR in its entirety for its dialer, email tracking, email templates, omnibar, and flows. Our entire sales team uses the dialer and email tracking. We have about half the sales team using flows and are working towards the entire org utilizing flows. Our customer success team also uses it for email tracking and templates. Our FY22 goal is to have flows dedicated to customer onboarding, GBRs, Upsell, cross-sell, etc. Groove provides visibility into team activity without a bunch of manual work. As a business it gives us reliable activity data because it sits on top of SFDC so there is no need to worry about activity data syncing between systems like with our sales engagement platforms.
  • "Integration" with SFDC: Since Groove just sits on top of SFDC, there are no API calls or need to troubleshoot why activities aren't syncing back to SFDC (the source of truth). I used another sales engagement tool and always struggled with activity in that tool syncing back to SFDC, causing major headaches. I don't have to deal with that using Groove
  • The Omnibar is a great tool to be able to use in Gmail. It gives the entire team the ability to see SFDC information without leaving their email. It can show the most recent activity, whether or not the person(s) you're emailing with is already in SFDC and if they aren't, you can easily add them without having to open SFDC. Shows opportunity info, you can create notes. It really makes things easy for the team.
  • The "actions" button makes it easy to access the call and email steps that are due or overdue, without having to navigate to the Groove app itself. The action button can be accessed in Gmail, SFDC, and of course in the Groove app. It makes it easy for our GTM team to know what they need to do for the day without having to navigate to the app.
  • One thing I absolutely love about Groove is the team I get to work with. The CSMs I've had over the years genuinely care about user adoption and getting the most out of the tool to meet our business needs. If I have a problem I'm trying to solve using Groove they are willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Whether that is connecting me with the SDR/BDR manager to brainstorm, the product team to talk about feature requests, or other internal resources. As someone who evaluates, purchases, implements, and manages of a variety of tech tools, I would say the way Groove treats it's customers is refreshing and rare in the chaos that is the tech world today.
  • Groove has weaknesses but its product team is very receptive to feedback. We work very closely with our CSM, who is always happy to jump on a call and even include the head of product, to hear our feedback, talk through the use cases and talk about workarounds while they work on improvements.
  • They don't currently offer the ability to multi-thread flows. Meaning parts of the flow are the responsibility of the SDR and the other half are the responsibility of the AE. I know other sales engagement tools offer that and it isn't a huge pain point for us but would be a nice to have. I worked with our CSM to create some workarounds; they aren't perfect but they work for us!
  • We've used a contact data provider that partnered with other sales engagement tools that made it easy to add a contact/lead directly to a flow via their chrome extension while prospecting in LinkedIn. Our team spends a lot of time prospecting in LinkedIn and an enhanced capability to utilize Groove within that platform would do wonders for our team.
  • Email Tracking
  • Dialer
  • Scheduler
  • Flows
  • Groove adds structure to our SDR team. They know who they need to follow up with and how they need to follow up with them. They don't need to try and keep track of who they need to follow-up with using tasks or note pads, it's seamless
  • Analytics are big: seeing how many calls, what the outcomes are, etc. is huge for us.
In my mind, it would be very hard for any tech tool to receive a 10, but Groove is pretty darn close. When I was a user and administrator of another sales engagement tool, myself and users would spend HOURS trying to figure out if the person who existed in SFDC properly ported over to the dedicated cadence or trying to figure out if the sales engagement tool was creating a bunch of dupes or incorrectly associating leads with accounts.
The biggest advantage of Groove over other sales engagement tools is the way it interacts with SFDC. I cannot stress this enough. Compared to other sales engagement tools that use API calls and rely on the tool being able to properly match and map to the right lead/contact/account, Groove doesn't rely on that. If it's in SFDC, it exists in Groove. If it's not in SFDC it can't exist in Groove and from a data governance standpoint, that is massive. You don't need to worry about there being 5 different Jack Smith's and hoping the record in the tool matches the one in SFDC. No need to worry about associating a lead/contact to the correct account in the outreach tool. My previous company was healthcare tech and Salesloft always struggled with differentiating between the 5-7 different "Orthopedics Associates" accounts existed. People were constantly attached to the wrong account, meaning the activity showed up under the wrong account, making it seem like accounts were being worked but they weren't. From an administrative standpoint. Groove is worlds better than the other tools I've used. Not to mention the support is top-notch, especially compared to other tools I've used.

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I think Groove can be used for the entire GTM org. We build specific flows for pre and post-webinar outreach. We don't utilize Groove's account-based selling functionality but certainly could if we just put some effort into it. Other potential scenarios for Groove could be CSM outreach for new product features, renewal outreach 90/60/30 days out. I truly think the scenarios in which to utilize Groove are endless.

I would say this definitely isn't appropriate for mass marketing, it's not a marketing automation tool, and sometimes our sales leaders and reps confused it for one.

Using Groove

45 - CSM, SDR, Marketing, Sales
  • Email outreach
  • Activity Tracking
  • Email templates
  • Customer onboarding
  • Customer renewals
  • NPS

Evaluating Groove and Competitors

Yes - Outreach, but that was done before I joined the org. We originally went with Groove because we were expanding globally and needed a tool that could accommodate that. Outreach was unable to
I wouldn't. I would choose Groove every time

Groove Support

Groove's support is great. They reply quickly via chat. And the dedicated customer support reps are always helpful. We've had three different CS reps since I started this job and both have been phenomenal. If they don't know an answer they work on finding it. They're always willing to help problem-solve or jump on a call to walk through a use case and determine how to use Groove to solve the problem.
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No, premium support is not an option
Yes - Yes. If we identify a bug either Groove is already aware of it and working on a solution or it gets escalated quickly. In situations where the bug is specific to us as a user, engineering still gets involved. We've even had issues specific to our users get escalated to the CTO.