Product slowed us down!
December 14, 2012

Product slowed us down!

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Modules Used

  • Basic

Overall Satisfaction


  • Jive is great if you want to give your customers a place to interact with you. You can control what is shared to the customers and they can give you feedback in a controlled environment.


  • It wasn't the right fit for us because it didn't have the tools our engineering team needed to share code effectively. We also had a hard time getting adoption up because people were not clear on which groups held which documents. There were lots of duplicate docs. People liked the shared drive because they could just save a file and move on. However, with Jive they had to log in, download, edit, upload. It was time consuming. The Word and Excel connectors sounded good but they made our systems slow and often broke. So people didn't use them.
  • We wanted to save people time (searching for and sharing content). It slowed us down.
My company was purchased before our renewal date came around. But at the time we were considering switching to other tools.

Product Usage

200 - All departments:
Sales, Support, Marketing, Engineering, General and Administrative, etc.
1 - Business Systems Manager
  • Document storage, versioning and collaboration. Intranet and social enterprise.

Evaluation and Selection

We were using a mix of Sharepoint, SFDC, and other tools to store files and share code.


If I did this over, I would hire out the implementation. They know the best practices and could have guided us to make an easier to use setup.


Training went smoothly.


It was difficult to customize the design if you don't know code. We tried to customize the look and feel but needed engineering help to go further.


They did an OK job when I needed them. Except for the one day the system went down. Jive pointed the finger at the hosting company, and the hosting company pointed the finger at Jive. No reliable information came to us.
No - We believe a system like this should be user friendly enough to not need to pay extra. It already cost a lot.


It was harder to use that expected. The admin needs to be code savvy to truly customize the system. And users need to trained on the system and the setup. Trainings and monitoring need to continue to enforce use.


Uptime was OK. But there was one day that the system crashed for a whole day. Our company was unable to operate. And all the plugins to word/excel froze causing those systems to freeze.

Jive posted a statement to the media saying all customers were up, but we were not.
The product worked as designed. It just didn't work for our needs.


  • SFDC
  • Sharepoint
we integrated to SFDC and Sharepoint for the last month of use. It was a light integration and confused people more.

Vendor Relationship

Very easy to deal with.
We got a price break because we were negotiating with SFDC Chatter too.


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