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What is Jive?

Jive Software, part of the Aurea family of customer experience solutions, provides the gateway to an organization's most important assets – its knowledge and people. Jive's interactive intranet solution promises to connect people, information and ideas to help businesses outpace...
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Jive is great!

10 out of 10
November 06, 2019
We use Jive across our whole organization. We do most of our work through email but needed a phone number for support and other issues. …
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My Jive Review

8 out of 10
July 23, 2018
Across the whole organisation with a focus on day-to-day operational issues and business planning:
  • lateral comms: coordination within and …
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What is Jive?

Jive Software, part of the Aurea family of customer experience solutions, provides the gateway to an organization's most important assets – its knowledge and people. Jive's interactive intranet solution promises to connect people, information and ideas to help businesses outpace their competitors.…

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What is Jive?

Jive Software, part of the Aurea family of customer experience solutions, provides the gateway to an organization's most important assets – its knowledge and people. Jive's interactive intranet solution promises to connect people, information and ideas to help businesses outpace their competitors. The vendor says the product has more than 30 million users worldwide across every industry, and is consistently recognized as a leader by top analyst firms.

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Screenshot of Jive's Interactive Intranet software provides a single platform for employee collaboration without complication.

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Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Axero, Sprinklr Modern Care, and Microsoft Yammer are common alternatives for Jive.

Reviewers rate Support Rating highest, with a score of 6.9.

The most common users of Jive are from Enterprises (1,001+ employees).
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Anne Karppinen | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Jive collaboration platform is used in tech support case handling discussion, i.e. getting support from your peer across the globe. Jive has enabled us to overcome not only geographical and time zone barriers but also organizational silos. Case handling is more effective, knowledge sharing is effortless, and we're building a verified knowledge base as we go along. With minimal initial training, we have engaged a living community of around 6000 expert and novice users, and got moderators/community managers on board. Great product, easy to use and easy to implement. In an area where engagement is the biggest problem, with Jive, we have overcome that problem.
  • Ease of use: low threshold of "getting started"
  • Ease of administration: transparency and human understandable, consistent admin console
  • Ease of creating attractive content.
  • Sometimes it has proven to be an issue to find out exactly what browsers/versions cause problems.
  • Integration in a wide and complex IT environment is not always the easiest thing.
Tech support case handling is an easy example to offer as something for which Jive is well suited, but engaging customers, for example, supporting a customer event with Jive as channel is also easy.
  • Faster case handling
  • Better customer service
  • Knowledge management, processing the silent knowhow into tangible and reusable information
Compared to MS SharePoint community administration, I'm much more comfortable with Jive administration tools. The Jive user interface is more pleasing and easily adaptable with readymade widgets. The navigation (both top level and within a social group or community) is made easier with standard tabs and standard content types.
It's not me who decides on renewing the contract.
Technical support, also extended to R&D. Product management/ product marketing.
We have typically social group owners and community administrators. In addition, we have one - two full time portal administrator and various people with portaladmin rights supporting the scenario. On IT side, we have support staff who develops custom plug-ins, and takes care of overall integration to other neighbouring systems.
  • Tech support: Case handling discussion
  • R&D: tech support report investigation (identifying bugs)
  • Product management: Interfacing with customers.
  • We have supported a big customer event via Jive. Everything was done via Jive: First registration. Then invitation, timetables, practicalities were shared. After sessions, we posted materials, videos, polls on the site. People attending the event wrote blogs on what they saw. After the event, we had a satisfaction survey.
  • Product managers have interacted directly with customers to gain insight on what to develop in next product release, i.e. feature prioritization.
  • Product marketing - engaging customers
  • Administration (via admin console)
  • Modifying group overview/community overview/portal main page with widgets. Especially impressed with user-configurable widgets such as spaces, i.e. user only sees the spaces he is allowed to see in the widget.
  • Creating wikis as individual documents, instead of the complex wiki-entities in various other systems.
  • I have not found anything particularly cumbersome, except some funny mishaps with certain browsers/versions.
Yes, but I don't use it
It's easy to use and administrate. Same cannot be said of all systems I have used.
December 14, 2012

Product slowed us down!

Score 3 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • Jive is great if you want to give your customers a place to interact with you. You can control what is shared to the customers and they can give you feedback in a controlled environment.
  • It wasn't the right fit for us because it didn't have the tools our engineering team needed to share code effectively. We also had a hard time getting adoption up because people were not clear on which groups held which documents. There were lots of duplicate docs. People liked the shared drive because they could just save a file and move on. However, with Jive they had to log in, download, edit, upload. It was time consuming. The Word and Excel connectors sounded good but they made our systems slow and often broke. So people didn't use them.
  • We wanted to save people time (searching for and sharing content). It slowed us down.
My company was purchased before our renewal date came around. But at the time we were considering switching to other tools.
All departments: Sales, Support, Marketing, Engineering, General and Administrative, etc.
Business Systems Manager
  • Document storage, versioning and collaboration. Intranet and social enterprise.
We were using a mix of Sharepoint, SFDC, and other tools to store files and share code.
SFDC Chatter
  • Implemented in-house
If I did this over, I would hire out the implementation. They know the best practices and could have guided us to make an easier to use setup.
  • Online training
Training went smoothly.
It was difficult to customize the design if you don't know code. We tried to customize the look and feel but needed engineering help to go further.
We believe a system like this should be user friendly enough to not need to pay extra. It already cost a lot.
They did an OK job when I needed them. Except for the one day the system went down. Jive pointed the finger at the hosting company, and the hosting company pointed the finger at Jive. No reliable information came to us.
It was harder to use that expected. The admin needs to be code savvy to truly customize the system. And users need to trained on the system and the setup. Trainings and monitoring need to continue to enforce use.
Uptime was OK. But there was one day that the system crashed for a whole day. Our company was unable to operate. And all the plugins to word/excel froze causing those systems to freeze. Jive posted a statement to the media saying all customers were up, but we were not.
The product worked as designed. It just didn't work for our needs.
  • SFDC
  • Sharepoint
we integrated to SFDC and Sharepoint for the last month of use. It was a light integration and confused people more.
  • no
Very easy to deal with.
We got a price break because we were negotiating with SFDC Chatter too.
Score 2 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
  • This tool did help provide information to clients that they otherwise wouldn’t find
  • At its basic form this is an ok community platform but the cost was too high to keep up with upgrades.
  • The analytics for this product are not nearly as robust as other community platforms that I’ve dealt with
  • It tries to be a knowledge base but the truth is that it basically repackages the standard post functionality as a Knowledge Base tool
  • It functioned as a community tool, but ease of use was so problematic that we switched.
We have already moved to another platform.
There are many other community platforms out there that I think can do much better than the Jive platform at a much cheaper cost.
  • This product was purchased to be a support and resource tool for our clients
It was our first community package
I did not drive the evaluation.
  • Vendor implemented
I wasn't involved.
  • Online training
• I never took any live training for this product. I found on-demand training to be almost non-existent.
This product demanded we purchase a lot of customizations for what other products did out of the box.
I didn’t have to use support a lot but when I did they were ok about responding.
It was very cumbersome to generate reports. Often I had to run several reports and then merge them offline to get what I needed. Reporting granularity is also lacking.
  • Our own product
I wasn’t involved in integration but we did integrate it into an instance of our own platform for for Single Sign On and record creation. It worked well. Not the best but we made it work.
  • Not applicable
Our issues were more with the product than the vendor.
I was not involved in the negotiation.
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