GoToConnect is truly MY JAM!
Updated July 15, 2022

GoToConnect is truly MY JAM!

Deborah Shapiro | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GoTo Connect

GoToConnect Hosted VoIP is the telephone system in use here at C.A. Goldberg, PLLC. I have used many other phone systems but have found GoToConnect to be the most user friendly and have a really awesome support staff. Instead of having to have technical support in house, we can easily add or remove phones, have moved offices with no loss of phone connectivity, have implemented the 'Follow Me' functionality for key employees, set up new equipment for conference calling, SO easily designed and developed an auto attendant process with the help of GoToConnect support personnel - all with having little to know real phone technical expertise.
  • GoToConnect Customer Service is exceptional - you get to a knowledgeable representative quickly and they stay with you until the issue is resolved. If there is a reason for them to call you back, they actually do!
  • Online Knowledge based support - if you have a question regarding how to do something, just google it! For example, "How do I set up a schedule in GoToConnect"? And, presto, the link to the documentation pops up. They have helpful videos and, if you still can't figure out, live help is always available.
  • RELIABILITY - GoToConnect is up and at 'em 24/7, which is crucial in our service based business.
  • GoToConnect has exceedingly robust reporting - when we need to track calls, productivity, etc. - we can get it from our reporting.
  • So far, I have not seen any lack in the GoToConnect functionality, perhaps because our needs are fairly basic. One thing that would be nice is to be able to assign multiple people to get emails for voicemail from a single extension. That is, instead of just sending email to the extensions user or one email address, I would like to be able to have the ability to send to several.
  • GoToConnect Hosted VoIP has been very cost effective for our firm. We did weigh the cost-benefit of having a different hosted system and/or putting in 'land lines' and other phones - GoToConnect's ROI beat them all hands down.
I have used large scale call center software. When I came into this company, I went back to my old phone vendor to see about putting that system into the firm. It was neither cost effective or practical. I quickly came up to speed with GoToConnect and became a true believer.
GoToConnect Hosted VoIP has been extremely well suited for our office as it is an extremely cost effective way for us to implement an extremely robust system. Even when we had remote personnel working, we were able to just ship them a phone, have them plug in, and it was as if they were just sitting in the office next door. Again, GoToConnect makes management of the phone system so very easy. If we were a much larger shop and had the need for our own technical staff AND were already wired for phones, there might be a scenario where long term there might be less expensive option than GoToConnect Hosted VoIP. But this meets our needs perfectly!

GoTo Connect Feature Ratings

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Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
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User templates
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Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
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Call park
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Call screening
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Message alerts
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Audio conferencing
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Using GoTo Connect

  • Price
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Although I did not make the initial decision to purchase GoTo Connect, I kept it onboard (after looking at other alternatives) as the value proposition is amazing. The price is very reasonable and the scope of services - along with the amazing support - made it a keeper. It provides all the telephonic support for our office and, especially during COVID, the functionality and ability to create answer trees was key.
GoToConnect has been great in not only allowing us to move offices without any downtime, but to also easily set up remote offices and keep the costs extremely low. It has great features and functionality, and we would not look anywhere else for this kind of product.
  • Easily add, change, and delete users from the system
  • Easy to set up answer trees for changes in staffing as well as special marketing campaigns
  • Easy to forward and/or rout calls as needed as staff moves in and out of the office
  • Generate multiple answer trees which was really useful for special marketing campaigns
  • Allowed us to easily hook into an external answering service during COVID when the office was closed
For a great prices, we have not had to worry about our phones. That is a tremendous help to an office that does not want to hire an IT admin to manage any of the technology. We outsource our tech - and GoTo has been wonderful in its support when there is an issue (which is RARE!!)
I can't imagine a circumstance where it would be necessary to rethink the decision. GoTo has been our vendor of choice for years and they they provide a great service at a fair price with EXCELLENT support. So happy with them - and 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it!'
I don't see any fundamental difference from GoTo to their competitors. I believe that the GoTo platform is really easy to use but I believe that their excellent customer service and willingness to go the extra mile sets them aparty.

GoTo Connect Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
We LOVE GoToConnect support. Not only does it have great online documentation, but the staff at the call center are terrific. They are extremely knowledgeable and will stay with you until your problem is resolved. AND, even after the problem is resolved, the customer service department follows up to see if everything is okay and makes sure that the problem STAYS resolved.
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When we moved our offices, I had a large number of phones that needed to be installed - all of which we had purchased from GoToConnect. Several of them (about 6) could NOT be installed, and I went nuts trying to figure out why I could not just 'plug and 'play' as we had done pretty much with all of the other phones. I finally called GoToConnect and explained my situation. The representative sat with me on the phone until I could get ALL of the phones working. I did not need to install them all, but he wanted to make sure that the next time we needed to install a phone, it would again be just 'plug and play'. It actually took several hours - but the rep was GREAT.