Simple, Clean and Supportive
Updated July 18, 2022

Simple, Clean and Supportive

Laura Samoisette, LEED AP, WELL AP | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with GoTo Connect

GoToConnect was used in my organization as a way to keep up with day-to-day tasks between employees. The need stemmed from everyone working in separate office spaces, yet our work had some overlap. Corresponding through e-mail sometimes can get messy and it is important to keep administrative type work in a different "space" than typical services with clients. It's been easy to integrate new users and even a new office manager- which solves the problem of onboarding for our evolving team.


  • Accessibility and integration via desktop app or browser is convenient.
  • Tracking - Timestamps, voicemails, favoriting and other abilities allow for abundant ways to track calls/chats.
  • Simplicity - The ease of use is high given that symbols and color schemes are very straightforward. This is a benefit to an older workforce who may not be as technically inclined and allows for people of all ages to understand how to use the platform quickly.


  • Not as modern as some other platforms available - This could be seen as a pro or a con, but having additional options like color scheme, statuses, and profile picture options make the user experience more personalized and fun.
  • Lack of integration - Being able to link more than just your personal email to GoToConnect would be handy, such as time-tracking or your calendar.
  • Uncertain if meetings are private - Anyone with a link can join a meeting, therefore I question how easy it is for someone outside of the company to join a meeting that was not meant for them. Maybe a password option would add a buffer of security.
  • The ability to keep organized and send quick messages or make quick calls all from the desktop definitely decreased time spent on administrative tasks.
  • Having a platform to having meetings, even from a distance, may save your company money and avoid spending fees to use other methods like Zoom since there are limits on attendance and time with free versions.
  • Compared to other cloud PBX systems, this one is very simple to use and therefore cuts down on the training time of employees to understand how to use the resource effectively.
I was not involved with the original implementation of GoTo Connect, however I do handle some of the onboarding now and it has been relatively easy for people of all ages to grasp. The simplicity is appreciated and most commands are intuitive.
Having an all-in-one system is essential with the new hybrid workplace. It allows us to stay more connected to our colleagues over a distance. As a project manager it is also helpful in keeping track of and managing many employees, as the system holds information that otherwise would be scattered in multiple spaces.
I was not personally involved with the deployment situation, but as far as giving access (links, information and otherwise) to employees, all seemed to go smoothly and there was nothing negative to report on the matter.
Call quality is average, as any system goes there is bound to be feedback at times and/or calls dropped occasionally. I did notice an improvement over the sound quality that comes out of a cell phone by using the desktop audio. So in that sense, the call quality is pretty good and you should not experience major issues.
Personally, I am more of a fan of Dialpad Talk because of its more modern presentation. I feel it best compliments a hybrid workspace and the added feature of having status updates, showing availability and creating profiles gives a deeper level of understanding to our spread out workforce. GoTo Connect is not far behind, but does not meet the same level of customization in my opinion.

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Did GoTo Connect live up to sales and marketing promises?

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GoToConnect is well-suited to staff who can appreciate a simple, straightforward add-on to their workday. If this platform is meant to be a small aspect of the day and just to support tasks here and there then I would say this is the better option compared to other available platforms. However, GoToConnect lacks some modern touches and additional features that can really make a difference if you are using it often day-to-day. I would recommend other platforms for calls/texts/meetings because they are more fun to use and offer small features that I have noticed more of a benefit to people who rely on its functions. Limitations of only 4 participants with the Basic plan forces you to upgrade your subscription

GoTo Connect Feature Ratings

Hosted PBX
Multi-level Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
User templates
Call reports
Directory of employee names
Answering rules
Call recording
Call park
Not Rated
Call screening
Not Rated
Message alerts
Video conferencing
Audio conferencing
Video screen sharing
Instant messaging
Mobile app for iOS
Not Rated
Mobile app for Android

Using GoTo Connect

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Product features is the most important factor when making a purchasing decision. When looking for an all-in-one tool it's important to do your research on the range of features included. There are sometimes small nuances that you weren't expecting to be omitted that can have a big impact on your day to day functioning. GoTo Connect offers many features that are essential to the functioning of our small company- especially because we need to be in frequent contact with each other and our clients.
Usability rates are very high because of the simplistic features and easy to navigate the desktop app. People of all ages will not have an issue getting up to speed and continuing to use the system well over time. Symbols and colors are self-explanatory, which is much appreciated when the system isn't being used for overly complicated tasks.
  • employee to employee communication
  • employee to client communication and logging
  • Messaging and easy search function for quick chats
  • Having the option to use the phone app
  • Sending voicemail transcripts to your email
  • I'm unaware of any additional hidden abilities- making that clear in the marketing would be a plus
Having all communications through one piece of software has been ideal for our hybrid workplace. It better helps to keep track of previous information sent through messaging and call logs. You have the ability to access these communications anywhere you happen to be, via mobile or desktop apps and with voicemails even going straight to your email for optimal workflow.
For most companies GoTo Connect is an option that makes sense. We have decided to move on to a more modernized product, however, that is not to understate the benefits of using an all in on system like GoTo Connect. It is scalable for any size workforce and will work for all ages. Easy to understand, easy to use and functions as stated.
I have only seen additional features from competitors compared to the features list of GoTo Connect. It is the small things that other companies offer that begin to add up to something tangible. I have nto exhausted the list of features from this software, but it just does not have the aesthetics that other options have which sems to be it's biggest downfall in my opinion.

Evaluating GoTo Connect and Competitors

If looking for another meeting/talk/messaging software I would likely visit TrustRadius before making a decision. Hearing about firsthand experience of companies similar in size and function to our own would help in finding the best fit. I believe I would have had a better understanding of how GoTo Connect met the basics, but perhaps was better aligned with an older workforce than some of its more modern counterparts.

GoTo Connect Support

Quick Resolution
Good followup
Immediate help available
Support cares about my success
I had only ever used the support team once, so my opinion is not based on extensive experience. Only for the initial onboarding period of time were they communicated with. All went smoothly, but I can't speak to larger issues that may occur and how the team responds
Premium was not needed at the time of use, but would need to upgrade if using today. Premium is not more expensive, but allows for many more users. Not many people would be okay with the 4 user limit of the basic version. Typically there are more people in the workplace or many more clients involved in a business so this seems to be an odd starting number to me.
I did not receive additional support outside of onboarding.

Using GoTo Connect

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Yes - Yes it does, which is useful for those who conduct work on site and don't always have their laptops with them
  • Call functions
  • Creating chats and searching for keywords
  • Listening to and sending voicemails to email
  • The AI is not always accurate, which many similar software's have issues with as well
  • Overall, everything functions as advertised and is very intuitive

Upgrading GoTo Connect


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