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Lokesh Meena | TrustRadius Reviewer
Updated January 20, 2020

Bulk email giant - Mailchimp

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Overall Satisfaction with Mailchimp

Mailchimp is a well known e-mail sending tool and generally it's the first choice for someone who is just beginning with email marketing or custom bulk emails. We have used Mailchimp for around two years for our various types of email marketing campaigns. It was used by our marketing departments to send promotional emails to our regular and non-regular subscribers. It helps us to promote our currently running campaigns with ease.
  • It offers a freemium plan, which is free up to a limited number of subscribers, generally 2000. Which is a good start for small organisations to begin with email marketing on a low budget.
  • It has one of the best custom email designing tool with lots of templates available, allowing us to design custom emails without wasting lots of time in the designing part.
  • It can easily handle large numbers of email receivers or subscribers (in their terminology). It helps medium and large organisations to stay away from chaos due to a large number of users.
  • Though it's free initially, for a large number of users its plans are so expensive. We have to burn our pockets if we have large numbers of subscribers to send marketing emails on a regular basis.
  • It still doesn't have perfect automation. Mailchimp has very good auto responders etc., but coming to automation part, it doesn't have required advanced automation.
  • The worst thing I found in Mailchimp is that emails sent via Mailchimp generally go directly in promotion tab of Gmail or even in spam sometimes. This affects the conversion ratio, as the conversion comes less than expected.
  • In the beginning of our marketing campaigns, Mailchimp has helped us a lot, allowing us to send promotional emails to our users, to increase the retention.
  • We had started with the freemium plan to send bulk emails in the initial period. It helped us to save a few bucks on the marketing.
  • For new subscribers, we had sent marketing emails using Mailchimp, so we got some conversions as well from subscribers to registered users.
Considering the pros and cons of Mailchimp. We initially began with Mailchimp. Later on, when our organisation grew and Mailchimp started burning our pockets with their pricing plans as well as delivering the mails directly to spam or promotions tab, we started email campaigning with AWS SES. They have nice custom pricing structure and we are able to do full customization according to our needs.
Mailchimp is a nice tool to design and send bulk emails at once for small and large companies without having not so much infrastructure. We use it to design various mails time to time on various occasions and promotions. Most of the templates available are usable to use with various types of mail requirements. Sending mail at once for bulk number of users with less bounces is my favorable and usable feature.
As I explained earlier, mailchimp is used primarily to send bulk emails to our users and customers on various occasions but sometimes it's a little bit difficult to send mails at particular time, so we use mailchimp's automation feature to send particular mail at particular date or time. The second all-in-one marketing features that we like and use is it's behavioral targeting feature, it helps us to target the users that like us much or those who are not interacting with us these days. Using this feature, we can easily target and differentiate with users
The first success we got using mailchimp was, we were able to save our time as well as energy. It's easy to use to design an email and send it to our users, so it basically saves the time. Next success we can say using the behavioral targeting feature of mailchimp as it differentiates our targeted users, so with a little efforts we can get the sorted list of users as per the requirements.
Mailchimp is very suitable for an organisation with a low marketing budget or that doesn't have much IT expertise. Small startups that are just beginning with their email marketing should go for it. Large organisations with a high budget or nice IT expertise should not go for it, as they have so many alternatives that can help them to reduce their time, energy and money spent.

Mailchimp Feature Ratings

WYSIWYG email editor
Dynamic content
Ability to test dynamic content
Landing pages
A/B testing
Mobile optimization
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List management
Triggered drip sequences
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Using Mailchimp

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  • The ui is so easy to use.
  • It's very easy to integrate and use the mailing system.
  • Integration with existing mailing system is a little bit difficult at first.
  • Setting up for the first time now became a little cumbersome now.