Miro - it just works!
September 29, 2020

Miro - it just works!

Ben McEwing | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

We're a small business so it's being used across the whole organisation. It gaves a shared space to develop product and service ideas in a divergent way. I think that's the most important word here: divergent. As it's a whiteboard, there is literally unlimited space to put everything on the board, build connections between elements and continually refine it until we land on a solution we like. It's great that we can all comment, add ideas and share the creative experience.
  • Highly intuitive
  • Adapts to any creative style. ie, some people prefer words, some like visuals.
  • The number of templates is astounding. They're really great to kick off and structure ideas.
  • I also have a personal account. I'd like to be able to toggle between the two without having to log out.
  • When adding text into a shape, it doesn't seem possible to change the font size of one part without changing all of it. For example, if I want to create a title and make the font bigger, I can't do that.
  • Increased visibility. Even though we're a small business, we operate across three cities in Australia. It's made our product and service development more agile and faster.
  • It's given scope to bring in more consultants into our business. We have a few people who are on the fringe, who may come and go depending on what projects we're doing. Miro has given us a space where they can contribute more and create business opportunities for themselves.
Miro feels more intuitive than InVision. I think of the two as Apple (Miro) and Android (InVision). Both are very good products and you can ultimately do what you need to with them, but Miro has that X-Factor where everything "just works". I was invited to a board, having never even heard of Miro. I was using it pretty adeptly within a few minutes because everything I wanted to do, I could. And everything I expected to find on the board in a certain location was right there. And the best thing is it's not "over-designed". It doesn't have 5 million features that make it bloated and slow. They've found the balance of function and form. That's the sign of a well made product.
I'm giving this rating as a perception, not a real life experience. Based on the quality of the product, I'm imaging the support will be excellent. In truth, I can't make a judgement on this because I haven't needed to use the support functionality as yet. I'm sure as I use the product more and start wanting it do things that it perhaps can't or I don't know how to activate, then I might need to access support. For now, I'm still in exploration mode, so I haven't delved deep enough.
As mentioned, it's so intuitive that I started using it immediately without having to read a manual, watch a tutorial or go on a forum. It felt like it melded with my mind very quickly. Any time I asked myself a "what if I...?" or "can I do...?", the answer was pretty much always yes! For example, I love that it will align a bunch of shapes so they're equidistant or centred. I love symmetry and I've realised it's very important to me when creating things. The aesthetic is just as important as the content, especially when I'm sharing it with my bosses. They like to see a more sophisticated presentation of ideas and Miro lets me do that. The only reason I didn't give it a 10 is because there are some minor things that could (and I'm sure will) be improved.

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It's fantastic for divergent creative development. You can literally throw anything "on the page" and sort it. There's something very powerful about being able to zoom in and zoom out, move around the board and very easily move content. For me, it aligns with how my brain works: sometimes I need to get into the detail, other times I need to pull back out and see the big picture.

It's also good for collaborative work. It feels like a neutral space where everyone is equal. I think that's really important for teams. Everyone has a voice.

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