Miro is for speed, easy collaboration, and fun!
September 06, 2021

Miro is for speed, easy collaboration, and fun!

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Overall Satisfaction with Miro

It is used by the entire company. In my team we use it for the following things: Grooming of technical tickets to let the entire team collaborate digitally around a "whiteboard" environment when we work from home. As a whiteboard in interviewing of new team member candidates remotely. For team retros as a digital whiteboard
  • Collaborating in real-time (no delay) on the content we create simultaneously works perfectly - and there seems to be no limit to how many collaborators can participate and still have this working smoothly!
  • Miro keeps up with the change in the world, during Covid they added functionality like timers, "waiting music" and other handy little tools to make working together from home easier!
  • Nothing is hidden, all the functionality is super easy to find so working together with someone who has not used Miro before is not a problem as they learn quickly!
  • More templates! For instance, we do retros every week and it would be cool if Miro could add themed templates so that it is super easy to start with a retro!
  • Maybe Miro can add some "after work" / team building functionality to enable doing this while working from home? I feel like it would be a natural extension of what it is already.
  • Maybe Miro can add ways to express your emotions? Maybe you can create "fireworks" of a certain emoji (like a heart) by clicking on some button to show the others that you "looove" something!
  • Retros can now be performed digitally completely, and in less than one hour you can come up with at least 5 action points based on the retro exercise!
  • Interviewing new candidates is a super smooth process! Because of the smooth tools, it is super easy for me to conduct an interview that requires drawing on a whiteboard! You have post its, super easy to connect boxes and move them around! This smooth experience makes it nicer for the candidate as well which boosts their confidence and results in a better interview!
  • Our groomings are super-efficient! In just 2 hours we can manage to draw at least 3 system designs and discuss them properly.
- It is clear that Miro has been developed together with users because usage of the tools and to find what you are looking for is intuitive. - The user interface is friendly, it is on the same level of user-friendliness that you would expect from an Apple product, for instance. - Miro team keeps on adding new functionality without changing the UI too much, which is good because then you don't have to relearn the tool!
I have never integrated Miro with other tools, but I have seen that there is a Slack integration advertised whenever I send a Slack message with a Miro link!
I think it has really speeded up starting new projects, or even discussing existing ones. The reason it speeds up the development is that things become easier to explain and understand, and because we understand each other clearly we can remove obstacles quickly, figure out a path, and then just execute work. If we did not have Miro we would need to rely on slack messages, email, or calls - all of which creates a delay in the process and has lots of room for misunderstandings.

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To me it is very clear, Miro should be used by all engineers when they want to collaborate digitally, either remotely or around one computer. Some big benefits are that you get everything documented which is super important, so you can share with people that did not attend! I would recommend engineers to use Miro for grooming of tickets (to draw designs of technical systems), for retros (to express what went bad and well last week), or for when wanting to visualize a problem with a chart for instance. Maybe Miro would be less good for collaboration if you are more than 2 people trying to collaborate around just 1 computer (I mean you both sit next to this one computer), in that case, just use a whiteboard, because doing it with one mouse and one keyboard really limits speed if you are a group.