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Oracle Social Cloud Review: "Oracle SRM - Total Social Marketing Dominance" Social CloudUnspecified7.559101
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October 30, 2017

Oracle Social Cloud Review: "Oracle SRM - Total Social Marketing Dominance"

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Oracle Social Marketing, Oracle Social Engagement & Monitoring

Overall Satisfaction with Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM)

We are currently using Oracle SRM within the marketing department to orchestrate all our social media campaigns. We use it to schedule and publish social content, listen and monitor key terms and what's going on with our clients, and we use it for reporting to see which campaigns are driving the most engagement.
  • Scheduling posts across multiple social platforms
  • Listening and monitoring what's going on in the social world
  • Reporting on social campaigns
  • Would like faster response with the listening component. It's tough to do real time responses when there are lags
  • The ability to build out landing pages for social campaigns could use improvment
  • Coordinate social media campaigns on a global scale
  • Gain competitive/market intelligence
  • Gather audience insights
  • Grow your audience
So far Oracle SRM has been a great tool for what we are using it for. I'm sure there are areas of the application that we could be better at, but or us, we have found great success in our social media efforts using Oracle SRM.
5 - Primarily Marketing
  • Twin Cities Oracle User Group
We are part of the Twin Cities Oracle Marketing Cloud group. It's a fantastic group of people who are passionate about marketing, technology and driving results for their organization. My favorite part is the networking, knowledge building and just being around like minded people really energizes me. I recommend everyone join a local user group.
Oracle SRM is a great tool for enterprise organizations. You can handle all of your social marketing activities right from one platform. It also integrates easily into other Oracle applications such as Eloqua and Support. I recommend it to any large organization.
If you are looking to manage multiple social channels and quickly schedule posts it's a great tool. Not the best tool if you're looking to provide real time or near real time support and feedback to customers who are in the moment.

Oracle Social Cloud Feature Ratings

Using Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM)

Support Headcount Required

5 - It is helpful to have experience with enterprise tool integrations, data modeling, and CRM data structures. Additionally, just like any tool, you need a firm grasp of marketing and social media strategy in order to get the most out of the tool.

Business Processes Supported

  • Scheduling and publishing to numerous social platforms
  • Reporting on engagement and effectiveness

Innovative Uses

  • Simply being able to manage all our social channels and look across the channels to determine which posts and which channels are providing the most growth is key for us

Future Planned Uses

  • I would like to look into using SRM to drive social advertising

Likelihood to Renew

It's been a great tool for us. No need to switch at this point.

Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM) Support


You are in the hopper with everyone else and it can take a long time to get your question answered.

Oracle Social Cloud Customer Support Pros and Cons

Kept well informed
Quick Initial Response
Slow Resolution
Poor followup
Less knowledgeable
Problems left unsolved
Difficult to get immediate help

Premium Support

No - I prefer to work with partners. It's a better experience, with more knowledge and more flexibility. If I were going to pay for support I would pick a specialized partner who was properly trained. Then they can help with issues but also talk through strategy, integration with other platforms, and any manner of marketing issue. I really like working with partners.

Bug Resolution

Yes - I did but it was a known issue and the team had it resolved in a few hours. Only reported the one time though.

Exceptional Examples of Oracle Social Cloud Support

I have a generally neutral view of the Oracle support team

Using Oracle Social Relationship Management (SRM)


Within a few hours you should be able to get up to speed to do the basics. I find it very intuitive

Usability Pros and Cons

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using

Easy Tasks

  • Scheduling and posting to various social channels
  • Analytics and campaign metrics are very useful

Difficult Tasks

  • I don't get how to do the custom landing pages for social channels

Mobile Interface Availability and Impressions

Yes - It works just fine for our needs