Easy to integrate, well-crafted notification system
Updated August 05, 2020

Easy to integrate, well-crafted notification system

Brian E Jones | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with PagerDuty

It is used as a notification system for engineers and technicians on call, receiving alarms from many other feeds including but not limited to network monitoring systems. We are looking to expand its use beyond our division to other IT components, such as middleware teams, data center techs, upper management teams for COOP and DR.
  • Escalation policies.
  • Configurable on-call preferences.
  • Separation of teams when necessary for compliance
  • Allowing for other teams to be contacted or notified of an issue
  • Billing/legal agreements.
  • Maintenance renewal.
  • More cost effective licensing for state Educational units
  • It allows the operations center to contact the correct team a large percentage of the time, enabling faster mean time to resolution.
  • Allows second or third level support contacts to be reached more efficiently without human intervention in lots of cases.
PagerDuty has been highly available and reliable for us. The only issues have been when we had local provider issues or some other network routing snafu, like a VPN firewall misconfiguration, that caused us reachability issues. We now have redundant and diverse providers and paths to the Internet.
We have become a large user of ServiceNow. It is supported a differnet divison of IT than my team but we hope to get them to deploy the PagerDuty integration for us to be able to leverage the abilities of PagerDuty beyond our financial abilities to afford the level of licenses we would need to support a large audience of operations staff.

We already the email interfacing capabilities with other network and other monitoring systems to page those on call for critical IT needs for the university.

PagerDuty has the ability to integrate with almost any other platform in one way or another. That is one of the large differentiation points for us choosing PagerDuty as a notification platform to from many systems.
We have automated alarms from tuned network monitoring stations, These alarms will be suppressed depending on their severity and level of criticality to the infrastructure for some number of minutes to allow for alarms to clear without intervention. We have escalation policies ion place to allow for alarms to be propagated after a reasonable amount of time without clearing so appropriate staff on call can be reached. Our on call staff appreciates PagerDuty for the mobile application capabilities. It is easy to use, easy to annotate an alarm with additional text information, and easy to acknowledge an alarm without booting up a computer in the middle of the night.
At this time only our monitoring, performance, and analytics team really looks at the analytics provided by PagerDuty. We need more licenses in order to really get an accurate picture of our organization and have true analytics for how we operate across our service and infrastructure teams.
Very similar in features, but we kept PagerDuty, mostly for the integration capability with almost any system, and the cost of up-fitting didn't make sense. Try googling around and you will quickly find that no one on the market has as many capabilities when it comes to integration with other products or even home grown scripts running on systems than PagerDuty. There are pages of names ypou know that have official application integrations, but for those that are not know at all there are ways to integrate with the RESTful API and there are also email options that allow it to be essentially integrated with anything that can send an email.
I have had really great success in working with PagerDuty support. Quick responses, friendly staff, and if they don't know the answer they don't try to snowball you, they tell you that they are seeking the people who can help resolve the issue or answer your questions. I like the fact they don't try to read off a script or go through some standard set of questions. They just help you get to the point of the problem and help you to the person that can fix it if it isn't themselves.

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In a situation where you have various teams supporting multiple services and you want a centralized way to allow different team leads to build and maintain their own escalation policies for support notifications while maintaining administrative oversight, PagerDuty is an excellent solution. PagerDuty is not a CRM tool, so it is not well suited to provide a public/customer-facing interface.