Save 10 hours a week/salesperson with PandaDoc. Not kidding.
Updated February 10, 2019

Save 10 hours a week/salesperson with PandaDoc. Not kidding.

Andrew Pagels | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with PandaDoc

We use PandaDoc to draft and execute all of our sales contracts, HR documents, and investment documents. Our team is divided into a Sales team (finding clients and partners) and a Strategy team (professional services with clients and partners). PandaDoc is used by every person in our organization. We get huge efficiency gains from the template and asynchronous signature features. Every document we execute (Engagement Agreements, Offer Letters, Work Orders, and Investment Term Sheets) is templatized in PandaDoc to make it super fast and easy to create and draft new documents, and to manage the process of all relevant parties signing the agreements. This keeps all of the documents and agreements we are working to execute in one place, and we can quickly see the status of each document. It also gives us a way to save time on actually signing agreements with the e-sign features. PandaDoc saves us hours every day on drafting, sharing, and managing agreements. I absolutely love it - it has allowed us to spend more time focusing on the conversation with a lead/investor/potential hire, rather than spend time managing the documents.
  • Automatic document analytics and alerts about document updates enable the whole team to see the conversation with a lead and easily collaborate on closing a deal and executing the contract.
  • Enables our team to share best practices through testing and measuring the performance of template agreements, then refining and sharing agreement templates that work well across the whole team.
  • It is SO easy to build a template that can be used again and again. And the "token" feature makes creating a new sales or fundraising agreement take two minutes, rather than the hour or so it took us before.
  • PandaDoc is also particularly good for service companies - it has an amazing feature where you can store a template copy of your services, and easily pull them into a new agreement using the "Product Catalog" feature. It makes customizing the service agreement super simple and fast.
  • I don't like finding documents in PandaDoc. It may be more a problem of user error, but we have gotten a ton of nested folders in our PandaDoc, which makes it hard to find documents. Also, the search bar doesn't work as well as I'd hope it would.
  • Formatting is still fairly clunky. Making/removing bulleted lists, changing font size/type, and adding fields take some getting used to. I also wish you could link "Fields" to text so they would move with the text, but you have to reposition the fields every time you change the text.
  • I really like the experience of using templates, but building new documents is clunky still. Some of the features around formatting and building new documents are pretty buried in the panels on the top and right. For example, adding any kind of image to a document is a pain.
  • I haven't played around with it enough, but I wish there were more integrations with an invoicing system. I know they just added "Payments", but we use Quickbooks for invoicing, and I haven't figured out how to set this up yet.
  • We are able to close sales deals about 25% faster (because we can do document/agreement execution in 1 week instead of 2 weeks, and our sales cycle is about 4 weeks, formerly 5 weeks). Therefore, we much more consistently hit our sales goals every month.
  • Sending and executing two sales contracts a week used to take us about 10 hours/BD/week, and now it takes about one-two hours/BD/week, due to templates in PandaDoc.
  • We have saved hundreds of hours in sales training by onboarding new SDRs and BDs to our contracting process using PandaDoc's 1) template sales documents and 2) templatized product catalog.
  • We also save hundreds of hours over the course of raising a round of funding, due to having a series of funding documents ready to go as PandaDoc templates.
I have used DocuSign and HelloSign. I felt that they were too basic and even harder to set up new documents with. The formatting tools in PandaDoc are a bit clunky, but I got used to them after a few months, and am okay sacrificing a bit of usability for the versatility of the fields and tokens I can use in PandaDoc.

I am sticking with PandaDoc mainly because of the templates and product catalog features. I haven't done an extensive review of other options, but these two features have saved us thousands of hours at this point, and PandaDoc's downsides are vastly outweighed by the benefits I get from it.
Great use case: If you have multiple salespeople, PandaDoc makes it really easy to share and handoff documents/agreements so the whole team can collaborate on drafting, approving, and executing sales documents. Generally, we find it drastically increases how fast we move from "decision-maker bought in" to "deal closed".
Bad use case: We tried to use PandaDoc as our tool to track and manage internal processes like reimbursements, and I think there are much better purpose-suited apps for that. Generally, I would recommend using Pandadoc for sales, HR, and fundraising, and finding purpose-built tools for other processes.