Weave improves, thanks to Pendo.io
June 20, 2019

Weave improves, thanks to Pendo.io

Jennifer Gray | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Pendo.io

Pendo.io is used by our organization to collect and track usage information for our products. Customer engagement uses this information to help guide new and existing users, as well as to reach out to customers that appear to be under-utilizing the product. Our Helpdesk uses Pendo.io data to help answer customer questions. Our Product team uses Pendo.io data to guide design and development decisions. We can easily see what areas of the product are heavily used, and those areas that are under-utilized. We can survey our users in-app about their behavior.

We also use Pendo's in-app guides and messaging to communicate with our users. In-app guides and tutorials help users without forcing them to go search for a resource on another page. The built-in NPS polling has been invaluable for us as well.
  • Pendo.io is very user-friendly, designed for users (like me) without a technology background, to easily set up and navigate the tool.
  • In-app guides and walk thru's are very easy to set up and customize.
  • Customized Dashboards are excellent for our different teams, they can focus on exactly what they need, and adjust their dashboard widgets easily as needed.
  • NPS tool basically runs itself.
  • Pendo.io staff is always helpful and available to answer questions. They are always willing listeners when we have suggestions or a unique problem to solve.
  • Pendo.io Slack channel is very helpful! lots of sharing of best practices between all kinds of Pendo.io users.
  • New guide design tool isn't yet as robust as the classic designer.
  • Pendo.io does not track text/content entered into cells by users, this could be helpful for us.
  • We have been able to proactively reach out to customers under-utilizing our software before they become a retention risk. Pendo.io gives us the ability to re-engage with these customers before they begin shopping for competitors. In the past year, I would estimate we have re-engaged with 5-7 accounts, saving the company significant resources.
  • We have used user information to help drive our design and development process. Learning which areas of our software the customers are underutilizing or using in a way other than designed, helps us put together focus groups to connect with these customers. We gather this information and use to inform enhancements.
We used a rubric to compare Pendo.io to the other tools listed. We scored/compared on the following items that were/are important to our company:

  • Ease of Use
  • Level of developer work necessary
  • Support included
  • Onboarding included
  • Tracking all data points
  • Necessary to tag all data points in order to have tracking
  • Saving and exporting reports
  • Segments (groups of accounts/users)
  • Funnels and Paths
  • Retention report
  • In-app guides
  • Survey tool
Pendo.io scored much higher than the other tools in all of these areas. The two tracking/tagging of data points was very important, and Pendo.io was the only tool that tracks all data points (every time a user clicks something) without us having to tag that element first. Aside from WalkMe, the other two tools did not offer in-app guides or survey tools).
One of the most significant reasons we chose Pendo.io was the fact that the Pendo.io product owner at our company is not a developer. Pendo.io is easy to set up and maintain for anyone, even without developer assistance.
Pendo.io is well suited for companies that want detailed usage information. Page and feature tagging is simple, yet offers incredible information on behaviors (funnels, paths, etc). The Product team finds this detail invaluable in supporting data-driven decisions for design and development.
Pendo.io is well suited for companies that need usage information to guide implementation and customer communication. Customized dashboards allow different teams to view at-a-glance information that is important to their work. The in-app guides make it simple and easy for users to access resources without having to navigate away from their work.

Pendo.io may not be well suited for companies that need to track text/content entered into text boxes within their application, although we have not found that to be a problem.

Using Pendo.io

7 - 
  1. Product
  2. Support
  3. Customer Engagement
  4. Sales
1 - Pendo product owner has no formal technical training. Very easy to learn and maintain. We do have a UI developer that helps with the formatting of in-app guides occasionally.
  • Usage data for Customer Engagement (under-utilization, retention).
  • Usage behaviors, paths and funnels are used to inform Product design and development decisions.
  • Support/Helpdesk uses Pendo data to help support customers.
  • We have begun to transition all of our Help resources into Pendo in-app guides and tooltips, therefore reducing the need for another tool to host these resources.
  • The Pendo snippet in our Zendesk support application has reduced the need for Helpdesk staff to spend time looking for usernames and other information
  • We intend on expanding the use of Pendo to support our customer onboarding process
We have had an excellent experience with Pendo. When we've had questions or concerns, Pendo is very quick to respond and communicate with us. We have experienced top-notch customer support and customer engagement. We have actually modeled some of our implementation and product processes after Pendo's examples.