Flexibility, performance, and capability. Ideal platform to do more than you expect from a single product.
Updated March 02, 2021

Flexibility, performance, and capability. Ideal platform to do more than you expect from a single product.

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Overall Satisfaction with ScienceLogic SL1

As a managed services provider, we use ScienceLogic internally as well as in support of our customers for monitoring. We utilize it for availability and performance monitoring across all customers and internally. The data gathered is also used for sizing/re-sizing, application requirements planning, and continuous improvement cycles. We utilize the platform for automation for remediation and alerting/ticketing.
  • Flexibility and coverage for the full spectrum of device types and use cases.
  • Robust automation and event management interaction.
  • Ability to write custom snippets for various actions/collections creates high customization ceiling for solving problems.
  • HA/DR requires dedicated physical hardware to my knowledge.
  • Flexibility in multi-tenancy allows us to tweak individual customers to allow us to properly alert and avoid SLA penalties for over-ticketing.
  • Provides performance data to reduce overall ecosystem costs in various platforms, such as over or undersized AWS resources.
  • Helps to maintain uptime and detect issues before they can become a full-blown outage, causing loss of faith from customers which ultimately hurts the bottom line.
We sell monitoring and alerting as a service. We also provide insight into customer ecosystems to guide customers down an improvement path and reduce their overall costs and increase their resiliency and performance. Due to this process being refined constantly, we create opportunities for case studies that support the business acquisition teams in their duty of finding new customers and contract opportunities
It is used for billing for customers via monitored elements. We use it to populate a CMDB in ServiceNow, as well as ticket creation and resolution with ServiceNow. Ticket enrichment and remediation automation reduce repetitive tasks and overall reduce manual time spent on processes by the NOC. Overall, these automations and integrations provide reduced cost and increased agility for serving the customer and internal systems.
  • A vendor did not have a supported remote reporting object for a specific scenario in their network setups, so we wrote a collection application that utilizes SSH connections and regex processing to provide extremely detailed and accurate monitoring and alerting of network status for hundreds of sites.
  • Creating customer copies of specific events with filtering allowed us to provide alerting capabilities for proprietary customer applications.
  • We use automations for ticketing creation and resolution in an external system.
  • We use the monitoring data for resizing AWS resources to optimize costs.
Monitoring for any vendor I can think of is easy to build along with support for various customers. The multi-tenancy can be used in an enterprise capacity as well as MSPs. Monitoring/alerting and performance metrics are easily gathered and maintained to guide improvements in any ecosystem. The flexibility of snippets being written in python can solve unique use case scenarios for customers, such as gathering and alerting on extremely specific aspects of a system.

ScienceLogic SL1 Reliability

The platform as a whole is extremely stable. There are rarely issues that occur within the application rather than networking or hardware. The only issues that arise are during complicated procedures such as upgrades, and that is mitigated with a few things. Support, improving documentation, and the increasing enhancements made by ScienceLogic on the overall backend processes make this increasingly less of an issue compared to the past.
The performance is entirely dependent on the complexity of the environment/network being used to host the platform. Outside of those factors, the platform runs very efficiently and quickly out of the box. We have integrations with other platforms and neither seem to take a hit from our moderate API usage. Any issues with performance would be experienced by choices made in infrastructure or complexity of things built by the customer to display in the GUI (overly complicated and cluttered dashboards for example)

ScienceLogic SL1 Support

The only problems that aren't solved tend to be defects that get assigned to engineering to be addressed in future builds. Sometimes non-urgent issues can take a long time to be properly addressed, but anything causing us impact to our ability to provide for our customers is taken care of by support rather quickly.
Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
24x7 online, phone support is enough for our needs as a company for 99% of our use cases. The support is knowledgable for critical issues and the escalation process takes little time if the need is urgent enough. We've had outages escalated to be engaged with an engineer within minutes in the past.
During a large upgrade process, we encountered a snowballing set of issues and the engineer that our case was escalated to ended up working with us for almost an entire day directly until our issues were sorted out. He ended up following up every day for the next week on some changes made to ensure our platform was performing to his standards. His professionalism and skills were exceptional.