After 15 years of chasing remote software, I found ScreenConnect
February 14, 2017

After 15 years of chasing remote software, I found ScreenConnect

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Overall Satisfaction with ScreenConnect

As a consultant with and for several companies I advocate for screenconnect with as many clients/contractors as possible, I currently have an individual support tech company and am involved with dozens of other small companies that all use screenconnect from a few users to a few hundred users.
  • Quick setup of sessions with minimal amount of effort on the part of the client.
  • Great tracking detail and connection information for quick access when you are supporting hundreds of installed clients.
  • The fact that several companies can all have their own screenconnect installed on the same machine. Instead of one contractor using Kaseya, another using TeamViewer, another using VNC/VPN, or GoToMyPC,.... you get it, I try to get all vendors on a project to use ScreenConnect. Not only does it work but it stabilizes the environment and eliminates security risks with one low-cost solution.
  • The last but most overlooked feature is the ability to connect at a command line level and execute scripts without bothering the working user.
  • A choice to have screenconnect give a more prominent announcement of the presence of a tech and then give the client the ability to say no to the tech's session, without preventing the tech's ability to connect when the client is not at the machine. Meaning the default is connect, unless the client clicks "No connect".
  • I find the meeting software clumsy when I am trying to connect several participants to a meeting on a server where no one, including the host is physically at the server.
  • The ability to pretest a remote connection's network quality before trying to engage a meeting or support session. Sometimes the destination does not have sufficient bandwidth. I would like to know this before I have a client engaged in a session. You remote in and the session is a black screen or has black squares. And is severely delayed. If I know in advance I can reschedule the session or connect by another means.
  • Maybe one in every 15 sessions the keyboard does not map correctly and no matter what letter I type it is the letter "a" on the other side or I cannot type at all. This seems to be more prevalent of a problem when one or both machines are an Apple.
  • The ability to have multiple accounts on the same tab of a browser, right now I have to have at least three tabs open at once for all the screenconnect accounts I am using.
  • Cost of product is competitive with other solutions but ScreenConnect wins by being a superior product.
  • Wish I had a program for getting my single copy for free by engaging others on the product, not selling but supplying you leads that I get credit for if they lead to sales.
  • Saves me money on the time it takes to get a user connected, nothing frustrates me more than having to charge 40 minutes for a 15-minute fix because I could not wrestle a remote connection out of a weak remote software.
Well, I simply bumped from one "OK" remote solution to another by subscribing, using it for a few months to a year, and then shopping for a new product that did not have deficiencies of the old product (UltraVNC, Shrew VNC, RDP, RDP/RemoteGateway, GoToMyPC, LogMeIn, Chrome Remote Desktop, RoyalTX, Kaseya, TeamViewer). I am currently not shopping for any new product, no deal-breaking problems detected.
  • Perfectly suited when you support users who want the least amount of involvement in starting a session.
  • Perfectly suited when you want to monitor activity on a machine without logging into a session
  • Perfectly suited for having multiple sessions open at one time, although I wish the session icon on my end had info so I would always bring up the correct open session.

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Centralized management dashboard
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