Useful, especially for smaller companies!
Updated August 10, 2020

Useful, especially for smaller companies!

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Overall Satisfaction with TriNet

We are using it for our corporate team. It helps us sith processing payroll, benefits, and making sure we stay compliant. For example, we get up-to-date posters from them to comply with the government's notices requirements. We can also ask our representative about specific issues that we've heard about in the news and they give us updates or their take on it.
  • Having a dedicated representative.
  • Payroll processor.
  • Assists with benefits and renewal.
  • If the representative is away, new ones might not always know the situation.
  • General contact email isn't often helpful.
  • The new reports system isn't as good as the one before.
They try to assist you with any issues or reporting ideas that you require. For example, we needed a report that would replicate one that we had before. The report did take a while to be created and it required a lot of back and forth with the TriNet team, but it ended up working out! I wasn't a big fan of the speed though.
It has an understandable user interface once you get familiar with the modules! If you want to find something, you just need to click around to find it. There is also a search bar that I found very useful. You would type in a keyword for something that you're trying to find and it will give suggested pages!
  • We have used TriNet to help us stay compliant.
  • Until we were able to adjust TriNet's pay period dates to ours, we had to do more work to calculate certain changes for payroll. It has been fixed now.
  • TriNet offers some free webinars to address new legislations or issues.
We've been with TriNet before I even started at the company. Before this, we didn't have a great experience with other providers based on what my team has told me. TriNet offers the most services for the least cost and the benefit of having one specific representative taking care of your company is very valuable.
TriNet is good if you're a smaller company and need help with staying compliant, especially if you have offices all over the world. If you have a big company, maybe their services won't be as useful. I believe that certain services offered by TriNet, such as help with remaining compliant, wouldn't be useful if you have an in-house law department or someone that specializes in the legalities surrounding employment.

TriNet Feature Ratings

Organization and location management
Compliance data (COBRA, OSHA, etc.)
Pay calculation
Off-cycle/On-Demand payment
Benefit plan administration
Direct deposit files
View and generate pay and benefit information
Update personal information
View company policy documentation
Report builder
Pre-built reports
New hire portal

Using TriNet

12 - Most of these are office positions where the employees have either administration or management tasks and projects. They are the core team of our US workforce. About 3 of those employees have functions related to finance and payroll, one of them using the system weekly due to the regular pay cycle.
1 - Our internal employee that supports TriNet does not do it in an IT sense, although we do have an IT team that would be available to help. So far, whenever an issue would arise, the TriNet team would help us solve the issue without having to involve our internal IT team.
  • To have a comprehensive portal for employees to access their paystubs.
  • To allow employees to pick and view their employee benefits.
  • To have online trainings for employees that are easy to access and track.
  • The mandatory NYC anti-sexual harassment training was integrated in the system for us, so we didn't have to figure something out on our own.
  • The reports are comprehensive once they're set up.
  • We would like to try and explore the non-mandatory trainings available to see if it would help us in other ways.
  • We want the employees to be more aware of the employee resources available to them on the website portal.
I put 8 as the service could definitely be improved (such as wait times for emails being answered or a specific report being set up)... For example, if we try and generate a report ourselves, it's not very easy to figure out how to add the appropriate columns or information. Once a basic report is modified, sometimes it would change back to the default once we would download the report in Excel, which would get annoying at times. Once the report was set up by our representative once, it worked though!

Evaluating TriNet and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Vendor Reputation
  • Third-party Reviews
As a small company, we wanted something that would help us address a lot of employee needs and offer features that we ourselves would not be able to create on our own. We like the fact that, for a specific price, we can receive so much support and services to help us remain compliant.
We might reach out to other providers and compare prices and even specific trainings offered by them. Sometimes, just comparing one service to another one, but without looking into the details, it might be hard to truly appreciate the differences. We would also need to compare scalability, as this is something that has been coming up.

TriNet Implementation

The system used to be much less user-friendly when they were called Ambrose. As of the last couple years, it's gotten to a point where the site is very user-friendly, so it's definitely much easier to use the site and all new employees don't need a lot of time to get familiar with the site.
Not sure - We mainly needed to remain compliant with the laws and offer our employees a way to access their payroll information, their benefits and so on. We didn't really pick it for organizational change management or in the hopes that we would be changing that much, so I can't say if it would be helpful for that.
  • The initial training of the admins especially as the system was more clunky at first.
  • Teaching employees how to use the system.

TriNet Support

Quick Resolution
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Support cares about my success
Quick Initial Response
Poor followup
Not kept informed
Escalation required
Need to explain problems multiple times
Yes - We do have a specific account representative assigned to our company and it helps a lot to have someone who knows the company and its backstory. That way, when something comes up, we don't have to go over the same details again as the person already knows what happened. It makes us save time and really personalizes the support that we get.
Yes - It was resolved, although the report that I needed to pull on that very same day wasn't working. The representative ended up pulling the report on their side, which helped, but if I wanted to pull a report myself, I'd still have to wait for them to do it again until the technical bug with the website was solved. It happened 2-3 times over the last year.
At one point, I had to go away on vacation and there were two reports that my colleagues really needed to fulfill their obligations. Since I wouldn't be able to pull the reports from where I was going and couldn't do it in advance due to having to wait for payroll to be processed, I had asked our representative to do this for us. She pulled through and did this for us! I really appreciated that!

Using TriNet

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Once a report is set up, it's easy to pull it for any date.
  • There's a search bar where you can write a keyword and it will suggest a page to you.
  • Easy to go through the modules.
  • Creating a brand new report or customizing one to the exact way that you want it is too difficult for me.
  • If an error message pops up, there's not much to do until you wait to get a customer service reply.