PTO tracking doesn't work.
October 30, 2012

PTO tracking doesn't work.

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Overall Satisfaction

  • Reporting is really good – you can create reports more easily than through ADP.
  • Nice that it is one system of record and SAAS so we can look real time at what HR is doing.
  • Employees can do own W-4 and direct deposit changes online.
  • PTO tracking does not work at all. Employees can submit time and managers can approve time off, but it does not deduct time from a person’s balance. Also at end of year, it didn’t update people’s balances. It seems like a fairly simple thing to make work. Time tracking is tied to pay and not separable.
  • We have to do all the set-up. We have to add new codes – other providers will do the set-up for you.
  • We are system admins. Through ADP if you want a new code for stock options, you could submit a case to ADP and they would add it and set-up the tax categories correctly so everything gets reported correctly. With Ultimate we have to do that ourselves and it’s sometimes hard to know what tax category something has to be in. There are 100s of tax categories, and it’s hard to know which one to choose – there’s no explanation. You still end up having to call them.
  • We also have issues with things not working.
  • Everything is in one system. Employees have one logon to see everything.
  • The fact that we can see things real time is beneficial to us.
  • Approval flows through system for vacation, address changes etc.
  • For payroll, it’s actually now more difficult. When reporting on payroll for employee changes, it is hard to narrow down the changes you actually want to see.
We have tried to dispute and get out of our contract.
Ask more questions – things that you think are fairly simple to do that work in other systems may not be the case.

Product Usage

400 - Whole company
No one from finance.
  • HR – payroll
  • Reporting – requires use of business intelligence platform, Cognos.

Evaluation and Selection

Our short list was Workday, Ultipro. The HR manager went through broader evaluation

The primary reasons why we chose Ultipro over Workday where that it seemed like it would work better/easier, and was more cost effective. We liked Workday, but it seemed more involved than what we needed. It had had a whole lot more modules that you could pull in. It was fairly easy to use, but the payroll process did not seem as intuitive as Ultipro. They took a few more steps.


A majority of the work fell on us. We were given spreadsheets to fill out. We would ask questions on the content requested as it wasn’t clear, but it was hard to get responses back from our implementation manager.

Our first implementation manager was awful. They didn’t want to answer questions and were not very professional. The second one was better but it still felt really rushed. It felt like we didn’t have all the tools or access to see the system, to understand how things would end up in the end and it was very hard to imagine how everything would be. We were not told things in the beginning that we eventually figured out. We have been told that we cannot do things, and later found out that we could.

After we first went live, we were automatically handed to the Account Manager to finish up remaining projects and we had several other projects to do, like integrations to vendors like 401k that did not turn out well.

I recommend you ask a lot of detailed questions about how things will work during implementation. We had a lot of preconceived notions based upon what we saw in the demo based upon what the rep told us and they turned out not to be true. If you can do so, say we are not going to go live until we get everything figured out.
  • Vendor implemented
  • Implemented in-house


I attended 2-3 webcasts. On the first one, they had issues with their presentation so it was no good. The second one also had issues, so they said read through their slides or do it on your own. Hard to get into some of the classes, so I just gave up.


If you try and call or email your Account Manager, you hardly get a response. If you call the rapid response line, sometimes you get a good response and sometimes you don’t – it depends on who you get to speak to. They are more helpful than your Account Manager. We have had a lot of turnover – 3 Account Managers. Our latest Account Manager is not very responsive. We are supposed to have a dedicated Account manager, but we still end up calling support


It is fairly easy to use, however some things don’t work properly or are weird.


We have not had any major outages.
Sometimes things are very slow, e.g. when we are doing payroll – it can take forever to load. It’s very frustrating when trying to get a lot done in a set amount of time.


  • Mass Mutual for 401k
We attempted to integrate with Mass Mutual for 401k. After every payroll it should send off the files, but it just has never worked. We have been on many calls with both companies to resolve and have just given up.

We were supposed to have integrations with healthcare providers but I don’t think they are working yet either. The GL integration (to Netsuite) was supposed to occur but that hasn’t happened. Getting people to help from Ultimate with these projects is like pulling teeth. We had 4 integrations included in our contract.