Great product for getting started with web testing
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February 22, 2019

Great product for getting started with web testing

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Overall Satisfaction with VWO

VWO is being used primarily by a consultant agency of ours, who is using it to facilitate work on our website. My team has full access to the results, but we rely on the consultant to develop the tests and analyze the results. I personally access VWO mainly to dive deeper into the results and approve testing plans.
  • A/B testing in a way that does not require changes to the website instance itself.
  • Heatmap testing with minimal negative impact on load times and performance.
  • Specific user recordings for more information when desired.
  • We still have to rely on Google Analytics for a lot of user data and tracking.
  • No good way to connect to Google Analytics goals and funnels, so there are redundant options.
  • Forms do not provide better UX than other survey tools, so we have to choose UX over data collection.
  • We have been able to run small tests to improve the performance of CTA's and conversions.
  • We have streamlined our website experience as a result of seeing where users get lost or stuck.
  • We have been able to partially replace more expensive UX testing with this low-cost, high-volume option.
Our relatively small organization has absolutely benefited from having the ability to run tests, determine winners, and push out the resulting changes like a large organization would at a fraction of the manpower. We can create a culture of constant testing and improvement that is directly traceable to the bottom line.
We have not used this option, as we are still getting our process figured out around user segments and personas and how this testing would integrate with our outer databases and tracking tools, but we will definitely be using this feature in the near future. It is a great, low-cost way to start to dabble in personalized web content.
I personally come from a web development background, and the resulting changes to the website need to be lightweight and easy to maintain, so I prefer to handle testing and changes through the code directly. VWO does a nice job at facilitating all kinds of users in this way though.
VWO is much better than others at providing an easy way to run tests and gather data, but we do currently supplement it with Hotjar for better heatmap tracking and detailed visitor tracking. We also use Google Analytics for general traffic sourcing and behavior, as well as historical data. VWO has its place, but it can't do it all.
An excellent product to bridge the gap if you want to create an environment of constant testing and tracking in a low-risk way, but don't have the tools to handle it within your core website development platform. It lacks integration options and the ability to push out changes, so there are still manual steps needed in both data analysis and web development.