Webexpenses, obviously designed by someone who has to submit claim as well
June 27, 2022

Webexpenses, obviously designed by someone who has to submit claim as well

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Overall Satisfaction with Webexpenses

It is primarily used for all expenses, which in my case is mileage claims. It is an easy-to-use system and I can quickly complete my expenses and forward them for payment without wasting much time. It is as simple as login in, adding a claim, select a claim, virtually all are mileage in my case. Then select Date, file in freehand notes, select postcodes and a map pops out, I particularly like this and leave at defaults, the mileages are accurate, I have used systems in the past whereby you either manually put mileages in or the mileages are "as the crow fly's", this has lead to serious disputes in some cases, one colleague ended up disciplined over 10 miles in a month, due to discrepancies. You can select return, multiple points, etc, and photograph and upload receipts. The interface is well thought out and simple, no one showed me how to use it, it was obvious.
  • Mileage - an easy-to-use map with postcode entry to easily find mileage and most importantly it is accurate
  • Simple and easy-to-use interface, I was never shown how to use it, it was obvious. I cannot describe it better. It looks like it has been designed by someone that submits expenses.
  • Easy submission, just a click, and the expenses are submitted. That is all I do at the end of the month. My line manager is already there and gets emailed to approve. That is it for me.
  • Not really much, I suppose if I was picky I would say having a better route history as I tend to go to the same places.
  • I can't think of anything else, for my usage it is simple, effective and very easy to use.
  • I am not part of the deployment team, but I spend very little time submitting expenses now, so it must save money.
  • Because of the simplicity, I get paid within a few days of submission, and I am happy. Nothing goes missing in the post, never had any issues.
  • There is no frustration or argument.
Because the only fault I can think of is remembering old routes as I do go the same places, but it is so easy to use, I really don't need it. It is very simple, I was never shown how to use it, it is just obvious. It is quick, with a few simple stages to create a monthly submission, which saves time and allows me to concentrate on doing my job.
I understand from accounts that this was the best they evaluated, I didn't see the others, but they would have to go a long way to compete with this product. I can only speak as an end-user, but it is simple to use and saves me a lot of time.
I can only comment as an end-user, I only really use it for mileage claims, I may do simple to the customer and then return or multiple points in and outbound, It meets the requirement for doing this. I will stress, that I was never shown how to use it, it has a clean interface and it is just obvious. I would say it is designed by people that submit expenses.
IO cannot comment, I have used manual systems, they are time-consuming and open to error and grievance. The manual system is slow and I have had stuff go missing in the internal post. This is quick, I have found it very reliable and to be honest, I am not one of those people that gets a kick out of paperwork, suits me perfectly.

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I have only ever used it for mileage, the mapping is very similar to my Sat Nav so no messing about. Simple interface and easy submission. As I have said before, log on, create a claim, add mileages, you can add returns, multiple locations, etc. We are paid once a month, so it is one claim with multiple sub-claims, notes can be added, both for my manager and my recollection, I add them as I go along and then just submit them on the last day of the month. I can't really add much more, it is simple, looks simple, and is simple to use, which is great, I am not paid to spend large amounts of time doing a simple task that gets me reimbursed for doing my job.

Using Webexpenses

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I believe everyone in the company uses this primarily for mileage, we all do a mixture of remote and onsite work with our clients. I have only heard praise for it and surprisingly I have yet to hear anyone moan, that is almost unheard of. Must be good.
Although I work on the support team and helpdesk, we do not actually interact with Webexpenses in that way, so to keep it brief, I don't know.
  • Mileage, we all do mileage, it is mainly in a 50 mile radius and we all try to do as many calls or drop off in one round trip as possible. It is flexible enough to allow for this.
  • There is the odd hotel stay, I can't comment as I have never had to stay away.
  • I have personally had no other expense
  • To me it is an expenses system, it is a very good expenses system. But I do not use it for more than mileage claims and all I can say is I like it, it does the job, simply and well.
  • I can't think of any

Using Webexpenses

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Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Simple interface, starts with an almost blank screen. No clutter to distract or confuse.
  • Mapping on mileage claims, simple postcode entry and selections
  • Submission, we claim monthly, simple click on the last day of the month and forget
  • Nothing, I like it as it is