ZoomInfo beats Data.com 75% of the time based on 30 day head to head trial
Updated December 17, 2015

ZoomInfo beats Data.com 75% of the time based on 30 day head to head trial

Jeremy Poore | TrustRadius Reviewer
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  • Zoominfo for SalesForce

Overall Satisfaction with ZoomInfo

Our Sales and Marketing Teams use ZoomInfo for qualifying leads in the sales process. This allows us to verify information given to us via white paper downloads and other reports we are involved with.

We also use Zoominfo to find additional contacts and information when working with large companies. This is extremely useful to our executive team and customer success team.
  • Current Information
  • Easy to use inside Salesforce
  • Recent mentions in the press
  • "Enhance" feature works well with incomplete trade show attendee lists and other partial lists
  • Ability to update all fields in Salesforce from one click. Currently each field must be selected individually with a lag-time between each one as the browser refreshes. (12/17/2015 - this is still an issue)
  • Without zoom info, some leads would never have been converted. Folks often fill out landing pages without correcting mistakes. A phone number can be off by one number. Zoominfo allows us to find these mistakes and reach out to potential customers who are engaged with our materials.
  • Our ability to find missing contact info from industry lists is incredible with "Enhance". Had to put an ROI on this, but we use zoominfo on nearly every deal we win.
Data.com - Zoominfo had better info 75% of the time
Lexis-Nexis - Zoominfo had more up-to-date info that we need (even though Lexis-Nexis has current articles, we don't really need that)
We learned that Zoominfo is actually the primary data source for Lexis-Nexis and have since dropped our Lexis-Nexis account. This has saved us further expense for redundant info.
We do not generate reports from Zoominfo.
We did a head to head comparison with Data.com and determined that Zoominfo had better data 75% of the time. For that reason, we went with Zoominfo even though Data.com is fully integrated (native) inside Salesforce.

In the past 2 years, we've been approached by Data.com more than 5 times and we still choose Zoominfo.

ZoomInfo SalesOS Feature Ratings

Advanced search
Identification of new leads
List quality
List upload/download
Ideal customer targeting
Load time/data access
Contact information
Company information
Industry information
Smart lists and recommendations
Salesforce integration
Company/business profiles
Data hygiene
Automatic data refresh
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Filters and segmentation

Using ZoomInfo

8 - Our COO is in charge of our Sales/Marketing/Biz Dev department. All 8 of us use ZoomInfo Pro within Salesforce to verify and obtain information. Our marketing and biz dev teams generate lead lists through new functionality in ZoomInfo. We also upload tradeshow lists to append data to the minimal info most trade shows provide.
1 - As Salesforce Admin, I am the only person who supports our instance of ZoomInfo Pro. After initial setup, there is almost no technical support required. Mostly, I manage our teams use of 'credits' (credits are purchased in blocks and used to obtain information on contacts 1 credit=info for 1 unique person). I also manage lead list generation and any mass uploading or mass requests for appending data to existing contacts. Our team is free to append data on a one on one basis in Salesforce.
  • Data verification and appending to Prospects, Leads, Contacts and Accounts
  • Lead list generation
  • Gathering intelligence on companies with whom we seek to do business
  • Uploading tradeshow lists with very minimal data in order to reach out pre-show and invite folks to our booth for raffles and demos
  • Ability to view data inside Lead record in Salesforce alongside existing data. With a quick glance we can see missing data or perhaps misleading data inputted into our web forms.
  • New features are about to be released that automate the lead list generation. Perhaps the coolest feature is the ability to suppress existing contacts in your database.
  • I'm excited to try one new feature in which you upload your lost opportunities and won opportunities and receive intelligence about what types of companies you tend to win business from versus those you tend to lose. This feature is already available and I can't wait to try it.
Zoominfo is crucial to our sales process. Primarily we use Zoominfo to check data that people give us from form submissions, whether through our website or a partner. Since people don't always want to fill out all the forms, sometimes they use "xjuosidjfoas" as their phone number or title. We could assume that this means the person does not want to do business with us, but that is not always the case. We have found that people just hate filling out forms. Zoominfo allows us to bridge the gap.