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OfficeSpace Software.

Workspace Planning Software Overview

What is Workspace Planning Software?

Workspace planning software is used to organize office space for efficiency, productivity, and possibly for other ergonomic considerations. The software may generate floor plans and dynamic maps and are used for occupancy planning, and resource or space allocation. Space management software may also be used to plan moves, evaluate real estate, or anticipate bookings or rental space needs.

Workspace planning is a feature of IWMS suites and linked to facility management software. Vendors providing workspace planning tools often provide IWMS suites or CMMS software. Space management is a feature inherent to some CAD and diagramming tools. Space planning tools may integrate with these design tools (e.g. exporting output to a CAD application).

Workspace Planning Products

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Accruent EMS Software
218 ratings
173 reviews
Top Rated
EMS Software is an enterprise space management, event, class and resource scheduling application acquired and now supported by Accruent in June 2018.
1 rating
22 reviews
Robin, headquartered in Boston offers their meeting room booking system, featuring software for scheduling conference rooms, space management with workspace usage analytics, and integratable digital signage.
0 ratings
9 reviews
SpaceIQ is an IWMS / CAFD solution supplying facilities managers with space planning and move management support, as well as real estate forecasting. SpaceIQ was acquired by the We Company (WeWork) in summer 2019.
11 ratings
9 reviews
SmartDraw is a diagramming and flow chart building tool from SmartDraw Software in San Diego, California.
OfficeSpace Software
0 ratings
5 reviews
OfficeSpace Software, headquartered in New York, offers their workspace management and room booking platform, featuring room planning with mobile visual directory, the Move Manager room and space change scheduler and planning tool, the Request Manager facilities app, and other features.
Teem by iOFFICE
2 ratings
5 reviews
Teem (formerly EventBoard) is cloud-based software for organizing and optimizing internal events and meetings. Teem allows employees to meet and book conference rooms, to efficiently manage workspaces and meeting resources, and to measure and analyze their company’s meeting and collaboration behavio…
0 ratings
3 reviews
Condeco, headquartered in London, offers their suite of workspace management and booking systems, featuring Condeco Meeting Room Booking app, supplying control over room availability, digital signage and screens, global location management, meeting reminders and email integration (e.g. Outlook), vis…
2 ratings
2 reviews
FAMIS is a real estate planning, facilities and space management platform from Accruent in Austin, emphasizing maintenance timing and cost optimization for safer and efficiently managed facilities. It is part of the Accruent IWMS suite of applications.
Archibus (ARCHIBUS + Serraview)
5 ratings
2 reviews
Archibus is an IWMS solution based on the IWMS capabilities of the former ARCHIBUS product line and the workspace planning and optimization solutions of the former Serraview, which merged with ARCHIBUS in December 2018.
1 rating
1 review
iOffice Integrated Workplace Management System (iOffice IWMS) is an IT asset management and facilities management solution, from Houston-based company iOffice.
Trimble CenterStone
CenterStone is CAFM (computer aided facility management) software specifically designed to help organizations streamline the tactical work of managing the complete lifecycle of workplace building processes, including space, moves, assets, work orders, and operations. Its developer, Manhattan Softwar…
AiM, from AssetWorks headquartered in Wayne, PA, is an integrated IWMS for space and move management, CMMS, as well as real estate capital planning and project management.
Wisp is a SaaS space and occupancy management solution delivered by Gensler. Data is combined with interactive floor plans for real-time reporting. Real estate and facility teams excel with the right tools and metrics for strategic planning and daily management. The vendor says Wisp is unique in t…
IBI Group InForm Office
IBI Group headquartered in Toronto offers InForm Office, the office space management software for facilities & maintenance management, space planning, and asset tracking.
RoomSketcher from the company of the same name in Norway is a workspace planning software solution. RoomSketcher is also available for contractors and private individuals designing a home.
Nexudus headquartered in London offers a white-label workspace planning technology solution for coworking spaces.
Floorplanner headquartered in Rotterdam offers their cloud-based design tool dedicated to floor plans, available free, on a designer level plan, or an enterprise plan for office space design.
OfficeRnD headquartered in London offers a workspace management solution for coworking spaces.
Tango Space Management
Tango Analytics headquartered in Dallas offers the Tango Space Management application, providing a technology solution for space planning (e.g. utilization & occupancy), move planning, planning & forecasting, and related analytics.
Kensington Peripheral Technology
Kensington Peripheral Technology include cabling and power equipment, privacy equipment (e.g. shredder, privacy screen), as well as mice, trackballs, and keyboards.
Ingentis org.manager
Create custom and data-rich org charts with Ingentis org.manager. It interfaces to leading HR systems such as SAP HCM, SAP SuccessFactors, Oracle HR, PeopleSoft, Workday or any other data source. There are no limits concerning content, design, or layout of the org charts. Additionally, key metrics c…
Nuvolo is a privately held cloud-computing software company headquartered in New Jersey, that develops Enterprise Asset Management software on the ServiceNow platform. Nuvolo features maintenance workflows and automation, field service management, as well as workplace planning or space management (e…
Spacewell (MCS IWMS)
Spacewell headquartered in Antwerp presents their IWMS suite for commercial and corporate real estate. The suite contains solutions for facilities management with work order management and BIM-enabled asset tracking, energy management, workspace planning, as well as visitor management and meeting ro…
Swivel is a digital office platform that enables property owners to offer their tenants flexibility in how they evaluate, lease, and utilize office space, from the company of the same name in Austin.
ManhattanOne, from Trimble Real Estate (formerly Manhattan Software)
ManhattanOne from Trimble Real Estate (formerly Manhattan Software) is the next evolution of the flagship Integrated Workplace Management System (IWMS) that was acquired by Trimble with Manhattan Software in 2014. ManhattanOne was launched in 2020 a comprehensive solution for centralizing key real e…