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SlapFive Customer Marketing Software

SlapFive Customer Marketing Software


What is SlapFive Customer Marketing Software?

SlapFive in Boston offers what they describe as a Customer-Generated Content Machine software tool, which aims to make it simple for companies, and enjoyable for company clients, to capture their voice and inject it into all aspects of the business…

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What is SlapFive Customer Marketing Software?

SlapFive in Boston offers what they describe as a Customer-Generated Content Machine software tool, which aims to make it simple for companies, and enjoyable for company clients, to capture their voice and inject it into all aspects of the business to win and retain more customers.

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Product Details

What is SlapFive Customer Marketing Software?

SlapFive is a Customer Marketing Software Platform that enables the user to mobilize customers, to drive strategic growth initiatives. SlapFive is used by professionals in customer marketing, customer advocacy, customer engagement, customer experience, and customer reference management to automate and scale all of their daily activities. Using SlapFive, users can engage customers in mutually-beneficial ways, capture their voice in any format, and infuse their voice into every aspect of a company.

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Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use SlapFive Customer Marketing Software as as our Customer Reference Management platform. We also use their remote video capture & publication system to gather customer & employee insights to share both internally and externally. SlapFive Customer Marketing Software helps us stay organized in the recruitment of new customer advocates, and the request process by which anyone at our organization may request a customer's support on a variety of advocacy activities.
  • Capture detailed and well organized customer perspectives in video format
  • Customer support is fantastic
  • Self-administration to make updates
  • Request workflow system
  • Integration with Salesforce is tricky
SlapFive Customer Marketing Software is great if you have a large customer base but only a small team to manage all the requests from sales, marketing, product, etc. I also love their approach/methodology to capture, tag and publish customer video content as short clips, which can be meta tagged by different qualities to mix-match how they're published and maximize their value for our organization. Their UI does need some improvement, as our customer's use cases are quite complex and so we rely on more than simple filters to determine whether or not they would be a good match for a particular request. The SlapFive Customer Marketing Software team is always listening to our requests for improvement however, and I anticipate this complaint won't be valid for much longer. :-)
  • More customer advocates
  • Deeper knowledge of their use case
  • Better customer content on our website
I'd say it's a bit simpler than RO Innovation, but also much more affordable, especially considering their video capture capabilities which RO Innovation does not have.
Marketing, Sales, Customer Support
Salesforce Admin, Marketing Operations
  • Reference Management
  • Video content capture & Publication
  • Advocate Recruitment
  • Reports & Dashboards
  • Capturing Video clips for Employees for HR
  • Integration with Salesforce for faster request processing
Kim Plank | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
SlapFive Customer Marketing Software is the Customer Voice Platform used at Acumatica to infuse customer voice into every go-to-market initiative across our business. It is a key asset in our strategy to be a customer-centric organization that LOVES the sound of our customer's voices! The reference reels are used as industry product proof points, for competitive intelligence, for campaign initiatives, customer references, webinar resources and post-webinar demand gen and follow-ups, blog, social media, product marketing construct, and asset build-out. The LIST goes on and on - we never tire of finding new and more granular and surgical ways to apply the voice of REAL users of Acumatica to what we do as the fastest-growing SaaS ERP on the market.
  • Agility in ease of acquiring new and relevant reference reels that attach to the go-to-market initiatives of the business and Acumatica Leadership team care the most about.
  • Open platform options to connect into. We have Smartsheet forms connected and HootSuite webhooks implemented for ease of sharing on social media.
  • Asset and Content management tool - we have a WEALTH of content on the platform and continually add more!
  • On-site event customer voice capture options via the Minute Booth.
  • Speed of the platform for users. This could be because we have a LOT of content, but it can at times be a pain point that we work to address together with the SlapFive team.
  • Ease of search function could get better. I have trouble doing searches and sometimes get time-out issues.
  • Having a "user portal" so we know when there might be bugs being worked on or a service issue that is being worked on without having to email someone each time. More for self-service and tracking.
If you want to capture your customer's voice with ease and have a path to break the reels down into actionable insights for prospects that attach to their biggest questions, fears, and doubts, then this is what you are looking for. This is for those prospects that will not be "bothered" with marketing fluff or marketing speak. These are the types of buyers who want to drill into the heart of what they are trying to solve as a business and see and hear from personas and businesses which look like them.
  • Open API for Zapier integration (SmartSheet, HootSuite, SalesHub, etc.)
  • Reference Reel Campaign build out features
  • Member profile features to help manage the Acumatica Amplifiers Customer Voice & Advocacy Platform
  • Customizable Domain mapping to be sure Acumatica and our business is the focus and not another marketing tools platform, etc.
  • Ease of widget links pull in to our website and all web properties
  • We have raised our portfolio even higher where we dominate our market when it comes to having the best relationship with our customers across everything we do. Website, peer-to-peer review sites, customer stories, customer references, and MORE. I believe it's because we BELIEVE in the same ETHOS as SlapFive, and we LIVE to make HEROS every day of our customers and infuse the sound of our customer's voices in everything we do.
  • Product Marketing DEPTH of customer's voice is beyond what anyone else in software technology businesses has done. It's typical that product goes and "does product" all day long, and customer marketing does its own separate work, and never the tween shall meet. Not so at Acumatica. Nothing leaves our Product Marketing teams desk without customer voice connected now. The ease of SlapFive Customer Marketing Software's platform and our broad adoption make this possible.
For us, this was the solution Acumatica needed to be able to attach the marketing strategies that we care about the most all the way to a finite or micro-content level. It's not ALL about the BIG fancy marketing videos and story interviews. LOTS of incredible customer content is often left on the cutting room floor. This content gets NEW and continual life by using SlapFive. Plus, it's the MOST simple way to go after a compelling customer voice in areas of the business where you don't have it or there is a gap. The remote capture function option makes it a breeze - no matter where in the world your customers are. We are a global, growing organization, so we can't be hampered geographically by any tool we deploy. It has to work for everyone. SlapFive does work for everyone - all customers, big small, new, or seasoned pros. They have a "voice," no matter what.
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