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What is Advanced ALB Legal Software?

ALB is a comprehensive UK Legal Practice Case Management solution that integrates all law firm processes into one system, including legal accounting, document management, time recording and client / matter management. The vendor states that their system is used by 700+ UK legal firms, and 68 per…

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What is Advanced ALB Legal Software?

ALB is a comprehensive UK Legal Practice Case Management solution that integrates all law firm processes into one system, including legal accounting, document management, time recording and client / matter management. The vendor states that their system is used by 700+ UK legal firms, and 68 per cent of them reported that ALB helps their fee earners save time every single day. They further state their customers gain real benefits in improved efficiencies, better management, consistent customer engagement and greater compliance.

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Advanced ALB Legal Software Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationApple iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Mobile Web
Supported CountriesUnited Kingdom, Ireland
Supported LanguagesEnglish


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Score 10 out of 10
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ALB brought us up to date with modern processes. The old system was hard to develop workflows to the extent that changes were seldom made. The Document History aspect, especially now that we have taken the pdfDocs integration means running paperless files is possible. Print volumes are drastically lower. Perhaps the biggest benefit is that it is a true one-stop-shop for a legal firm with a variety of needs. We have no need to run a PMS system from one vendor, conveyancing from another, family another... then think about layering Legal Aid. Overall/Benefits: It took a considerable length of time to get the software ready and installed for deployment. 2+ years in our case for first making contact. In fairness to Advanced, we were in a position where we could wait and take our time. As a result we wanted the product to be 'just so' for our needs. We worked with Advanced to make it happen. Had there been more urgency and a willingness on our side to make a few more compromises this could undoubtedly have been faster. Advanced were of course keen to get us up and running but equally cautious on our behalf; no-one benefits from a failed PMS rollout. Why: Other products which would have been a one-stop-shop solution for us would have also broken the bank. Some were asking for compromises that were too great. Others would have resulted in a fragmented implementation from different providers that we would have only considered as a last resort.
  • Document managment.
  • Wide range of workstreams.
  • Development tools.
It has all you need built in right out of the box with all the core features you'd expect; Client Matter Inception process, Time Recording, Diary, Customisable Workflow modules, Billing, etc. Then there's all the extra modules which other products don't necessarily have; Wills and Deeds databases, Purchase Ledger (Accounts and Cashiers love everything to do with the accounts side), Laserform Integration, pdfDocs integration, OverVu integration for easy reporting. Inevitably there will be compromises as with any piece of software. Especially one that covers off so many angles. The development tools could be stronger, the way addresses are handled seems to me to be overly complex. Having said that though, the software's primary purpose is to help Fee Earners and support staff provide services to clients and it does this admirably. You can't expect Visual Studio. I've seen users make a mess of the simplest of address databases with strong training provided so it might not be to my taste but I imagine they didn't develop it for fun. My biggest gripe with the software is that some errors look severe. Other software would trap them in a more gentle manner. However, users quickly adjust to this and Advanced do some very clear monitoring to reduce them as the product mores forward.
Score 7 out of 10
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ALB Legal Software is being used primarily in the legal department right now, but certain features and data/reports branch out to other departments. The business problem it solves in its simplest form is having a centralized platform and database to store all documents for discovery, time tracking, appointments, expenses, charges, etc. It's a more centralized solution versus older legacy products or methods.
  • Document storage and retrieval seem to work well. Loading documents, archiving them, and retrieving them, etc.
  • Time recording is also a useful feature as well as a little more intuitive than you'd expect.
  • Integrating legal accounting has been a great feature as well.
  • At times the dashboard and User Experience and User Interface do not follow a logical pathway. It can be confusing at times, but not extremely detrimental.
  • The client portal has also experienced some issues with the User interface and user experience functions as well.
The integration with Microsoft Office has been very good. ALB Legal Software can accept add-ins and integrate with Microsoft Office, and Outlook and links directly back to ALB. The auto-email filing also helps to make sure responses are tracked when away from the firm or office. Managing documents digitally has been very useful as well. Everything is stored in one place which adheres to compliance and makes things easier. The user interface and user experience on some dashboards and some faces of the mobile functionality need to be improved.
The support, if we are talking about technical support with the product itself when issues arise, is average. It's not terrible, but not great either. It is average and what you might expect. Some issues are delayed in getting responses and we constantly have to be upgrading to higher tiers or developers. Some responses are quick though. Response time could be improved, much like other organizations.