Legal Case Management Software

Best Legal Case Management Software include:

DPS Outlook Office.

Legal Case Management Software Overview

What is Legal Case Management Software?

Legal Case Management Software organize facts pertaining to cases, whether billing hours or facts, history, and documents relevant to the matter.

Because hours logged is essential to this case management software also includes billing related features and customer document and information management. Finally, they integrate with eDiscovery tools so that relevant information can be associated to cases quickly.

Legal Case Management Products

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LexisNexis Time Matters
9 ratings
6 reviews
LexisNexis offers Time Matters, an application tracking cases with associated client data and documents, as well as providing documentable billable time.
4 ratings
4 reviews
LawGro aims to help law firms grow their practice. This solution includes a cloud and mobile based legal practice management software powered by Artificial Intelligence and is driven by real-time analytics. LawGro offers secure and collaborative ways to engage with clients for a more rewarding exper…
Rocket Matter
3 ratings
2 reviews
Rocket Matter is legal practice management and time and billing software on the web, with apps for iPhone and Android. Rocket Matter integrates to email, and also includes document management and calendar features.
8 ratings
2 reviews
MyCase provides web-based practice management software designed for solo and small firm legal professionals. MyCase aims to offer a secure, all-in-one legal practice management solution to alleviate the burden of high caseloads, poor client communication, and practice management operations. The prod…
DPS Outlook Office
59 ratings
2 reviews
DPS Software in the UK offers DPS Outlook Office, a legal case management focusing on document management and document assembly.
Firm Central
1 ratings
1 reviews
Thomson Reuters offers Firm Central, a matter and time management platform touting integration with Westlaw.
2 ratings
1 reviews
Actionstep in Richmond offers their flagship legal practice management software as an end-to-end solution, containing both matter management tools and business administration automation, with an internal billing and accounting system.
PracticePanther Law Practice Management
2 ratings
1 reviews
PracticePanther is law practice management software. It is simple, easy to use, mobile-responsive, and secure. Customers include solo practitioners, virtual, small, and mid-sized firms worldwide. The core of PracticePanther software includes contact & matter management, time & expense tracking, invo…
LexisNexis offers CaseMap, a legal case management offering dedicated to data, research, and information accessibility for legal teams.
PracticeMaster es a legal practice management application oriented towards managing contact information and scheduling, from Tabs3 Software in Lincoln, Nebraska.
CASEpeer in Newport Beach offers their flagship legal case management specifically to personal injury attorneys needing comprehensive matter and billing management.
Indian company LegalXGen offers a legal case management system combining matter management with billing and financial management.
Liquid Lit Manager
Liquid Lit Manager is a matter management application featuring automation and document management for all elements of cases from discovery, to strategy, to budget. It is offered by Liquid Litigation Management in Austin, Texas.
Perfect Practice
Perfect Practice is a legal practice management system subsuming marketing and accounting, matter and billing, and CRM for law firms.
Zelican Technologies in Princeton offers a case management solution including time and billing tracking, document management and client portal, and other features associated to matter management, with price scaling per user and available to small practices to large firms.
TrialWorks in Florida offers their flagship legal case management software to help firms manage client intake and case document and cost tracking to achieve operational efficiency.
SmartAdvocate in Florida offers their flagship cloud-based platform as a legal case management solution featuring document and communication management at multiple pricing tiers for smaller firms.
Lexis Visualfiles
LexisNexis offers Lexis Visualfiles, a workflow process automation platform for law firms.
Caseflow Acumen
Caseflow Acumen is a document and process management and automation application from small Australian company Caseflow.
Legal Files
Legal Files is a case and matter management platform from the small company of the same name in Springfield, Illinois.
FactBox is a cloud-based legal case management application for small firms or independent practices, from Lynx Workflow in San Francisco.
FullCourt Enterprise
FullCourt Enterprise is a legal case management touting management for a variety of different cases and needs and a relatively easy to manage browser-based interface, from Justice Systems in Albuquerque.
vrsus in Chicago offers their flagship platform for plaintiffs focused on document and processing automation, information sharing between plaintiff entities, and an automated "tickler system."
CSC Matter Management
CSC offers their matter management system for managing documents, cases, time, as well as billing and contracts, and other functions.
Filevine is a project management and workflow automation platform for law firms from the company of the same name in Utah.