Legal Case Management Software

Legal Case Management Software Overview

What is Legal Case Management Software?

Legal Case Management Software organize facts pertaining to cases, whether billing hours or facts, history, and documents relevant to the matter.

Because hours logged is essential to this case management software also includes billing related features and customer document and information management. Finally, they integrate with eDiscovery tools so that relevant information can be associated to cases quickly.

Legal Case Management Products

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Thomson Reuters ProLaw
8 ratings
6 reviews
ProLaw from Thomson Reuters is software designed to simplify and coordinate the work of lawyers and staff by combining case and matter management, time entry, billing, accounting and reporting within a single integrated solution.
Time Matters
3 ratings
6 reviews
Time Matters from PCLaw | Time Matters, a venture spun out from LexisNexis in collaboration with LEAP, is presented as an adaptable case and matter management software that helps foster collaboration on matters, streamline internal processes and increase profitability through attorneys having more a…
0 ratings
4 reviews
LawGro aims to help law firms grow their practice. This solution includes a cloud and mobile based legal practice management software powered by Artificial Intelligence and is driven by real-time analytics. LawGro offers secure and collaborative ways to engage with clients for a more rewarding exper…
7 ratings
4 reviews
MyCase provides web-based practice management software designed for solo and small firm legal professionals. MyCase aims to offer a secure, all-in-one legal practice management solution to alleviate the burden of high caseloads, poor client communication, and practice management operations. The prod…
3 ratings
3 reviews
PCLaw is offered as an all-in-one billing, legal accounting, and matter management solution, from PCLaw | Time Matters, a joint venture spun out of LexisNexis in collaboration with LEAP in 2019.
Rocket Matter
1 rating
2 reviews
Rocket Matter is legal practice management and time and billing software on the web, with apps for iPhone and Android. Rocket Matter integrates to email, and also includes document management and calendar features.
DPS Outlook Office
67 ratings
2 reviews
DPS Software in the UK offers DPS Outlook Office, a legal case management focusing on document management and document assembly.
Thomson Reuters Elite 3E Enterprise Business Management
3 ratings
2 reviews
Thomson Reuters Elite offers 3E, an enterprise business management platform for legal designed to support growth, standardize workflows, and provide integrated financial & matter management.
Thomson Reuters Firm Central
0 ratings
1 review
Thomson Reuters offers Firm Central, a law practice management, time management platform, and legal billing solution touting integration with Westlaw.
ALB Legal Software
0 ratings
1 review
ALB is a comprehensive UK Legal Practice Case Management solution that integrates all law firm processes into one system, including legal accounting, document management, time recording and client / matter management. The vendor states that their system is used by 700+ UK legal firms, and 68 per cen…
3 ratings
1 review
AbacusLaw is a case management software that tracks hours and processes billing touting a functional mobile application, from AbacusNext in San Diego.
TyMetrix 360°
0 ratings
1 review
TyMetrix® 360° is a SaaS-based e-Billing and Legal Matter Management software solution that allows users to manage all of their matters and legal invoices in one place. It is designed to be intuitive and simple to learn to help legal staff manage matters with ease, streamline daily activities, stren…
PracticePanther Law Practice Management
1 rating
1 review
PracticePanther is law practice management software. It is simple, easy to use, mobile-responsive, and secure. Customers include solo practitioners, virtual, small, and mid-sized firms worldwide. The core of PracticePanther software includes contact & matter management, time & expense tracking, invo…
1 rating
1 review
Actionstep in Richmond offers their flagship legal practice management software as an end-to-end solution, containing both matter management tools and business administration automation, with an internal billing and accounting system.
Designed specifically for corporate legal teams, ZDiscovery® is an ediscovery platform for managing litigation response from legal holds through processing and review. ZDiscovery boasts ironclad security and unrivaled customer support, giving the in-house team confidence and control to operate defen…
PracticeMaster es a legal practice management application oriented towards managing contact information and scheduling, from Tabs3 Software in Lincoln, Nebraska.
Seneca is a legal case management application from Egton in Leeds, which combines both case and matter management (document generation and case management workflow) with practice management applications as well (accounting, revenue management, telephony and IT support for firms).
Tikit P4W
Tikit in London offers Tikit P4W (Partners for Windows) for law firms in the UK seeking integrated case management, featuring contact management and billing, matter management, and time keeping.
Legis Synergy Case Management
British company Legis Solutions offers their flagship case management platform Legis Synergy Case Management, supporting legal teams or internal legal departments and regulatory entities with document and information centralization and management.
Legal Files
Legal Files is a case and matter management platform from the small company of the same name in Springfield, Illinois.
Thomson Reuters Elite 3E MatterSphere
Thomson Reuters Elite offers 3E MatterSphere, a comprehensive matter management solution emphasizing breadth and data centrality, within a familiar Microsoft Office environment.
Acuity ELM, from Mitratech
Acuity ELM is a matter management solution for enterprise legal departments, emphasizing legal operations and legal spend management, billing, and collaboration, developed by the company of the same name in Richmond and acquired by Mitratech in September 2020.
CASEpeer in Newport Beach offers their flagship legal case management specifically to personal injury attorneys needing comprehensive matter and billing management.
LexRex is a legal case management application for SMEs emphasizing time and cost management and customer communication, from Cerno Technologies in New York.
Perfect Practice
Perfect Practice is a legal practice management system subsuming marketing and accounting, matter and billing, and CRM for law firms.