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What is BrainStorm?

BrainStorm's on-demand platform QuickHelp is adapted to each company and individual user and is engineered to turn education into learning experiences.

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Users have found that BrainStorm is a valuable tool for optimizing website functionality and efficiency. It has proven to be particularly …
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What is BrainStorm?

BrainStorm's on-demand platform QuickHelp is adapted to each company and individual user and is engineered to turn education into learning experiences.

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Brainstorm Virtual NAB 2020 - Demostración de producción virtual en vivo con InfinitySet 4


ReText - Brainstorm | Revision 2012


virta by Brainstorm & Ümlaüt Design & Traction (FullHD 1080p HQ HD demoscene demo Evoke 2011)


Brainstorm NAB2013 Demo


Brainstorm demo IBC 2019


Brainstorm - Magrathea | Demoscene

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Product Details

What is BrainStorm?

BrainStorm's on-demand platform QuickHelp is adapted to each company and individual user and is engineered to turn education into action by supplying learning experiences. BrainStorm helps companies to train employees on software like Slack. Smartsheet, and Dropbox, making adoption faster and easier.

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BrainStorm Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Users have found that BrainStorm is a valuable tool for optimizing website functionality and efficiency. It has proven to be particularly useful in speeding up the process of gathering and enlisting resources for Business Intelligence purposes. The software's optimization capabilities and recommendations on deliverables have been noteworthy, allowing users to streamline their workflows and achieve better results. Additionally, BrainStorm has been instrumental in reducing the number of common IT tickets by 20-30%, resulting in significant time savings for the IT team. This has improved overall productivity and allowed staff members to focus on more critical tasks. Moreover, users appreciate how BrainStorm empowers them to quickly find answers and get up and running in minutes, enhancing their confidence and autonomy in using the software. The company behind BrainStorm has also received commendation for their excellent support, offering virtual trainings and asking the right questions to ensure customers get the most out of the product. Whether it's analyzing EEG and MEG data peaks in experiments or building professional-looking websites using Elementor, users have enjoyed working with BrainStorm and have found its support materials to be incredibly helpful. Another notable use case of BrainStorm is that it enables more productive and effective brainstorming sessions by providing personalized training resources for Microsoft applications.

Fantastic for Wordpress site: Many users have found the Astra Pro theme and Elementor to be fantastic for their Wordpress sites, with some stating that they have been using them for many years. They appreciate the sleek design of the website theme and its numerous options. Additionally, users find Elementor to be very intuitive in creating and customizing their websites.

Highly useful for Business Intelligence: Users have praised BrainStorm as a highly useful tool for strategizing Business Intelligence and scheduled deliverables. It effectively helps bring together diverse particulars and ideas, increasing the pace of logic-based thought processes and documentation of business requirements.

Great way to increase staff security awareness: Some users have found BrainStorm to be a great way to increase staff security awareness. They appreciate the good and effective tools it provides at an affordable price. Users also mentioned receiving amazing feedback from their teams after implementing BrainStorm's security training features.

Limited features during trial period: Some users have found that BrainStorm's trial period has limited features, which can make it difficult for them to fully evaluate the product before making a purchase decision.

Improvement needed in UI/UX design: Reviewers have mentioned that they feel BrainStorm could improve its interactive utility in terms of UI/UX design. This suggests that the current user interface may not be as intuitive or visually appealing as desired.

Clunky organization of content: Several users have expressed that they find BrainStorm's organization of content to be clunky due to the abundance of information available. This can make it overwhelming for administrators and potentially hinder their ability to efficiently navigate and administer the platform.


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Scott Sendelweck | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Brainstorm to enable employees to effectively use Microsoft applications. The platform provides training resources in collaboration with our trainers, providing personalized, bite-sized lessons that help individual learners work at their own pace; faster and smarter with our software technology tools. The training provided is perfect for our organization's size.
  • Brainstorm provides short bite-size training that is super easy to grasp
  • The short e-learning modules are perfectly designed to get users engaged and learning.
  • Customer service and monthly account check-ups are A+ level.
  • Monthly training content could be more varied or customized for the individual user experience.
  • Maybe create a "software" finder that suggest tips and tricks to more advanced users.
  • Advertise more of the "live moderated events
  • Promote the "groups" function more by explaining how the group can benefit the user from peer experience
Using the Brainstorm platform, we are able to provide employees with quick and instant training on pretty much everything Microsoft 365. The video training is perfect for the workforce: it's timely, precise, and very thorough. If we were to hire trainers to build and deliver all specific MS product training, it would not be cost-effective. The value of Brainstorm shines through from the aspects of productivity training. What is not much talked about is the time and cost savings associated with self-education. Users of the platform can uncover product use tips and tricks without contacting the company's help center or bothering to ask another co-worker for help. The Brainstorm platform provides courses that greatly improve the user's MS product line experience.
  • Training cost savings
  • On the spot training and coursework that can be taken on the users available time
  • Provides training on items that most MS 365 users just don't understand nor know exist.
  • Security - the training platform is secure and well maintained.
  • ROI - employee driven training
  • ROI - less calls into the helpdesk
  • ROI - contains both deployment and productivity focused training
  • Negative - user acceptance to the training could improve
Brainstorm is just a better enterprise training system compared to other MS-365 training applications on the market. BrainStorm QuickHelp includes reliability and ease of use already built into the system which is very user-friendly. Speaking of the training tools, they are formatted in a huge variety of deliverable media that the end user will feel comfortable with: PDF, video, live event, group learning forums, et. Learners can forge their own path and set up their own learning schedule on their own time. These customized paths can be perfectly tailored for each user's needs. Honestly, Brainstorm Quickhelp just makes it easy.
LinkedIn Learning (, Kahoot!, SAP SuccessFactors
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