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What is with Mozenda? with Mozenda is a digital commerce intelligence suite that combines the data capture capabilities of Dexi's robots with Mozenda's web scraping technology. According to the vendor, this solution automates data collection from websites, APIs, and marketplaces, allowing users to extract insights...

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Mozenda has been widely praised by users for its ability to curate large amounts of information from the web. Users have found it to be a …
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What is with Mozenda?

The Dexi Digital Commerce Intelligence Suite, now with the capabilities of the former Mozenda web scraping tool and service, can build product data feeds to push to various marketing channels such as Google Shopping, Doubleclick, search, email, retargeting, and affiliates. The smart part is the…

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Product Details

What is with Mozenda? with Mozenda is a digital commerce intelligence suite that combines the data capture capabilities of Dexi's robots with Mozenda's web scraping technology. According to the vendor, this solution automates data collection from websites, APIs, and marketplaces, allowing users to extract insights and integrate the data with other systems. It is designed for a wide range of professionals and industries, including business analysts, data scientists, e-commerce managers, market researchers, and retailers.

Key Features

Digital Data Capture Robot: with Mozenda enables users to automate data collection from websites using intelligent robots. According to the vendor, these robots can extract various types of data, such as e-commerce prices, booking information, or company details from business directories, eliminating the need for manual data collection.

APIs: The product seamlessly integrates with various APIs, enabling users to connect their preferred environment and transfer data between platforms. According to the vendor, it also offers an API that allows users to manage, schedule, and build their digital data capture robots.

Market Insight: with Mozenda provides market insight by monitoring marketplaces and identifying retailers and brands selling products. Users can analyze pricing strategies, identify the winner of the buy box, and gain visibility into how their products are being sold, according to the vendor.

Apps: The product offers third-party app integrations, allowing users to connect their data to platforms like Google Drive, Amazon S3, Twitter, and Google Sheets. Internal apps, such as Change Detection, notify users of critical data changes, according to the vendor.

ELT (pipes): with Mozenda features Dexi Pipes, which control and govern other robots. Users can link multiple robots together into one master project, apply rules and transformations, and perform tasks like removing duplicates, parsing XML and JSON, and performing math functions, according to the vendor.

Triggers: Users can connect multiple robots using connectors and orchestrate events with triggers in with Mozenda. Triggers can automate actions such as pushing data from one robot to a webhook or triggering another robot, providing flexibility in designing workflows and automating processes, according to the vendor.

Competitor Intelligence: The product supports competitor commerce intelligence by extracting competitors' data, such as price and availability. According to the vendor, it maps this data to a unified structure and provides visualizations through an intelligence dashboard, enabling users to gain insights into competitors' strategies.

Smart Feeds: with Mozenda allows users to build product data feeds for various marketing channels, including Google Shopping, email, and retargeting. According to the vendor, the smart feature of these feeds is the ability to apply competitor analysis directly within the feed, enabling users to gain insights and dynamically adjust campaign strategies based on competitor data. with Mozenda Video

Dexi at a Glance with Mozenda Technical Details

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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Mozenda has been widely praised by users for its ability to curate large amounts of information from the web. Users have found it to be a valuable tool, thanks to its fast and easy-to-use platform that makes scraping data from various sources convenient. Compared to other products, Mozenda stands out for its robust capabilities in web scraping. For instance, the pricing department in many organizations has successfully utilized Mozenda to scrape prices from different wholesale websites. One of the most appreciated features is the ability to customize the scraping agent with unique credentials, allowing users to obtain pricing information that is not available through other products. Overall, Mozenda's versatility and customization options have made it a trusted choice for anyone in need of efficient and accurate data extraction from the web.

Helpful Breakdown of Actions: Several reviewers have found the breakdown of Mozenda into a series of actions to be particularly useful. They appreciate that these actions provide a comprehensive set of tools for scraping websites, and no users have encountered any websites where the actions didn't work yet.

Great Error Handling: Users appreciate the excellent error handling in Mozenda, as mentioned by multiple reviewers. The software can pinpoint the exact action where the agent failed and provide an explanation for the failure. This feature helps users troubleshoot and fix any issues quickly.

Fast Data Extraction: Multiple reviewers are impressed with the speed at which Mozenda obtains results. They highlight that other similar software can be slow and cumbersome, but Mozenda is able to swiftly navigate through pages and accurately aggregate information.

Difficulty in Determining Page Credit Usage: Some users have found it challenging to determine how many page credits would be used in a scraping action, leading to the possibility of using more credits than expected.

Intelligence Adding New Columns: Users have mentioned that while the software has built-in intelligence to understand agent writers' intentions, there is a drawback where new columns are sometimes added to the results instead of fitting into existing columns.

Bugs and Hangs in Agent Builder: Several users have experienced bugs and instances where the Agent Builder hangs while testing an agent. The only solution seems to be ending the task through Task Manager.


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Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
The Mozenda platform is being utilized by our organization primarily for scraping prices from various wholesale websites. The Mozenda platform allows us to customize the scraping agent to include unique credentials and obtain pricing information is that is unavailable through other products. The mozenda platform is only being utilized by one department in our organization, the pricing department.
  • Dynamic agent creation
  • Clean graphical user interface for agent design
  • Excellent customer support when necessary
  • The user interface for managing agents can be improved
  • When websites change, the agents could be better at dynamically updating
  • The "credit" usage can be confusing
The Mozenda platform is well suited to some specific scenarios that may work well for your organization. It is especially helpful for basic scraping of information from simple websites. If the information you need to obtain is clearly stated on a website, then Mozenda is a simple solution to capture that data quickly and easily.
  • Price
  • Unique website credentials
  • customer support
  • Stay relevant in the market
  • Ensure product placement against competitors
  • Dramatically enhance profitability
The Mozenda platform is a better solution for our needs than any other platform that we have tested. There are a few others that are not being recognized by Trust Radius, but even with those Mozenda offers a superior usability, customization, and pricing structure for what our organization is trying to accomplish.
Aaron Pace | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In one department of our company, having access to large amounts of information from the web is essential. Rather than subscribe to a data service, we have been able to use Mozenda to curate our own content from a variety of sources. It is fast, easy to use, and is a robust platform that scrapes the web better than anyone else I've seen.
  • Action Items. Mozenda is broken down into a series of actions that can be performed on a page. Some actions take you to other pages. The action list, while short, provides a comprehensive set of tools for scraping just about any website (I haven't met one where it didn't work yet).
  • Error Handling. I've used some scraping tools that have virtually no error handling. Mozenda has great error handling; the software almost always pinpoints the exact action where the agent failed and why.
  • Speed. Mozenda is very fast at obtaining results. Other "bot" software can be slow and cumbersome but Mozenda plows through pages rapidly and accurately aggregates information.
  • XPath compatibility. One of the most powerful features of Mozenda is the integrated ability to use XPaths to get at the exact bits of information we're after on a particular website. Access to visible information is only limited by imagination.
  • Page Credits. It's hard to determine exactly how many page credits will be used in a scraping action. You can end up using a lot more page credits than you bargain for unless you really know what you're doing. Page credits are the lifeblood of the SaaS.
  • Software Intelligence. This is a pro and a con. The software has built-in intelligence that tries to understand what the agent writer intends. Sometimes this results in new columns being added to the results when the results should be fit into existing results columns.
  • Testing Bugs. You can test an agent in the Agent Builder, but it is kind of buggy. There are times when it hangs and then the only way to get out of it is to open Task Manager and end the task.
  • Windows Only. Enough said.
To date, we've had a lot of success collecting the information we require with Mozenda. I haven't encountered a specific example where Mozenda isn't a good fit. In fact, it was using another builder that had some pretty significant limitations that sent me looking for something like Mozenda. While Mozenda is several times more expensive than the previous tool, the return on our investment was almost immediate (less than one month). Definitely worth it!
  • Costly. My only complaint was the initial price tag associated with Mozenda. It was expensive. However, we quickly learned that it was worth the money. The development team behind Mozenda has really done a thorough job of creating a fast, easy-to-use platform.
  • Speed to Market. Getting and curating the information we need is what pays the bills. Mozenda makes that happen as a tool that reduced agent development time from days to hours.
  • Low Code. One very positive aspect of Mozenda is the low code functionality. There are a lot of sites that can be scraped with simple point-and-click actions. That means we can train users who aren't coders to write good agents with very little support from our developers.
I'm only personally experienced with UBot Studio and Scrapy. UBot Studio isn't a bad application, though it has quite a large number of bugs when compared to Mozenda. UBot touts itself as low-code, but requires a significant understanding of programming logic to use the program effectively. Using UBot, we were able to get virtually all the results we wanted, but at a much higher labor cost than Mozenda. During initial implementation of UBot, it took me a full week to develop a particularly complicated agent. Using Mozenda, I was able to recreate the same agent in 4 hours. The ROI has been remarkable, and Mozenda really is a low-code platform.
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