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January 22, 2021
Kathleen Flanagan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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It is used across our whole organization.
  • VPN access for our field team.
  • Easy to transfer invoices to different approvers.
  • Adding additional documents.
  • Parameters to read check numbers.
With multiple plants, approvers all outside of the corporate office, DocStar is so easy and fast to get timely approvals.
We have never had a issue they can't handle.
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March 02, 2020
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
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Working within the automotive industry, we create an enormous amount of paperwork. For the past six years, rather than keeping all of the required documents in physical form for seven years, we have, since 2014, scanned all documentation and stored by the client's name, the last 6 of the VIN, and by repair order number on our fixed ops side. This has enabled us to free up an enormous amount of space that would otherwise be taken by file storage, enough room for desks for two additional support staff personnel in our case. All documents are scanned front and rear and are easily accessed by anybody who needs to look something up.
  • Files stored are easily accessed by all and are kept legible.
  • A straightforward user interface, no real training needed.
  • Cost is an issue, pricey for what it's essentially glorified cloud storage.
  • No ability to lookup vehicles by stock number or phone number.
DocStar is well suited for any industry where large amounts of documents need to be able to be easily accessed by numerous people. You have multiple ways to note the files in order to access them in the future. You also have copies of all original signed paperwork for situations where conflicts arise over products purchased, etc.
Technical support and setup were outstanding. Any questions that were ever asked, and any information needed was responded to quickly. I never had any issues accessing the website or navigating it. Again, the only hesitation I have in making a wholesale recommendation is the costs involved in the termination. The cost of exporting our own info on bulk is expensive and almost feels like the documents are being held hostage as part of the profit-making aspect of their business.
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February 27, 2020
Julee Carlson | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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We use DocStar across our entire organization. It allows us to minimize our physical storage space and cost for all the documentation that we are required to keep on file for many years.

It also centralizes the location of files/information. This is extremely helpful to our organization as we have locations in three states. We are able to access the information quickly and easily.

The ability to create different security levels for documents and folders is also extremely helpful.
  • Organization.
  • OCR - This is extremely helpful with our billing department. It allows them to easily find and access the documents that they need to complete the billing process.
  • Security levels. This allows us to create multiple levels of access for our employees. It helps us maintain HIPAA and WISP protocols.
  • Drag and drop capability does not always work.
  • Workflows are difficult to create and require an additional level of understanding to implement.
It is well suited for billing service storage and retrieval. It ends the need to pay extra for a storage space. It also makes for easy cleanup of files on a yearly basis.
Our support for DocStar has been phenomenal! They are always prompt, courteous, and effective. We have never had a bad experience with the support staff and they are always available when we need their help.
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August 22, 2016
Beza Yihun | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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I was a former student assistant at the University of Washington, so I am not sure if it was used in the entire organization. However, our department used the system on a consistent basis. We used docStar to save documents and make them easier to access once they had been entered into the database. It helped us organize documents based on their content, through the templates we were able to create. It also made it easier to retrieve documents, because we could organize the title the way we wanted to by use of the templates.
  • Templates - By being able to create templates for each document type, it made organizing files much easier. It also made the titles similar in format, which also allows for better organization.
  • We were able to scan documents directly into docStar, which helped us eliminate extra steps. For example, if we were missing a page from a document, and we received it at a later time, we could scan just that page into docStar as opposed to scanning the entire document again.
  • The functionalities are straight forward, so it is not hard to use the docStar system.
  • There are constantly errors that make it difficult to understand the problems. It made our department work with the IT support desk on a consistent basis to get docStar to work.
  • When creating templates, it is better to have more settings to limit the entry of the person scanning the document. For example, I had a hard time, when trying to limit people to two letters and five numbers. More functionalities on the back end would be great.
  • The search functionality is sometimes not accurate. We would search for a document, and the search result would not show anything. Once we went into a specific folder, we were able to find the document.
For a smaller department, such as ours, docStar was efficient in the way we used it. When docStar went down, we were not heavily reliant on the database, which made it easier for us if we did not get the documents we wanted in a timely manner. For a bigger company and a bigger department, I would assume that docStar would create more problems. With the inaccurate search results, it would make it much more difficult to go to a folder on an individual basis, trying to find these specific documents.
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August 19, 2016
Jeremy Smith | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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It is being used across the whole organization as a paperless solution. The two biggest pros to this that we have found as an organization is that it is has reduced the cost of paper/printing and toner in general and it has brought our technological understanding to the rest of our employees as well. We are implementing tablets and other processes to help the solution grow more efficiently throughout our organization. The other big pro to docStar is that there is the capability of annotations of notes as we are still wanting to keep accountability to the users so they can annotate notes on things such as order acknowledgements and other documents in docStar. docStar has helped our company effectively move further technologically and productively as well as efficiently with going paperless and still keeping the productivity and accountability we are wanting.
  • Annotations of any notes that we are wanting from an end user and they are saved right back to the program.
  • Approval and disapproval process for any documentation needing this such as accounting documentation.
  • Import and export of xml documents and emails have been helpful especially as we have a lot of mass imports and exports to our ERP system.
  • The interface for the network paths and the setup of the users is simplistic. We would like to be able to integrate with a lot more than Active Directory and other programs.
I don't think this is a real good solution for companies that are needing their information in a paperless way that needs to be critiqued all the time. This is a good situation for a company that can use it for all the documentation from their ERP system or other programs and still have accountability but only having to have the document approved or disapproved or critiqued once or twice.
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February 07, 2019
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 6 out of 10
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We use DocStar as part of our electronic filing system. It is primarily being used by our financial department. This reduces the paper files and the time it takes to look for documents. It is an easy way to look up items that have been scanned in.
  • Easy to file documents
  • Easy to look up items
  • The design of the software appears to be dated.
  • There ware several ways to look up a document, sometimes you have to double check to make sure you look up data is in the right field.
This would be a good system for a small company that would like to move to an electronic filing system.
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August 18, 2016
Anonymous | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 1 out of 10
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It is being used to store corporate documents such as Tenant Leases, Operating Agreements, Closing Binder documents. Although it was meant to be used company-wide, I am the only one who knows how to store documents on it because the process is cumbersome and the others in my office have decided not to pursue learning the system and instead rely solely on me to save documents to DocStar. A few other people in the office are able to retrieve documents -- the rest ask me to retrieve for them because they find the system confusing and not at all intuitive.
  • I do not have any strengths to report. It is much easier to store/retrieve/email documents directly from our company's network/shared drive than to navigate the many steps of DocStar.
  • The procedure to save documents is cumbersome -- too many steps.
  • The naming process is not intuitive.
  • Emailing large documents from DocStar can be impossible -- if a document is large, we sometimes are unable to email it from DocStar.
  • Customer support has not been good. Training is confusing, and even after training sessions, we do not fully comprehend how to use the software.
It is not appropriate if you have a file, such as a lease, that is constantly updated/added to with amendments, as we have not been able to find a way to automatically add the new pages to the existing document -- for instance, in a .pdf in Word, you are able to merge two documents -- we have not been able to do this in DocStar and instead have to re-scan/save the entire document when we have updates. DocStar is much more time-consuming than simply saving documents in Word to a drive, and we have not found any real benefits to DocStar.
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DocStar is a browser-based enterprise content management and process automation platform. The vendor says the product is easy to implement and use—both in the cloud and on premises. DocStar aims to empower organizations to work smarter, reduce costs, and invest in growth.

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