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What is Hitask?

Hitask is an online task and project management service for teams from the company of the same name in Houston. The vendor states that with Hitask as a task manager, users can handle to-do lists, manage team task lists, and…

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Hitask has revolutionized task management and organization, making it an invaluable tool for companies. Users have experienced significant …
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What is Hitask?

Hitask is an online task and project management service for teams from the company of the same name in Houston. The vendor states that with Hitask as a task manager, users can handle to-do lists, manage team task lists, and share an online calendar.

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What is Hitask?

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Hitask has revolutionized task management and organization, making it an invaluable tool for companies. Users have experienced significant time and work savings by implementing Hitask into their workflow. The software facilitates better communication and organization among team members, resulting in faster progress and improved business outcomes. Small teams especially find the free version of Hitask exceptional for task tracking and collaboration. Its user-friendly interface allows teams to easily see, access, and edit tasks, enhancing overall productivity. With Hitask, users have become more organized, disciplined, and punctual in their business activities, leading to better quality work and more free time. The software's wide range of features can be easily combined to suit the needs of businesses looking to improve task management and project organization. Furthermore, Hitask helps teams stay organized on various projects by allowing them to coordinate tasks effectively and manage deadlines and due dates. Users appreciate the great price and availability of all the necessary features for their projects, making it a preferred choice over other complicated and expensive software options. Entrepreneurs particularly recommend Hitask as the best task list on the market, with its synchronization capabilities with Outlook and Google calendars and user-friendly apps for tablets and smartphones. Compared to other task management apps and websites, Hitask stands out with its functionality, calendar integration, and useful features that do not require a paid membership. The software boasts a superb user interface complemented by a responsive support team, making it a top choice for users in need of task management and planning.

While some users have experienced limitations when handling a large number of projects and tasks that resulted in slower performance, overall feedback highlights the software's ability to help users stay organized and on track with assignments while monitoring time and budget more precisely. It enables users to produce reports for evaluating the achievements of assignments as well as visualize project tasks through charts. With its solid platform for task and project management, Hitask assists users in organizing their working schedule efficiently. The software allows teams to collaborate easily on work assignments and monitor project progress and deadlines. Its simplicity and ease of implementation, combined with a great support team, make Hitask an affordable and user-friendly option that integrates well with Microsoft Outlook. Users commend the impressive and readily available customer support, which helps manage tasks both individually and as a team, resulting in a more satisfactory workflow and timely project completion. Additionally, users can track the time dedicated to each project and effectively organize it. Hitask's technical department is also well-organized, providing quick assistance whenever needed. Users have reported that Hitask has significantly improved organization, responsibility, punctuality, and communication between workers, resulting in incredible project results. The software's intuitive and user-friendly interface facilitates easy collaboration on work assignments and promotes better communication and efficient problem-solving within teams.

One of the standout features of Hitask is its ability to help achieve broad-scale business goals while efficiently handling projects. Users have noted that it enhances overall performance and return on investment in work. The software allows users to easily organize and manage their working schedules, ensuring that tasks and projects are completed on time.

The ease of implementation and setup, coupled with the great support team, make Hitask a highly recommended tool for task and project management. Users appreciate the affordability of the software, as well as its seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook. The availability of user-friendly apps for tablets and smartphones further adds to its appeal.

In summary, Hitask has proven itself to be a valuable solution for businesses looking to improve task management and project organization. Through enhanced communication, organization, and collaboration among team members, users have experienced time savings and better outcomes in their projects. With its wide range of features, user-friendly interface, and responsive customer support, Hitask has become a top choice for effective task management and planning.

Users recommend Hitask for its versatility and wide range of functionalities. They find it useful in any area for organizing and managing tasks effectively. Users suggest creating detailed progress reports, task breakdowns, and collaborating with teams using Hitask. It is also excellent for workflow management, expense management, project planning, and budgeting.

They describe Hitask as intuitive, user-friendly, and efficient in automating workflows and managing tasks. Users appreciate its simplicity in time tracking, project tracking, task prioritization, resource management, file sharing, task assignment, and project management.

Hitask is praised for its collaborative features that enable effective team collaboration and instant communication. Users find features like Gantt charts and kanban boards helpful for project planning and tracking. It also helps in setting due dates, managing expenses, task management, and project reporting.

Users recommend Hitask for its live chat feature, simplicity, and affordability for small teams. They find it to be a simple and all-in-one tool for organization that improves work efficiency by maintaining organization and checking completed tasks.

In summary, Hitask is highly recommended as a reliable and efficient software for business organization. It offers great possibilities for administration and organization, keeping business activities organized and executed promptly. It is a great alternative for improving organization and task management at work.


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Jamie Maxwell | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I implement Hitask to carry out the daily and weekly tasks that correspond to me. Through this software, I can create, plan, manage and administer daily advertising campaigns, weekly ads, and promotions that are made from time to time. On the other hand, with HiTask I can automatically publish to the other business platforms in order to save time and have more reach because everything I do through hiTask is reflected in the business applications that I use for greater productivity. Also, I use this software to better organize myself in my work, I can use it as an agenda and help me to get by in my work.
  • I organize my daily task. I can schedule my activities and tasks, and thus be able to do everything I have pending and what I still have to finish.
  • Contains reminder, this prevents you from handing in late projects.
  • I can create different types of tables that help me to do all my tasks and to work better.
  • Many functions are paid, these functions are very important in the workplace.
The reason why I use Hitask are, first, because it makes my work easier, makes it less tedious and more dynamic, second, with the use of this software I attract more clients, and third, the results I achieve with this software are very efficient. True results that materialize the company's production. On the other hand, our customer flow is increasing, and with it, the company's production. It is very easy to handle, I can make use of social networks to obtain more clients and sales.
  • It has been easier for me to do all my work. The development of the marketing of my company has been carried out very effectively through this software, I have expanded the company and achieved greater productivity.
  • I have improved my marketing strategies, I have achieved a greater flow of clients through campaigns, and social networks are a very important point.
  • Through this software, we organize ourselves better and do the task in a meticulous way to know how to improve.
  • I have improved my work.
  • Every day I am better and more organized, I accomplish my daily tasks and meet the company's objectives.
ClickUp was very difficult to use, I don't see all its functions necessary, I don't understand some tools and its interface is very confusing. I just preferred Hitask because it gave me immediate results, it is easy to use, and it organizes you and helps you grow your business.
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