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Great Tool

10 out of 10
April 30, 2016
IBM ClearQuest plays vital role in my previous organization. It is used throughout the IT section of the organization. We used ClearQuest …
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What is IBM ClearQuest?

IBM ClearQuest is an application development and production system, for change and defect tracking.

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What is IBM ClearQuest?

IBM ClearQuest is an application development and production system, for change and defect tracking.

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Score 7 out of 10
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In our organisation we use IBM Clear Quest from planning, organising, defects management, errata handling to sprint activities for our product which follows both V cycle and Agile methodology. The life cycle of the defect could be easily tracked for both the customer and internal defects. The filtering options and the detailed design is phenomenal and trust worthy.
  • Bug Query with description
  • Options for details
  • Integration with other IBM tools
  • Test Suite Creation
  • Bug Injection Definition
  • User friendly
  • compatibility with other vendors' tool
  • Support
The case for customers defects and it's lifecycle. How was it created, injected, link to solutions and stories are well defined. The details section of the tools where the definition of the bugs and errata lie are clear and easy to use. It compels the user to fill those field so that the cycle is not broken. In assessments this tool is very handy!
Score 4 out of 10
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IBM ClearQuest was used as our defect management tool across the organization. It gives capabilities to query the data with multiple filters. The defect life cycle is clearly defined and you can assign defects to various projects. For project managers and Test Engineers, this tool comes in as a very handy tool to track project health.
  • Capability to query bugs on multiple criteria and export it to csv for triages.
  • Simple and intuitive user experience and clearly planned defect life cycle
  • There are other features like assigning the defect to pull request, clearly explaining defect by attaching screenshots, detailed description etc
  • If you are using other IBM tools for requirements documentation, this tool integrates very well
  • Lot of defect management tools are out there and are free to use
  • In agile world, teams use Jira or other tools and they have the defect tracking capability builtin
  • Don't really see the need to use this tool in agile world
Well Suited - If your project is running in waterfall model and other IBM tools are widely used for various purposes, Clear Quest is a good tool to have. It gives you seamless capability to create defeccts and query the defects for various scenarios. If you are a project manager or a test engineer trying to create defect metrics, this tool can help immensely.

Less Appropriate - In this Agile world, everyone uses Jira or some other agile tracking tool. All the agile tracking tools have already built in defect tracking capabilities and can integrate with the work very well. If your project is running on agile or don't use IBM tools that much, then Clear Quest doesn't always add value.
Charanya Rajagopalan | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 8 out of 10
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Review Source
IBM ClearQuest was a client provided software for our project as per the agreements. It was used in several other projects too on the client side but not across the whole organization. The decision to use IBM Clear Quest was done by the client project heads considering various parameters like budget, project size, and our input on the best software in the market for managing workflow through our past experience with the products.

The main business problem that it handled was managing workflow, creating and assigning service/task requests, logging bugs, defect tracking and monitoring, and automatically mailing the assignee and the assigner, a snapshot of the request status whenever an update happens.
  • Effective change management, workflow management.
  • Bug tracking.
  • Integrates with the IBM versioning tool for version management.
  • Integrates with IBM rational testcase for achieving an overall test management.
  • Creating reports on the task status for managing deadlines and deliverables.
  • Does not provide complete test management like HP QC. Although it can be easily integrated with IBM's rational test case manager and versioning tools.
  • UI look and feel is good but can be improved in terms of usability.
Well Suited:
  • Best suited for handling change management.
  • Workflow management. Creating and assigning change requests for a particular product/service/business area and managing their workflows.
  • Also handles bug tracking.
Less Suited:
  • It is less appropriate for handling test management on a whole unlike HP Quality Center (HP QC) which is really useful for the testers in our project to integrate their test cases, automation test scripts and linking them with the bugs in a single tool/interface and hence not having to maintain tow different tools for tracking incidents and writing their tests.
April 30, 2016

Great Tool

Sai Musale | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
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Review Source
IBM ClearQuest plays vital role in my previous organization. It is used throughout the IT section of the organization. We used ClearQuest for capturing signatures of the project team on various documentation required during the project lifecycle. Also change requests and defect management was mainly handled through ClearQuest tool only. I would say ClearQuest is one of the strongest tools in our organization.
  • We can create a project in this document and attach all the documentation to get signatures from various team members. This is really helpful for tracking purposes.
  • We can create a Project Change Request and get it approved.
  • We can log defects of documents and get it resolved from the document owner.
  • If you use theweb version, then it's really not good idea to use for sending emails through the tool, as it won't give you the chance to format your email, or modify the receivers list.
  • Most of the times people try to sign the WPI record instead of acknowledge it. So the error message should explain to them why they can not sign. People simply gets confused.
To capture signatures for any document, IBM ClearQuest is a best tool.
  • Self-taught
Very good support.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
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Review Source
IBM Rational ClearQuest is the tool we use for the software development life cycle workflow for the legacy products at our organization. We are tracking features, issues and bugs while integrated with source control via a connection to IBM Rational ClearCase. ClearQuest is used across the enterprise, but the latest release of our flagship product utilizes Team Foundation Server for application life cycle management.

IBM Rational ClearQuest is a competent issue tracking tool for our organization. ClearQuest users are able to manage their workflow effectively to assure releases are on time. We are in a highly regulated industry and ClearQuest records track and document all phases of the life cycle providing valuable and detailed information during audits.
  • IBM Rational ClearQuest records and workflow are highly customizable. As a result, ClearQuest implementations can be tailored to any organization's methodologies.
  • IBM Rational ClearQuest Integration with IBM Rational ClearCase provides traceability between work records and source code changes, expanding the SDLC scope of the toolset.
  • Greater and more complex customization requires more administration. Prepare to devote full time resources to maintaining and administering IBM Rational ClearQuest. The greater the customizations and if integrated with ClearCase, the more maintenance will be required.
  • At my previous company, our organization's contract with IBM lapsed and they didn't offer "a-la-carte" support. We couldn't obtain support even though we were willing to pay for it.
IBM Rational ClearQuest is best suited for organizations using Rational ClearCase for source control, due to the out of the box integration. ClearQuest is also best suited for organizations that have custom software development methodologies and need to tailor the tool's workflow to the organization's methodology. As long as the company has a support contract with IBM Rational, IBM will support fully customized ClearQuest implementations. Companies that are using non-IBM source control solutions may want to see if there are workflow tools that integrate with their source control out of the box before looking into IBM Rational ClearQuest.