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What is Lightworks?

Lightworks is a video editing tool from LWKS, including dynamic video and audio editing, vibrant colour, visual effects, and sharing features.

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Lightworks offers different packages to suit all budgets and needs, making it a versatile tool for producing professional-looking videos. …
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A great tool, must have!

9 out of 10
January 09, 2021
We use Lightworks at our company a lot, especially when we have many videos that need to be done in a short period of time, and we have a …
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Starting price (does not include set up fee)

  • $9.99 per month per user
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Product Details

What is Lightworks?

Lightworks is a video editing tool from LWKS, including dynamic video and audio editing, vibrant colour, visual effects, and sharing features.

Features of the commercial edition of the application include:

  • 4K Video Export
  • Social Media Templates
  • NewBlue Titler Pro
  • Dynamic Motion Graphics
  • Colour Controls
  • Advanced Audio EQ
  • Quick LUT Support
  • High Res Proxy Editing
  • High Res Timeline Rendering

Lightworks Technical Details

Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

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Lightworks offers different packages to suit all budgets and needs, making it a versatile tool for producing professional-looking videos. Users, even those without previous knowledge of video editing, can easily create YouTube videos and other types of video content using Lightworks. The software provides a simple interface that is effective for users at any experience level. With Lightworks, users can edit videos with nice transitions, perform basic audio equalizations, and save time by learning about editing without the need for expensive software. It is particularly suitable for creating short professional-looking video clips quickly. Lightworks is beginner-friendly and allows users to make short advertisement videos and edit them on low-end machines. Additionally, it is a good option for basic video editing needs, offering a simple and intuitive workflow. The supportive forum community provided by Lightworks is appreciated by users who seek help and support while using the software.

Moreover, Lightworks caters to a wide range of content creation needs. It is suitable for creating various types of content, including music videos, advertisements, and college projects. The software is also a cost-effective solution for video editing, making it an excellent choice for YouTube creators and vloggers. Users have expressed their satisfaction with the customer support provided by Lightworks when transferring the software to a new computer. Furthermore, Lightworks is highly regarded as a tool for new editors looking to practice digital creativity and Linux users in need of user-friendly video editing software. In a business setting, Lightworks' intuitive interface allows employees to easily teach each other how to use the software efficiently. Overall, Lightworks enables users to create professional-grade videos without breaking the bank while offering flexibility in editing, adding captions, and applying video effects for social media posts. It has also been employed by tech-savvy teams within companies to streamline the editing process of multiple videos within tight deadlines.

Versatile and flexible: Users appreciate the versatility of Lightworks, noting that it supports various plugins and third-party software, making it a highly flexible video editing program. Many reviewers have mentioned this as one of the standout features of Lightworks.

Wide range of effects: The availability of a wide range of effects is highly valued by users. They mention that there are over 100 effects available for download on the site, allowing them to enhance their videos creatively. This feature has been praised by several reviewers.

User-friendly interface: Users find the interface of Lightworks to be friendly and easy to use. They mention that the user experience is enriched by the program's ability to edit videos and movies in various formats, including 2k, 4k, PAL, NTSC, and high definition. Several reviewers have expressed appreciation for the simplicity and ease-of-use provided by Lightworks' interface.

Confusing User Interface: Users have found Lightworks' user interface to be confusing, rigid, and clunky, causing difficulties in getting started and making tasks difficult. Many reviewers have expressed frustration with the lack of flow and clarity in navigating the software.

Limited Resolution Cap: The resolution restriction on file exports has been a major point of annoyance for users, with a cap of 720p in the free version. Several reviewers have mentioned this limitation as a drawback, especially for those who require higher quality video output.

Difficulty in Finding Menu Options: Some users have found it challenging to locate the menu when wanting to finish a project and upload it. This has caused inconvenience and confusion for several reviewers who expect more intuitive navigation options within the software.

Users commonly recommend the following actions based on their experiences with Lightworks:

  1. Try the mobile app: Users have found the Lightworks mobile app to be quick and convenient to use. They recommend giving it a try, especially since it is available for free.

  2. Assess project needs: Before deciding to use Lightworks, users suggest assessing your specific project needs. While the program is great for basic video editing, it may not provide advanced features offered by premium brands.

  3. Invest time in learning: Users advise investing time in learning the basics of Lightworks. While it may initially appear daunting, they believe that by patiently exploring manuals and tutorials, users can leverage the powerful features of Lightworks suitable for both professionals and hobbyists.

Overall, despite its limitations, users consider Lightworks to be a quality product that is worth trying and comparing to other editing programs before making a decision.


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Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Lightworks has helped us to generate an increasing number of videos for social media posts. It provides a lot of flexibility with editing, adding captions, and video effects to help us customize and tailor each post. It also allowed us to do all of this without the large expense associated with many other video editing tools.
  • Lots of flexibility
  • Easy to learn as a new user
  • Online help pages make it easy to find answers to questions
  • I have had it crash on me while using; thought content is saved
  • The user interface could be updated/modernized
  • Hot-keys commands are not always intuitive
Lightworks is a great tool for a non-designer to use because it provides a number of tools and capabilities that can be quickly learned. For someone who is an advanced video editor, it may not provide every tool they will need. Given how much can be accomplished through the free version, I think it's a great tool for making simple videos for social media, YouTube and other basic applications.
  • Flexibility (adding captions, transitions, etc.)
  • It doens't add a watermark on the free version when exporting in a smaller size
  • Doesn't require a lot of time to learn
  • It has helped us create more video content that we had not been able to do in the past
  • Given that we can use the free version in almost every situation, there has been no direct cost to use
iMovie is a great tool for Mac users and provides a lot of simple drag/drop elements with video editing. However, it is incredibly restrictive if you want to customize your video. With Lightworks, I can easily add text on a screen, captions, transitions, change the framerate and more. No matter the video project, I have been able to find a solution using Lightworks.
January 09, 2021

A great tool, must have!

Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Lightworks at our company a lot, especially when we have many videos that need to be done in a short period of time, and we have a group of 3 techs that specialize in Lightworks and always get the job done fast due to the easy and accessible editing tools.
  • Drag and drop all videos easily.
  • Easy to split videos and strip.
  • You can work with multiple sequences.
  • More accessible help screen.
  • A better audio mixer and equalizer.
It's best for editors that are beginning their career due to the easy way to learn this. However, you have to buy the license to be able to use and learn all of these great features. I can't seem to find scenarios where it would not be appropriate, this is an excellent, easy tool to work with.
  • Faster editing so more work.
  • Paid for itself the first week.
Adobe is a great tool that is very competitive and I still use it depending on what PC I have on hand and how fast the job needs to get done but I selected Lightwork because I think that it is less complicated to browse and was able to learn the shortcuts fast, making my time more productive.
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