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What is Maestro?

Maestro is an employee performance and talent mangement software solution offered by Madison.

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What is Maestro?

Maestro is an employee performance and talent mangement software solution offered by Madison.

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What is Maestro?

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With close to 500,000 electronic health records (EHR) in their database, leading cancer research and treatment center City of Hope would spend huge amounts of time manually searching for patient data critical to their research and treatment needs. The health center began looki...
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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Maestro is used in a couple of areas at our resort.
1) It is used at our Lodge front desk for Lodge reservations, which I make/alter from time to time.
2) I use it for our standalone unit reservations. I am able to manage my reservations for my fractional ownership members and leisure guests.
3) I have three levels of membership to manage, two separate fractional ownership groups and our homeowners. I can manage all of these groups in two separate areas of Maestro, Spa and Activity Management and Owner Management.
4) We use Silverware for our POS systems. Silverware speaks to Maestro so we can post room charges easily.
5) Our catering and events team uses Maestro as a tool for tracking events (costs, charges, special circumstances, space reservations and more). Maestro allows us to have one primary tool and central location for a lot of our pertinent resort information.
  • Customer Support - I appreciate that I always get a quick response, if not immediate with easy to follow solutions to my concerns/issues. Their customer support team is always positive, friendly and helpful!
  • Easy to Learn and Understand - I am not great with technology but I find Maestro easy to learn, use and navigate. It is very user friendly.
  • Ability to Easily Update Charges - I appreciate the ease of access to Member and guest billing and folios and how easy it is for me to post, remove or reverse charges as need be.
  • One Interface - I appreciate being able to track member information and reservations in one area! What a great tool.
  • Guest Names - I do have some difficulty with guest names. Many people want two names on their member profile. When I use Schmoe, Joe And Jane, it capitalizes the A in and. If I use the ampersand I have issues with the name processing. So, just one primary member and no ampersand.
  • Creating New Folios - For some reason it is very easy to create a new folio under a member account and you have to finish creating it before you can back out of it. I have done that a few times but not a huge deal.
  • Access Levels - Is there an easy to follow list of access levels and what they include? I guess I should ask Maestro this. Maybe not an issue...
Maestro is great for managing my membership and is terrific with reservations. At this time I am not sure if there is any scenario where it is less appropriate. I guess it doesn't work well as an interface for a golf shop, for tee times, etc. And, any golf product we get doesn't speak well with Maestro, so maybe golf. But, they may have a solution for that too.
  • At one point our step pricing was not working properly so we did lose some room revenue. Maestro helped us get this resolved.
  • Maestro saves time, which saves money, by having all of our member billing, reservations and more in one location.
  • No other impacts that I can think of.
Maestro is the first lodging software I have reviewed. I do not have much other experience with lodging software so I am unable to compare. I do really like that Maestro has the support we need in an ever challenging customer service world. Thanks for being a great tool for our resort!
I love Maestro support! They are always available or get back to you quickly. The employees that work at Maestro must get treated well because they are always positive and patient on the phone with me. And, even though I am not great with technology they always help me find a solution.
Score 5 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Maestro us being used by my organization as a student records/organization system. It is used across the whole company. It addresses the problem of where to store student details, contact information, and communication logs. We are required to use it as teachers in the company, and are asked to log every single time we communicate with a student or family. Additionally, Maestro allows us to send progress reports to students.
  • Easy progress reports using a type of "mail merge" built in template
  • Reports tab is a nice feature
  • Seems fairly stable and reliable
  • No ability to view contact information from a home screen (must click into profile to see phone number)
  • Feels a bit archaic
  • Would be nice to see "flags" or ways to mark students for calling
  • Wish that the 'attempted call' option turned a student yellow instead of keeping them red
Having worked at Florida Virtual School where we used a customized program called VSA, Maestro is definitely a breath of fresh air in terms of reliability. VSA was constantly having outages and erasing data, and I have not experienced that problem yet with Maestro. VSA was recently described as a "tumor" by an FLVS board member, so clearly Maestro is a huge step up. With that being said, I miss a lot of the customization that VSA had. I loved the comments field where I could type in notes and see them from the main screen. I miss being able to flag students for my own organization. One thing that Maestro has is an EASY way to send progress reports, which makes it a huge time saver from that feature alone.
  • Maestro allows me to log all communication with families, eliminating any question as to when I reached out
  • Maestro is a huge time saver with sending progress reports
  • Maestro lacks customization that would make teachers more efficient
Knowledge of learning management systems
Responsible use of student data
  • Contacting students and families
  • Student contact record keeping
Maestro is what we are comfortable with and probably what we'll stay with, but it can be slow at times and lacks certain functionalities.
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