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Python IDLE


What is Python IDLE?

Python's IDLE is the integrated development environment (IDE) and learning platform for Python.
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What is Python IDLE?

Python's IDLE is the integrated development environment (IDE) and learning platform for Python.

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What is Python IDLE?

Python's IDLE is the integrated development environment (IDE) and learning platform for Python.

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Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use Python IDLE for machine learning and AI projects at our organization. To perform analysis on health data and for decision making like whether a health center has to get an award or not based on their annual data reported, we perform some predictive analysis and make decisions.
  • Firstly, I would say Python IDLE interface is user friendly.
  • Easy to learn for the beginners.
  • Syntax highlighting is nice features.
  • Smart indent helps a lot.
  • Debugging could be more advanced.
  • Can have more data science packages.
  • Output features can be better.
It is really helpful for the teams who have beginners to phyton as it can help to perform better by using several inbuilt options.
  • In a short time, we were able to develop several ML models for various teams to make accurate decisions.
  • Beginners can easily understand and adapt to GUI.
  • We could automate several manual validation tasks and so could reduce human intervention.
I have used Visual Studio Code as well but, I would prefer to use Python IDLE as it helps to debug easily and is user-friendly which ultimately helps to perform the tasks quickly.
Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
I think it depends on users. I prefer Python IDLE for machine learning model development. It's widely used across science teams for ML solutions in production as it's well integrated with most production systems and AWS tools. Also, it is used as the default tool for machine learning university internally.

  • User friendly for basic stats analysis
  • Well-developed packages for ML development
  • Well integrated with production system
  • More user-friendly tutorials
  • Easier output format
  • Quick intro guide to new features
I prefer to use Python IDLE for basic stats analysis and model development. The codes can be directly integrated with production systems and AWS tools. I think Python IDLE could provide more user-friendly tutorials or quick intros for new features as well as ML-related functions or packages for ML model development.
  • Positive on ML model in production
It's easy to set up and run quick analysis in Python IDLE on my local machine. The output is direct and easy to read. But sometimes I prefer Jupyter Notebook when the datasets are large, since it would take too long to run on my local machine. It is easier to run Jupyter Notebook on my cloud desktop.
December 31, 2020

Not for the advanced user

Score 7 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Python IDLE is used by some people as the IDE for python interpreter in a Windows environment. We don't use it department wide, as it has only basic functionalities in my opinion. Python IDLE is used mainly for writing simple scripts, which are used mainly for text processing and data cleanup purposes.
  • GUI interface
  • Has scope matching
  • Debugging facilities can be integrated
  • Too simplistic
  • Could not find source revision management integration support
  • Only basic debugging is available
  • Does not have data-science-specific notebooks (but can be installed separately)
  1. Python IDLE comes built-in if Python is installed in the Windows operating system. In this regard, it is already there and does not require downloading and installing any additional IDE. However, the functionalities are rather basic compared to more advanced IDEs like PyCharm. So I was using this IDLE initially when I was getting myself familiar with Python.
  2. I do not use Python IDLE for data science projects, as I find that it lacks some crucial features that are more geared toward the intermediate or advanced level of programmers.
  • Already comes along with the Python Interpreter in Windows, so no need to install any additional plug-ins. This is positive.
  • Relatively intuitive with a flat learning curve. This is positive.
  • Not too suitable for large program maintenance. This is negative.
Python IDLE is very easy to use compared to PyCharm. So for simple python scripting, Python IDLE is preferable to PyCharm, which has relatively steep learning curve. Compared to Python IDLE, PyCharm is more resource intensive, which may be worth it when comes to large projects, but PyChram does not provide any extra value for simple scripting.
November 14, 2020

Review for Python IDLE

José Javier Dominguez Reina | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 10 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
In the Python IDLE development environment, I am using it personally to carry out small developments or to migrate scripts made in shell to Python, to improve its performance and take advantage of the advantages of Python over sh / bash.
These scripts are for automating department, peer, or personal tasks.
I am using this IDE as it has an educational part that makes programming easier and allows you to debug.

  • The best thing is the debug that incorporates.
  • Friendly graphic environment.
  • Provide keyword auto-fill.
  • Color the command syntax automatically.
  • Very configurable.
  • Too minimalist GUI.
  • It does not allow associating several code files to a development project.
  • It does not have plugins.
I rate it a 10 because I have few colleagues who know Python and this editor is a very good starter.
It makes the language learning curve fast and Python programming friendly because it is a very simple editor that "helps" you to program.
This is because it has self-help syntax, colors / marks keywords or variables or autocomplete them.
Furthermore, the editor is similar to any edit on any operating system.

  • Little time is spent on small developments to automate routine tasks.
  • Modernization of old scripts in a short time, also improving their performance.
  • Any technician can understand the program code and adapt it to your needs in no time.
I have used other IDEs, such as jEdit, Geany, NetBeans, ...
The IDE Python IDLE is a good place to start as it helps you become familiar with the way Python works and understand its syntax.
This IDE is good to start programming in Python due to its great debugger, but once you are fluent and start developing projects it is necessary to jump to another, more complete IDE.
I am currently using jEdit and am very happy with it, even though it is not debugged.
The IDE Python IDLE is a good place to start as it helps you become familiar with the way Python works and understand its syntax.
This IDE allows you to configure the environment, font, size, colors, .....
It also looks like any simple text editor for any operating system, I work with Windows or Linux interchangeably, and you don't have to learn to use the IDE before programming.
Once the IDE is executed you can start programming directly in it.
Python IDLE support is what the community can give you. As it is free software, it does not have support provided by the manufacturer or by third-parties.
In any case, for most of the problems that normal users can find, the solution, or alternatives, can be found quickly online.
As this IDE is made in Python, the support is the same group of Python developers.

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