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What is Screencastify?

Screencastify is a suite of video-creation tools for the classroom, from the company of the same name Chicago. It is used in K-12 classrooms around the world, for teachers and students, to create instructional videos, record presentations, and give better…

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Screencastify has been widely used by users to address various needs and challenges. Educators have found it incredibly useful for …
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Product Details

What is Screencastify?

Screencastify is a suite of video-creation tools for the classroom, from the company of the same name Chicago. It is used in K-12 classrooms around the world, for teachers and students, to create instructional videos, record presentations, and give better feedback, and to support remote learning.

As a screen recorder Screencastify boasts ease of use. Users can share video but then also share who viewed it and add checks for understanding (of use in educational settings).

Additional features supporting education use cases:
  • Monitor Engagement - Use the Watch Page to see how viewers are engaging with the video, including how many times they’ve watched and when they viewed.
  • Check Understanding - Add Interactive Questions to check viewer comprehension. Also, see the responses in real time.
  • Built into Google Drive - All videos are saved in Google Drive automatically for easy access, or they can be shared to YouTube and more in seconds.
  • Simplifed Security - Access to videos is controlled. Configure sharing settings by domain or through the video link.

As a video editor, users can import videos from Screencastify Record or any other video directly from acomputer or from Google Drive. Users can merge, rearrange, and zoom in on clips to create the perfect video with its browser-based editor. Users can also share texts to support collaboration, or as use as a note-taking tool.

With Screencastify Submit, student users can submit classroom assignments via video. Submit's goal is to give students a platform to create and teachers a new way to evaluate. The vendor's value proposition for the Submit tool is:
  • Keeping students connected - Collect quick check-in videos to stay in touch with students and gauge their well-being.
  • Probe student reflection - Encourage students to pause and reflect on the learning process through video.
  • Capture student learning - Have students make quick videos walking through their response to a question or prompt.
  • Enable peer learning - Facilitate students providing one another with video feedback and comments.

Screencastify is available free with limited functionality. Commercial plans start at $15 per month, though the company offers a significant discount for annual pricing (working out to about $7 per month, or $84 per year on the starter plan). The free plan supports a library with 10 videos, with 30 minute maximum videos and limited storage. Commercial plans provide unlimited video creation and video length, with the higher tier Pro plan adding additional storage over the Starter plan. The Pro plan also supports unlimited assignments per user (versus 1 active assignment per user on the Starter plan).

Screencastify Videos

The Screencastify Video Editor
How to record a video with Screencastify
Case Study: Screencastify at Evanston Township High School

Screencastify Integrations

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Screencastify Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo

Frequently Asked Questions

Screencastify is a suite of video-creation tools for the classroom, from the company of the same name Chicago. It is used in K-12 classrooms around the world, for teachers and students, to create instructional videos, record presentations, and give better feedback, and to support remote learning.

Screencastify starts at $15.

WeVideo, Camtasia, and Movavi Screen Recorder are common alternatives for Screencastify.

The most common users of Screencastify are from Mid-sized Companies (51-1,000 employees).
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

TrustRadius Insights are summaries of user sentiment data from TrustRadius reviews and, when necessary, 3rd-party data sources. Have feedback on this content? Let us know!

Screencastify has been widely used by users to address various needs and challenges. Educators have found it incredibly useful for recording themselves teaching and conducting drawing sessions, especially for students who missed live classes. The software allows them to seamlessly share their screen, highlight important points, and even embed their webcam in the video. Additionally, teams have utilized Screencastify to effectively present application issues to stakeholders and other teams, enabling clear understanding. Users appreciate the ease of recording screens, opening other screens without additional permissions, and following along with mouse clicks and highlights. Screencastify has also proven valuable for catching faults and problems within applications, as well as sharing video clips with business customers.

The software has facilitated knowledge transfer within teams by allowing them to capture application screens and showcase specific project features to clients. It has played a significant role in demonstrating software functionality, particularly by utilizing highlighters and markers to emphasize key features. Screencastify has also been lauded for its impact on time management, productivity, and communication. Users find it effortless to record and share videos, and appreciate the automatic uploading feature that saves recordings directly to Google Drive. This feature has not only saved time but also eliminated the need for scheduled calls when explaining business workflows or providing step-by-step instructions.

Another primary use case for Screencastify is remote training, presentations, and software demos. Users have found it invaluable in capturing defects or issues within applications and seamlessly sharing video URLs with clients or vendors. For client success managers, Screencastify has become a highly recommended tool for reteaching clients and enhancing communication. The software's versatility extends to quick communication via email or personal replies through tutorial videos or screen recordings. Users have found it convenient for recording demo videos, trainings, tutorials, troubleshooting issues, and testing sites.

Moreover, Screencastify is frequently favored for creating training videos and quick demonstrations due to its user-friendly interface. Users appreciate how it simplifies the process of recording screens, making presentations with audio, and communicating efficiently even when physically absent. The ease of use, coupled with the capability to visually troubleshoot issues, has proved essential for those needing to demonstrate issues on their end. By accurately representing encountered issues through video recordings, Screencastify offers a comprehensive solution for sharing bugs or defects with developers or submitting help tickets.

Screencastify has also found a niche in remote learning environments. It has been embraced by educators for creating instructional videos and tutorials, particularly for flipped learning environments. Teachers have successfully used Screencastify to personalize virtual learning experiences and enable students to present from anywhere. It has streamlined the implementation of flipped learning by allowing teachers to easily create instructional videos and share them with students. Screencastify's ease of use and accessibility have made it highly regarded for teaching, checking, and assessing language development in virtual learning environments.

The software has also been touted for its usefulness outside of education. Users have found it valuable for creating quick screencasts, making it more efficient than using full-featured tools. Technology trainers have observed that even users with no prior experience in video or screen recording find Screencastify approachable. The free version meets the needs of beginners, while the paid version offers additional features like basic editing and embedding questions, making it suitable for educators. However, some users have mentioned that competing tools offer a free educator license, which is not available with Screencastify.

In terms of communications and collaborations, Screencastify has become a staple tool. It has replaced and surpassed native screen recording features in tools like Google Meet, offering real-time annotation and quick editing capabilities. Users appreciate being able to communicate details about websites remotely and in real-time, simplifying processes that previously required screenshots and lengthy chats or emails. Screencastify's convenience extends to the automatic saving of recordings to Google Drive, which makes sharing with colleagues and clients effortless. The software's editing features have received high praise from users and have resolved the problem of providing the best screen recording experience, especially within organizations.

Overall, users have had excellent experiences with Screencastify, highlighting its frequent addition of new features and its usefulness in creating videos for various purposes. Its simplicity, flexibility, and time-saving capabilities make it a valuable tool for capturing screen recordings, delivering presentations, addressing technical issues, training staff, providing step-by-step instructions, recording meetings or seminars, supporting distance learning, and much more.

Easy to navigate interface: Users find Screencastify very user-friendly and intuitive. They appreciate the simplicity of the software's interface, making it easy for them to create and edit videos.

Versatile editing capabilities: The ability to easily trim videos is highly valued by users. They mention that they can effortlessly cut, crop, and add cursor effects to their recorded videos. This allows them to deliver concise instructions and enhance the overall quality of their content.

Effortless recording options: Users praise the simplicity and speed of recording with the Chrome extension. They find Screencastify extremely user-friendly, as they can quickly save screen and webcam recordings directly to Google Drive or their computer. Additionally, users appreciate the various recording options available such as screen-only, embedded video with screen capture, and camera-only modes.


  • Limited editing capabilities: Some users mentioned that the free version of Screencastify lacks basic editing capabilities, making it difficult to implement across their district. They wish for more robust editing features in the program.
  • 5-minute recording limit: Users express frustration with the 5-minute recording limit in the free version and suggest improving it. They find it bothersome to split their tutorials into 10-minute segments due to the limited video duration in the free version.
  • Compatibility with other browsers: Users point out that the extension is limited to the Chrome browser and not available for popular browsers like Mozilla Firefox. This is seen as a drawback by some users who prefer using alternative browsers.

Users commonly recommend the following three things about Screencastify:

  1. Considering upgrading to the premium account if longer videos or extended use is anticipated. This upgrade allows for video editing and unlocks additional features.

  2. Testing out the free subscription before committing to a paid plan. This allows users to familiarize themselves with the software and determine if it meets their specific needs before making a purchase.

  3. Utilizing the school-based license of Screencastify in an educational setting, as it is well-priced and suitable for teachers to demonstrate multi-step processes or teach specific software usage to students.


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I use Screencastify as a screencasting tool for short screencast recordings. My team has licenses to other screencasting software, such as Camtasia, for professional productions as well. I find Screencastify to be perfect for short videos that are targeted to a certain audience. For example, if I get a Help Desk ticket or an email with a question, recording a quick screencast with Screencastify is much easier and takes far less time than using a full-featured tool.

I am a technology trainer, so part of my role is also training users on tools. I find that users find Screencastify really approachable, even if they have never created a video or screen recording before. The free version tends to meet most beginner's needs, but the paid version offers some great additional features, such as basic editing and embedding questions, which is perfect for educators.

The only con I have for Screencastify is their competition offers a free educator license and Screencastify doesn't. However, their paid product offers many more features than other screencasting tools.
  • Easy screencasting
  • Stores videos to the cloud/drive
  • Basic editing, such as trimming
  • Chrome extension is easy to install and use
  • The pricing model isn't competitive in Education
  • 5-minute cap on free videos can be short
Screencastify is great for beginning video creators or teachers who need a tool to quickly record a screen. For those with a budget, the paid features offers basic editing and the ability to embed questions, which can make for a more polished and meaningful video.

Screencastify is not for users who want to create a more polished video with an introduction or other media that needs to be included, such as background music or other images.

My go to - if it's quick and easy, use Screencastify. If I want to make in-depth edits, use another solution.
  • Easy to learn screencasting
  • Cloud storage
  • Chrome extension
  • 150 users
  • Many hours of screen recording made
  • Many of users can use the free verison with no issue
Loom and Screencastify are the most direct comparison. They both are Chrome extensions that have a low learning curve for beginner users. Loom offers a pro license free to educators, which allows for unlimited numbers of recordings and a 45-minute cap on recording length, perfect for lessons. Screencastify's pro features are paid for but are also more in-depth. Their editing is more robust, allowing users to trim in the middle, not just the edges. Users also get unlimited recordings and no cap on video length, and some storage depending on the tier purchased. Screencastify also offers volume discounts, which can help reduce the cost significantly. Educators can also create assignments in Screencastify, which is unique to this product.

Camtasia is a full-fledged editor and screen recorder, so a full comparison isn't fair, since the products have two different intended uses. Camtasia offers robust features to make a polished final video.
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