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What is Swoop?

Swoop is a data-driven marketing platform that, according to the vendor, offers precision healthcare marketing solutions. This platform caters specifically to pharmaceutical companies, healthcare agencies, medical professionals, marketing professionals in the healthcare industry, and consumer health...

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Ease of Use: Users have found Swoop very easy to use and navigate, with some reviewers stating that it was implemented within their …
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What is Swoop?

Swoop is a search engine marketing solution with platforms for advertisers, publishers, and users.

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Product Details

What is Swoop?

Swoop is a data-driven marketing platform that, according to the vendor, offers precision healthcare marketing solutions. This platform caters specifically to pharmaceutical companies, healthcare agencies, medical professionals, marketing professionals in the healthcare industry, and consumer health and wellness companies. Swoop aims to assist these businesses in engaging with ideal patients and healthcare providers, educating patients about disease states and therapies, and involving them in their medical journey.

Key Features

Precision Healthcare Marketing: Swoop provides privacy-safe DTC and HCP segments that, according to the vendor, deliver higher audience quality and greater lift compared to conventional targeting approaches. The platform facilitates the engagement of pharmaceutical companies and healthcare agencies with ideal patients and healthcare providers, allowing for patient education on disease states and therapies.

Ideal Patient Audiences: Swoop enables the creation of precise target segments based on unique patient definitions and brand objectives. The vendor guarantees that these target segments will surpass audience quality goals and can be deployed quickly within 30 days, with no additional cost for customization or updates.

Precise Omnichannel Activation: Swoop supports programmatic, social media, addressable TV, connected TV, data-driven linear TV, and on-demand audio deployments. The platform allows for precise activation across multiple channels, ensuring optimal reach and engagement with the target audience, and maximizing the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Exclusive Patient Audiences: Swoop provides access to exclusive patient audiences, allowing pharmaceutical companies to effectively reach their target patients. The platform assists in refining targeting strategies to ensure impressions are directed to diagnosed patients, commercially insured patients, and those seeking healthcare professionals. The vendor claims that this optimization can enhance marketing investments and improve campaign performance.

Real World Data Analysis: Swoop leverages real-world data to refine targeting strategies and focus investments on the highest priority healthcare professionals (HCPs). The platform utilizes Real World Data of HCP prescribing and diagnosing patterns to identify the most critical HCPs for optimal campaign performance. According to the vendor, this analysis helps pharmaceutical companies gain better insights into HCP preferences and tailor their messaging accordingly.

Customized Messaging and Segments: Swoop assists pharmaceutical companies in transitioning from a single messaging set for HCPs and patients to definitive loyal and competitive market segments. The platform facilitates coordinated message differentiation, ensuring that the appropriate message reaches the intended audience. Customized segments are built based on specific market definitions, strategies, and goals, providing a tailored approach to audience targeting.

Data-Driven DTC Audiences: Swoop employs artificial intelligence and real-world health signals to create ideal consumer segments. The platform goes beyond traditional demographic, geographic, and behavioral targeting, utilizing machine learning and AI to anticipate intent. The vendor claims that by optimizing reach and frequency, Swoop delivers highly relevant messaging to consumers with specific health and wellness demands, driving impactful omnichannel engagement.

HCP Engagement Solutions: Swoop offers data-driven HCP engagement solutions, allowing pharmaceutical companies to effectively target and engage healthcare providers. The platform analyzes content consumption patterns to uncover HCP preferences and identify the creative materials most likely to engage them. Swoop optimizes HCP engagement by delivering messaging through preferred channels and behaviors, including point-of-care targeting and EHR targeting.

TV Marketing Solutions: Swoop's TV marketing solutions aim to transform advertising with data-driven linear, addressable, and connected TV capabilities. The platform enables brand-exclusive, single audience targeting across all TV inventory, ensuring optimal reach and frequency. Swoop also provides strategic audience measurement across linear TV, addressable TV, and connected TV/over-the-top, offering insights into audience reach and frequency.

Swoop Technical Details

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Score 8 out of 10
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We’re currently using it for a specific product line within the digital team. It is currently addressing awareness reachability with search keyword targeting.
  • Large inventory to acquire impressions and clicks
  • Engagement results indicate strong audience interest
  • Managed service very helpful and engaging for better performance
  • Would like to have visibility of revenue performing sites and targeting
  • 1st party integration with doubleclick would simplify implementation
  • Have more refined targeting specific to audiences
Well suited for driving awareness at scale. Less appropriate for refined targeting to achieve specific back end metrics or conversions.
  • Swoop ROAS for a specific home product was over 8 during Q2, a downtime period for sales within the product category (measuring impressions)
  • Form complete conversion goal for a separate tactic was not met and was too high
  • Impressions volume for total strategy was surpassed largely in part because Swoop achieved 135% of goal
  • yieldbot,, perform media, admarketplace and ogury
Swoop and Yieldbot run similarly across their private networks and perform relatively the same (high reach). There are better revenue driven tactics that outperform swoop though.
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