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  • No setup fee

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  • $15per month

Constant Contact Pricing-Related Quotes

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Easy To Use Value To Money Helpful Support … others. It's the best all in one tool to use for the business. It's the value for money tool for the business with all the features to have for any automation

Related Quote from Verified User

CRM but their contact management could use some improvements Pricing could be more affordable Would love to see better support when needed … huge difference as they all essentially work the same, it’s just about pricing models and which tool interface you prefer. Comparing…

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Value for money Embedding videos needs updating Frequent glitches within building … Overall we chose Constant Contact over MailChimp because we felt the price was a better use of our non-profit funding. Reviews of MailChimp showed led

Related Quote from Elizabeth Mason

I appreciate this tool in the price sector because it offers affordable. It is incredibly easy for beginners. Running email campaigns

Related Quote from Verified User

email. They send us lot of information in their newsletters which is helpful. Cost is not too high especially compared to other options. … not have as good of a UI as other tools like Mailchimp or Emma, but the price for our list size was less.

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Excellent Value for money East to justify cost … touch with your customer. This is a very user-friendly tool and very cost-effective. Cost … Cost Effective User Friendly Less learning curve Integration

Related Quote from Chase Zhang

Cheap Straighforward Simple … since they are much bigger companies they have bigger capabilities, but the price is obviously higher to use. We looked at Constant Contact as an easy to use

Related Quote from Chuck Taylor

Anytime a business has a campaign or value driven messages they want to get out, this is a best in class platform.

Related Quote from Gary Gray

still being powerful enough to service our diverse needs. It's also well priced for the service.

Related Quote from Glen Kimmel Leblanc

Price Very sophisticated system Very easy to manage Strong

Related Quote from Verified User

running We can design templates for other departments to use Attractive pricing

Related Quote from Verified User

Customer service "Free trials" that are actually free Pricing

Related Quote from LaMeshia Conley

Cost effective for smaller budgets User friendly for the professional user

Related Quote from Luke Paulin

suited well if you have a number of contacts that keep you at a reasonable price range and if you do not want to dive too deep into edit the style of your

Related Quote from Verified User

smaller businesses just getting started in conducting marketing campaigns. The price is based on contacts so it makes more financial sense for small businesses

Related Quote from Nick Salerno

Customer attraction is easy. Advanced automation features. Reasonable price.

Related Quote from Pragya Jha

application for high-volume email marketing and growing a customer base. The pricing is minimal for what it has to offer. Online businesses and freelancers should

Related Quote from Robert Barnabi

Ease of use Price point spam safe reputation … For email campaigns for ease of use and cost, my go-to is

Related Quote from Ron Iver

Sends a lot of emails quickly. Pricing is best for smaller businesses with large lists. You can send as many emails … if you have a very large list because they are pretty good in terms of pricing, but there are definitely other programs that are better out there if you … Als…

Related Quote from Tory Robinson

testing is not yet available on this email marketing platform A premium price is offered to unlock additional features … Ability to reach thousands of leads a low cost per lead The reporting features allow us to drill down positively to…

Related Quote from Sydney Lovegrove

contacts. For businesses with large contact lists, Constant Contact is very affordable and effective.

Related Quote from John W

new products coming in stock. This provides the customer with a break on prices on components and equipment. Sometimes subscribers share their experiences

Related Quote from Verified User

Price Product Features Product Usability Product Reputation

Related Quote from Thomas Pittman

Hubspot or Salesforce tech stack. For many businesses this type of high cost, sophisticated system is not realistic and in these cases, Constant Contact … strategies because of its ease of use and low cost. It’s also exceptional as a low-cost email database management solution where you can’t daily centralize, protect … Incredibly hig…

Related Quote from James Arnold

great to add a few more features or customizations, but it's fine for the price. … enterprise level. Marketo is substantially better than Constant Contact but the price tag is very seriously higher ... by a few zeros. The key components of differentiation