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What is TINYpulse?

TINYpulse is an employee surveying and feedback tool. It includes employee recognition, coaching, and performance tracking functionality.

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Limited Reporting: Some users have expressed concerns about the limited reporting capabilities in TINYpulse, stating that it restricts …
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Product Details

What is TINYpulse?

TINYpulse is an employee surveying and feedback tool. It offers surveying capabilities for every point of the employee lifecycle from onboarding to offboarding in order to help employees engage in company culture and to target employee development. It also includes employee recognition and appreciation functionality, as well as employee coaching and performance tracking.

TINYpulse Technical Details

Deployment TypesSoftware as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsUnspecified
Mobile ApplicationNo
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Reviews and Ratings


Community Insights

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Users commonly recommend:

  • Reaching out for a demo and integrating TINYpulse with HRIS for easier management.
  • Considering other tools for conducting reviews, but using TINYpulse for gauging and collecting feedback.
  • Customizing the questions in TINYpulse for relevance and using it to measure employee experience.

Other notable recommendations include actively working with the data and believing in the importance of employee voice, using TINYpulse to improve organizational culture, partnering with a TINYpulse representative, trying the two-week free trial, keeping up with new features in TINYpulse, providing feedback to employees, having a solid culture foundation before implementing TINYpulse, taking the time to learn the tool and its features, considering how to interact with employees and encourage feedback and praise using TINYpulse, assigning someone to ensure employee engagement with TINYpulse, creating internal documentation for the onboarding process, ensuring executive buy-in for effective use, investing in the anonymous conversation feature in TINYpulse, sharing feedback with staff, ensuring that admins have sufficient knowledge and experience, testing the waters on employee engagement using TINYpulse, and considering other tools and factors such as company size and culture foundation.

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Score 6 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TINYpulse gives us many tools in one place. Primarily, we use it for employee coaching, as it allows us to establish and review goals, and track employee performance along with customizable metrics. We also use it as a tool to receive performance feedback from managers, peers, and other departments. It's also a great central communication tool, as every week we participate in surveys to give the company snapshots of morale. Ideas are shared and sometimes implemented. We can also send a 'cheer' to any employee for their excellent work!
  • TINYpulse is great for creating/organizing/following up on goals for yourself and your employees.
  • TINYpulse allows for anonymous feedback to ensure every employee can speak his/her voice without fear.
  • TINYpulse is a great way to send/receive feedback at any time.
  • Originally, requests for feedback ("360s") were not customizable, and employees didn't feel the pre-written questions were particularly helpful. TINYpulse has since changed this format so we can either use default questions or create our own.
TINYpulse is a terrific tool for organizing, planning, and tracking employee performance. As a manager, I use it monthly to ensure all my team member's goals are being reviewed, addressed, and updated as needed. The 'board' when you log in is a great place to leave comments and suggestions anonymously. However, managers have to be cautious that TINYpulse doesn't become a place where complaints are logged and managers aren't informed or consulted (where complaints can usually be addressed more quickly).
Score 8 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
Our organization uses TINYpulse to send and answer anonymous surveys, evaluate what is working and what changes need to be made within the company, and recognize employee successes with the “cheers” feature. TINYpulse allows cheers to be sent and company values to be tagged. In the past, we have used cheers for employee recognition events, awarding those who have the greatest number of cheers.
  • Users can submit anonymous comments or suggestions. We have had some positive changes resulting from this, such as increased DEI initiatives and organization.
  • Anonymous surveys allow senior leadership to determine weaknesses. If you give a low rating, an administrator can reach out anonymously for more information.
  • Cheers are a great way to recognize employees and coworkers for accomplishments.
  • If email notifications are turned off, it can be difficult to find the unanswered surveys on the TINYpulse site.
  • Adding more encouragement to send cheers.
TINYpulse is great for quickly recognizing employees for tasks they have completed, accomplished, or assisted with. It is also great to gauge how your employees are feeling about certain topics via anonymous surveys and comments. People will feel more willing to share their true thoughts. It doesn’t work as well for long-term goal planning or success recognition.
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
TINYpulse isn't used organization-wide but different departments elect to use it. We as a smaller group were using it extensively and when there was restructuring, I think our group introduced it to the new larger department we were a part of. We use it to celebrate wins and publicly acknowledge those who go the extra mile, as well as to take the "pulse" of the group by asking weekly questions.
  • Helps increase team camaraderie and rapport by celebrating wins and showing appreciation.
  • Helps monitor any team issues by asking (anonymous) questions about company and team dynamics.
  • Team members are able to safely provide feedback and make suggestions without concerns of awkwardness or friction.
  • The variety of the question offerings could be greater (this is a picky complaint because there is the option to ask custom questions so there really is not a limit to the variety of questions you can ask).
  • We tend to only get about a 50% participation rate and wish it was greater. I'm not sure what TINYpulse could do to encourage more responses however and that's likely up to us/team culture.
I think it's great for a team that cares about team culture and dynamics. Especially for a remote team where it can sometimes be a little more difficult to get a pulse on how the general mood is across team members. The Cheers uses GIFs and the overall branding of TINYPulse is one of fun and casualness, so I wouldn't think this would be a tool for more "serious" industries like finance or legal.
Tanner Walters | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
My company uses TINYpulse to solicit feedback from us about our experience. Every Wednesday they ask a simple question (for example, "From 1-10, how happy are you at work?" or "how valued do you feel by your team?"). It is also an open and anonymous portal for us to leave suggestions on our own time apart from this weekly pulse question.
  • The platform asks an easy question each week that typically doesn't take more than a minute or two to respond, which makes it easier for me to set time aside and offer my feedback. Often it's as simple as "rating" my feelings from 1-10 (like how happy I am at work in general).
  • The platform is anonymous, so I feel safe offering any suggestions.
  • You can send "cheers" to specific colleagues, and the platform prompts you to do so when answering a question each week.
  • My personal favorite is the "streak feature." It shows how many questions you've answered in a row, and it's a silly but satisfying method to prompt me to keep responding to not "break my streak." I've answered every question since I started, so it's a cool way to see how much time has passed since I began my job.
  • I wish I could respond in-email to questions. I get email prompts with each question, but I'm redirected when I respond to the platform. It would be simpler and faster to respond to simple questions directly in the email, especially if they are "yes" or "no" questions or rating questions.
Well-suited for companies looking to get better feedback from employees. It's probably perfect for my organization (around 80 employees) because our COO can respond directly to our concerns. It might be less effective for larger organizations, but I can't speak much to that.
Brad Holliday, PHR, SHRM-CP, CBM, MBA | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
As a start-up company, we knew we wanted and needed to get our employees accustomed to employee engagement surveys early-on. Although it is important to talk about how much we care about and want to hear the thoughts and opinions of employees at all levels at any time it's another to back it up with a legitimate and documented process. Having used everything from the old pencil-and-paper method back in the days of employee satisfaction surveys to leveraging the use of outside firms who specialize in employee surveys, we knew we wanted to find a technology resource, but as a start-up with no PE or VC money behind us, recognized the budget was somewhat limited.

TINYpulse proved to be a great find for Caravan Health. With a tremendously-diverse employee population which includes a large number of highly tech-savvy (and tech-preferred!) folks of younger generations, we were concerned with how well we could sell them all on the concept of a survey completed once every twelve or eighteen months, and so the TINYpulse concept of asking just one question every week or every other week seemed compelling as we contemplated our employee demographics. While it has taken us a bit to settle into the "right" cadence which works best for our employees and organization, TINYpulse allows us to (as the name of the platform infers!) keep our finger on the general pulse of the company and our staff by utilizing enterprise-wide.
  • TINYpulse provides a nice, prepackaged survey platform with a library of suggested questions to use and hard-coded timelines and processes... so it is truly a "plug and play" tool.
  • The platform produces some graphics and other methodology for assisting HR in delivering survey results to the rest of the executive team and/or to share with employees.
  • TINYpulse does a DYNAMIC job in selling the message that the employee's responses are anonymous. Not sure if it is a generational issue or the result of younger generations watching a parent go thru a RIF or other job elimination, but the notion of radically-candid feedback is not one which I've found to be present with many Millennials (here or in past organizations), so this is a big selling point for TINYpulse.
  • The TINYpulse platform offers a "Cheers for Peers" program, allowing the company to promote another form of peer-to-peer recognition which can even be linked to Slack (or nearly any business-based instant messaging system) to create a constant feed for all to see those receiving recognition for going above-and-beyond.
  • Reporting in TINYpulse is quite limited. While we recognize - and support - the concept of anonymous feedback, it can be abused, and sadly, we have experienced this with a small group of employees who know they can hide behind this "wall of anonymity" and take aim at a manager they don't care for because the manager holds them accountable for their performance or behaviors. As with most such platforms, if the N is <5, the group can't be tracked at all; if the N is >5, it does allow us to track to a job family and even a location code, but still lacking enough detail to take action when there is reasonable cause to believe the tool is being misused.
  • Reporting of employee comments and suggestions cannot be produced in the middle of a "cycle". And since these cycles always run from precisely one survey question to the next, this means HR must wait until the prior survey has completely closed before any reports can be extracted. This inefficiency can't be explained by anyone at TINYpulse beyond "that is how we set it up", which is not a great response. If I or anyone else on the C-team sees something of concern within the first few days of a particular survey question's release, we want to be able to dig in and try to assess where the greatest "bleeding" may be coming from so that we can take action... but this is not allowed by the system.
  • Some of the suggested questions from the TINYpulse question library are simply silly (which results in employees questioning just how seriously we take the use of the program). As one recent example, the scheduled question was to the effect of "You just opened a fortune cookie about your company. What does it say?" With no context at all around such a question, most of the responses/comments we received were along the lines of "are you kidding me?" !! (and I'd have to agree; not certain what business context such a question can address) We attempted to explain it away by suggesting it was a creative way for the company to ask the employee to consider how they would want the company to be perceived by those outside and inside the organization in the future... but the response wasn't well-received. Most still felt it was just silly.
TINYpulse is likely best-suited for smaller and less corporately-mature organizations... but I could also see keeping this in place even as we triple and quadruple in size. A question which remains open for me is whether we rely solely on TINYpulse for our employee engagement survey, or do we also conduct a larger, broader survey once each year or so in an effort to get to deeper, more-meaningful topics.
Dave Becker | TrustRadius Reviewer
Score 9 out of 10
Vetted Review
Verified User
We use TINYpulse across our whole company. We use it to ask weekly questions to all of our employees, which they can then answer anonymously. This gives us a better, more honest read on how our employees feel about certain issues and situations. We can identify pain points among our employees, while giving them an opportunity to voice their opinions and feelings with the comfort of anonymity. TINYpulse also allows all of our users to submit suggestions they may have, and send Cheers to one another for a job well done. TINYpulse has an on-boarding feature for new employees, that allows us to as new employees a different set of questions about their new experience with the company. After a short period of time, they can be transitioned into the normal flow of questioning. It allows them to become more acclimated with the company and our use of TINYpulse before they jump in.
  • TINYpulse allows admins to create custom questions to ask the entire company, and allows users to answer those questions anonymously. The responses are then available to the admins to review, without a user's name attached.
  • TINYpulse has a great reporting feature for all of the questions asked. You can look back on previous questions and answers and identify trends.
  • TINYpulse also allows the admins to reply to user responses while keeping the user's identity anonymous. This encourages open dialogue.
  • When we have contacted TINYpulse for questions, they have always been very helpful.
  • TINYpulse sometimes makes updates to their app and website, and when navigating as an admin, I have found some of the links to be broken after an update.
  • The pricing structure of TINYpulse has changed since we first began using it, changing from a pay per user amount to a bulk-buy amount. This led to some confusion when we went to add more users.
TINYpulse is a great platform to ask questions to your employees and receive honest feedback. It is great for asking questions that may take some thought to answer, or may make some employees feel nervous about answering truthfully in person (thoughts on employee benefits or company culture for example). Because the feedback and responses are anonymous, it's best to use if you have a team who will not abuse the system as a place to vent or un-constructively criticize.
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