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VisibleThread VT Docs

VisibleThread VT Docs
Formerly VisibleThread Docs


What is VisibleThread VT Docs?

VisibleThread provides language audit software that performs document content analysis to bid and proposal managers and government agencies. They have formed a partnership with Privia for the more standard proposal automation capabilities.

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What is VisibleThread VT Docs?

VisibleThread provides language audit software that performs document content analysis to bid and proposal managers and government agencies. They have formed a partnership with Privia for the more standard proposal automation capabilities.

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Product Details

What is VisibleThread VT Docs?

VisibleThread Docs is a document analysis tool for Proposal Managers and Contract Managers. It generates a compliance matrix in minutes and pinpoints non-compliant content and poor readability in documents.

VisibleThread VT Docs Features

  • Supported: Readability Analysis: VisibleThread’s clear language tool analyzes the user's documents for plain language using the following measures: Readability, Sentence Length, Passive Voice, Complex Words, Education Level.
  • Supported: Compliance Matrix: VisibleThread Docs scans the user's RFPs for instances of words like ‘WILL’, ‘SHALL’, ‘MUST’ and other custom keywords relevant to the user's sector and generates a compliance matrix in minutes.
  • Supported: Responsibility Matrix: VisibleThread Docs creates a responsibility matrix by scanning documents for the keywords that are relevant to the user's proposal. The scan identifies those keywords and assigns them to the specific teams within the user's organisation.
  • Supported: Compare Documents: VisibleThread identifies differences between two versions of the same document by displaying both side by side. It tells users whether text has been ‘ADDED’, ‘MODIFIED’, ‘DELETED’, or is ‘IDENTICAL’.
  • Supported: Acronym Checker: Instantly scan documents to identify incorrect and inconsistent use of acronyms.
  • Supported: Theme Discovery: Compare the themes of multiple documents to improve compliance and highlight gaps in the proposal.
  • Supported: Concept Tracking: Search the document for language that is risky, loose, clichéd or simply non-compliant.
  • Supported: Annotated Documents: Automatically marks-up documents with embedded guidance.

VisibleThread VT Docs Screenshots

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VisibleThread VT Docs Technical Details

Deployment TypesOn-premise, Software as a Service (SaaS), Cloud, or Web-Based
Operating SystemsWindows
Mobile ApplicationNo
Supported CountriesAll
Supported LanguagesEnglish
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VisibleThread (VT) is used by the proposal center to assess proposal documents and enhance them. We also use VT to bid/no bid proposals, to capture acronyms and clear language, to create starter compliance matrices, to compare documents and to enhance our proposal persuasive documents. This software has reduced cycle times and helped to create stronger, more concise writing.
  • Acronym finder - the best acronym finder I have used! This creates an Excel spreadsheet with the acronyms and their definitions in an alphabetically sorted worksheet ... AND this worksheet includes actual sentences from the document showing how and where the acronym was used.
  • Compare documents - WOW! what a wonderful update! You get an Excel worksheet with the 2 compared documents side-by-side showing differences in red and statements with no changes in blue.
  • Starter compliance matrix (SCM) - again, one of the best SCM-creators I have used. This choice is quick, concise, and the resulting Excel worksheet is easy to manipulate and change.
  • Dictionaries - I would like to see more "canned" dictionaries. We create our own, but I know that VT has more that they can supply, giving us more quick turnaround changes (versus always having to start from scratch).
VT is fabulous to proposal writing as it created for that. It can also be used for ANY type of persuasive or technical writing. If you can write it, VT can help to make the writing better. BUT!!! if you are writing news articles or descriptive writing, this is NOT the software for you. VT works to eliminate fluff, ambiguous words, exaggerations, run-on sentences, improper grammar, misspelled words, sentence fragments, etc. VT also works to eliminate passive writing. As with any software, use it for what it was created - and find something else for the rest.
  • We reduced proposal writing time and output. By reducing time, we gained time for work in other areas of proposal handling. I used to need 3-5 DAYS to create an acronym list. Now, with VT, I do the same work in 1-2 hours!
  • VT is for proposal WRITING and not for proposal HANDLING. Our proposal managers and coordinators do the handling part.
We reviewed many other products but found all of them did not have the extent of tasks that VT had. These searches were over 5 years ago and many of the products reviewed are no longer available. In addition, some software still in existence have merit, just not to the extent we need. I do not want to give anyone a bad rating just because we did not choose them. Again, choose the right software for the right job!
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