A must-have planning tool
Updated January 30, 2020

A must-have planning tool

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Overall Satisfaction with Adaptive Insights, a Workday company

Adaptive Insights is used globally within Finance and within each department. Adaptive Insights addressed the issue of efficiency, user error, real-time data, and the ability to stop being so reliant on Excel spreadsheets.
  • Adaptive is a cloud-based system that allows our users to interact with Finance from anywhere in the world.
  • Office Connect is a great add-on to Excel that allows us to set-up reports and refresh them in an instant for more detailed information needed throughout the company.
  • The report section is great but it doesn't quite give you the flexibility that Office Connect (Excel Add-On) does.
  • Adaptive Insights has saved countless hours from updating 100's of spreadsheets that we use to manage during our budget process.
  • Adaptive Insights and a Workday company
We didn't evaluate other products. Adaptive Insights was highly recommended by our consultants.
Adaptive Insights is well-suited for companies that operate with budgets that have multiple components and complex calculations.

Workday Adaptive Planning Feature Ratings

Long-term financial planning
Financial budgeting
Scenario modeling
Management reporting
Financial data consolidation
Not Rated
Journal entries and reports
Not Rated
Multi-currency management
Intercompany Eliminations
Not Rated
Minority Ownership
Not Rated
Local and consolidated reporting
Detailed Audit Trails
Financial Statement Reporting
Not Rated
Management Reporting
Excel-based Reporting
Automated board and financial reporting
Not Rated
XBRL support for regulatory filing
Not Rated
Personalized dashboards
Not Rated
Color-coded scorecards
Not Rated
Not Rated
Cost and profitability analysis
Not Rated
Key Performance Indicator setting
Not Rated
Benchmarking with external data
Not Rated
Flat file integration
Not Rated
Excel data integration
Not Rated
Direct links to 3rd-party data sources

Using Adaptive Insights, a Workday company

52 - Finance, VP's, Department Heads
2 - Manager, FP&A and Sr. Director of Finance maintain the Adaptive Insights Planning.
  • Managing the annual budget process
  • Maintain a rolling forecast
  • Transitioned countless excel spreadsheets to the Adaptive Planning budget process.
  • Transitioned all budget and variance reporting to an electronic process, eliminating paper reports.
  • Cash flow planning & forecasting
  • Developing an analysis for billable time vs. non-billable time
Adaptive Insights continues to evolve and we are excited about how it will assist us in other areas, such as project accounting, etc.

Evaluating Adaptive Insights, a Workday company and Competitors

Yes - Excel Spreadsheets
  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
  • Product Reputation
  • Positive Sales Experience with the Vendor
  • Analyst Reports
We weren't given many budgeting software options during the selection process but that's because we were presented with the best product for our business.

Adaptive Insights, a Workday company Implementation

Our 3rd party vendor was on top of the implementation and asked the right questions to ensure that our implementation worked smoothly.
  • Third-party professional services
Maner Costerisan implement both Intacct and Adaptive Insights for CTI.
Change management was a big part of the implementation and was well-handled - When implementing new software you have to look at the needs of your company, as well as policies/procedures, legally required reporting, growth, etc. We are a company going through large expansions and our software at the time couldn't handle the needs. Adaptive Insights was able to accommodate our needs and allow us to evolve into a more robust reporting system.

Adaptive Insights, a Workday company Training

  • Online training
  • in-person training
Our 3rd party vendor walked us through the whole process and was available for questions after we started using the Adaptive Insights. I would suggest using the online training environment plus an individual walk through of your company's model to get more acquainted with the instance. There were also on-line tutorials to help us along the way.
The training program in Adaptive Insight has grown quite a bit, since I originally implemented in Adaptive Insights. I would now give it a 10 rating and suggest that anyone implementing for the first time work through the certification program. The certification program is a very detailed in depth primer to understanding how the system works.
I don't think I could use this product without any training. However, with just minimal instruction that I give to my end-users each year, they are able to develop budgets and review reports without any major issues. Additionally, the system works so well, I'm to instruct end-users by phone on the best way to interact with the system.

Configuring Adaptive Insights, a Workday company

Adaptive Insights seems to have no limits to the configurations and reporting you can do from the information that is integrated into the system. 99% of the time if we can dream it up, Adaptive can help us implement a change to accommodate the needs of our company. There are abilities to have multiple instances so that models can be adapted to the growing needs of any company.
Take the time to think things through before implementing any new software product. When looking at how you create budgets think about what would be the most efficient ways for reporting, planning, integrations, etc. It's easier to configure your model the right way in the beginning than to go back and make significant changes later. Although the Adaptive Insights is great at making model changes, it takes a lot of time to validate the changes to ensure everything is working properly.
Yes - we have customized the interface extensively - Since Adaptive Insights is the expert, we worked with their software engineer to customize our interface and they worked through the issues without any problems.
Nothing to note at this time.

Adaptive Insights, a Workday company Support

The support team responds timely but typically on a pacific time vs. eastern standard time. I would prefer to have a phone number to call vs. email my questions and have issues answered in my time zone.
Quick Resolution
Good followup
Knowledgeable team
Problems get solved
Kept well informed
No escalation required
Immediate help available
Support understands my problem
Support cares about my success
Slow Initial Response
No - At this time, our administrators have the knowledge to operate the product with no additional premium support. However, each year we evaluate our Adaptive Insights model to see what improvements can be made and often enter into a services contract for major changes to our model.
Yes - Yes but in most instances, Adaptive Insights finds the bugs and reports them to us to before we notice.
After a services contract was closed out, my company noticed a issue with some changes that were made but it wasn't until 3 mos. later. Our customer success team tracked down the original person to review the case and make corrections to the issue and fix it within a day.

Using Adaptive Insights, a Workday company

Since implementing Adaptive Insights in 2014 we had 3 administrative users. Since then we have grown to 50+ users that actively participate in the budget process and are accountable for their annual planning. Each year we request feedback from our users and each year they say that Adaptive Insights is easy to use and continues to make the budget process a seamless process.
Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
Lots to learn
  • Since Adaptive Insight is a cloud based system we can interact with our global team in real-time.
  • Since we are a global company, we have 20 different currencies (and growing) with our model. The system seamless handles currency conversion with the transactions, budgets, etc.
  • The formulas are somewhat confusing for me but I am currently working towards understanding them so that I can be a more active participant with making model changes to formulas, etc.

Adaptive Insights, a Workday company Reliability

Whatever we can imagine doing with Adaptive, the professional services can make it happen. What I would suggest is to make sure that any changes that are made, be sure to lock previous version to ensure nothing changes because of a model change. Certain changes will affect the whole model, vs. a version.
I am on eastern standard time and it seems like most of the help desk is on pacific time. It would be nice to have help desk experts in my time zone, so that I can get quicker troubleshooting responses. The time zone issue hasn't caused a major issue yet but when you are in the middle of a task and want to keep your flow going, it's kind of a pain to wait a few hours until the staff gets in the office.
All aspects of Adaptive Insights perform well. One area that I wish was quicker was integration. When importing data from Intacct our accounting ERP platform, it can sometimes take 4 hours for the import to process. The earlier imports are done, the quicker they complete. My estimate for a quick upload is about two hours.

Integrating Adaptive Insights, a Workday company

Adaptive worked with us to complete our initial integration with actuals and later with transaction data. Adaptive Insight's integration team helped us transition from a third-party integration system to their own. The whole process was seamless and works perfectly.
  • Intacct
  • Paycor
Intacct and Adaptive Insights integrations has worked out great. Paycor hasn't been able to develop an API that will seemlessly integrate the HRIS into Adaptive. Therefore we export data from Paycor and import the data into Adaptive Insights. The hope is to be able to have a direct link, so that we can regularly update information electronically vs. a manual process.
  • Paycor
No-Paycor doesn't currently support the integrations, even though they use Adaptive Insights. We are hoping that they are able to develop the API soon.
  • File import/export
  • API (e.g. SOAP or REST)
Nothing was missed.
Be sure to think the process through so that data is brought over to Adaptive Insights and it maps correctly by validating everything before finalizing your project. This is a necessary step to any implementation.

Relationship with Adaptive Insights, a Workday company

Our vendor was great during the sales process but what we didn't realize until it was time to implement, they sourced the work out to another vendor. The vendor that sold us Adaptive had never implemented before. Since the initial sale, we've moved on to a new vendor with more expertise or dealt directly with professional services.
They were okay but we dealt with their contractors. We didn't find out until after the sale that the vendor wouldn't directly be handling the implementation. The contractors that actually implemented contacted us and did a great job. No complaints with the contractors that implemented for us. They were knowledgeable, patient and efficient.
I'm not sure what the principle terms were for the original vendor, since its been 6 years since our initial implementation. However, our initial implementation was only the Planning model. Since then, we've added integration, reporting and office connect. We are anticipating adding additional model products in the future to begin having financial reports run through Adaptive.
The most important tip to me is that you should make sure that the vendor has had a few implementations under there belt. Obviously having an experienced implementer with knowledge of your type of business helpful, as well. The best information is to check references and make sure you do enough research to ensure your vendor truly has the expertise to get the job done. Take the references with a grain of salt and make sure to ask good questions.

Upgrading Adaptive Insights, a Workday company

Yes - I would say for the most part the upgrade of my model went okay. The issue I had was that the implementer was not consistent and didn't test changes before he told me they were done. Testing the logic, once you've made changes in the model goes along way to ensuring validation.
  • The Office Connect Update - Now other people can view an OC document without having to log-in to the software.
  • Quicker integration
  • Better reporting options