Bing Ads - Small Volumes, Big Results
Ade Fowler | TrustRadius Reviewer
May 11, 2018

Bing Ads - Small Volumes, Big Results

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Overall Satisfaction with Bing Ads

Bing Ads is being used as a way to complement our ads on Google and mainly used to reach a wider audience when we have saturated the Google market. Bing Ads also helps reach those who are not on Google and overall, drives a higher conversion rate in spite of its lower search volumes.
  • Bing tends to have a higher conversion rate than Google, mainly because of the nature of the users on Bing tend to be a bit older
  • Bing's universal event tracking, essentially a code that is placed on every page of your site, now allows you to utilise re-marketing lists to its fullest, as well as tracking and displaying your conversion points in the engine
  • Bing tends to lag a bit behind Google in terms of rolling out new features
  • Search volumes tend to be much smaller than Google's, around 1 /10th of Google's
  • Pulling reports for a long time scale, segmented by day is not fully supported, you have to pull the data multiple times with shorter time periods
  • I have only really seen a positive impact on ROI, with smaller amount of spend and better conversion rates, Bing tends to deliver good performance
  • Due to having a lower search volumes, fluctuations do occur and thus, if you have bad day or week, this can affect your overall numbers negatively.
Bing and AdWords can work side by side, with AdWords advertising through Google and has a larger search volume, however Google has more competition, which means CPCs tend to be much higher and conversion rate a bit lower in spite of its greater search volumes. Bing Ads works as an engine that drivers smaller search volumes, lower CPCs and greater conversion rates and is good if you have already saturated the Google market, or have a small amount of money to spend on PPC
As I have mentioned before, Bing Ads is very good when you have saturated the Google market. In my case, we have done just that and used Bing to expand our reach without compromising our targeting. This worked out very well, as we have driven a few more conversions with a small amount of extra spend. There is also less competition through Bing, so your CPCs tend to be cheaper.