Easy to use and great for time tracking
Updated May 03, 2021

Easy to use and great for time tracking

Brittany Bartoli | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with ClickUp

We use ClickUp across the entire organization. I am a project manager and I use it to assign and track tasks for our design, development and marketing teams. It also allows us to easily track the time of our team members by task, which is helpful for internal resource planning as well as managing time for our retainer-based clients.
  • Time tracking and estimation: Team members can estimate and track their time for each task in real time or go back and log time they may have forgotten to track earlier. Our team works in 2-week sprints and the estimation allows us to make sure no one is going to be overloaded in the upcoming sprint so that we can reassign work accordingly.
  • Ease of use: Almost everything in clickup can be dragged/dropped so reordering tasks or projects to stay organized is super simple. Also, onboarding new team members is very easy with such a simple interface.
  • Customizable statuses: ClickUp allows you to customize your statuses for tasks within a certain list. Many project management tools that I've used pigeon hole you into using their preset statuses. This is extremely helpful because we may need different statuses for tasks depending on the nature of the project.
  • Attachments: I wish there was a simple way to move an attachment from one task to another. I have to do that a lot, and as it stands today, I have to download the attachment and then re-upload it to the new task.
  • Ordering of projects: When you add a new project, it always appears at the bottom of the list of projects. I wish there was a simple way to sort your projects by certain criteria (alphabetically, etc.).
  • Bugs: There's no function for adding bugs to a specific task. Our team utilizes the subtasks when we are going through QA, but it's not ideal.
  • One of the main reasons we switched to ClickUp was because of the estimation and time tracking function. That has allowed us to plan our resources more efficiently and more accurately be able to plan for the future of our company with hiring decisions.
  • Because of the ease of use, our team uses ClickUp much more frequently than they used our previous tools and we're able to keep all of our task-related conversations in one place.
  • ClickUp has allowed for all of our teams to have a solid place to collaborate, regardless of the nature of that team. For example, our marketing and development teams were not previously able to collaborate well because of the tool we used. Now all of our teams are able to easily collaborate with each other.
With previous tools we used, we had to conduct a fairly extensive onboarding process with any new employees we hired. ClickUp is so simple to use that we really only need a 30-minute meeting to show new employees how to use it and they're off to the races. The drag/drop function is nearly universal which makes it extremely easy to move things around and stay organized.
I've never had to use the support for ClickUp. I am just a user/manager of the product and not the account holder. I suspect that my supervisor (who is the account holder) has had much more experience with the support for the product. I haven't heard anything negative, so I suspect that the support is satisfactory.
Basecamp is also easy to use, but there is no time-tracking feature. We use Basecamp to manage our projects on the client side, but for our team's internal purposes, we need something more robust for time tracking and subtask management. I do like the attachment function of Basecamp. I don't have to download an attachment to add it to a new task in the same project.
ClickUp is great if you're looking for a user-friendly way to manage your projects, tasks and time spent. If you're looking for a tool that is more specific to a certain project management methodology (Agile, etc.), it probably is not the best solution, but can still be utilized in a way that fits any method.

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