DiscoverOrg - a highly useful and relatively easy tool for sales people looking to up their game
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December 12, 2018

DiscoverOrg - a highly useful and relatively easy tool for sales people looking to up their game

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Overall Satisfaction with DiscoverOrg

We use DiscoverOrg in a couple capacities:
1) For sales people it is a place to identify potential contacts/leads, gather intelligence about an account, and update our CRM with new relevant, contact information. This helps us by shortening the time needed to look in many places for the same information as well as begins the process of finding out relevant information to use on a sales call.

2) For marketing it is used as a tool for list building (for e-mail campaigns and to upload en masse to the CRM) as well as to keep account data properly maintained and clean. While not perfect, the information is significantly better than stock information provided by our CRM (HubSpot.)
  • Demographic data for companies tends to be highly accurate, along with hierarchy, etc.
  • The ability to navigate and get to various bits of information is really useful.
  • Uploading information into the CRM is simple with one click, and other sites are highly accessible (for example, clicking through to a contact LinkedIn page)
  • Response times when bad/faulty data is found are relatively quick (
  • The ability to filter and create lists can be a bit challenging. This is partly due to the way organizations are structured -- from company to company a VP = Director = SVP, depending on industry, size, etc. so when trying to create a list you often have to pare down the results pretty significantly
  • Company hierarchies are for the most part inaccurate past the top 2 layers of an organization.
  • It would be nice if the scoops were expanded. 1) Be more "filterable" (they have a search filter but returns very little for my searches). As it stands you have to scroll through endless updates on various employees leaving/coming, non-relevant "news", and "high-level source indicates X" - it would be good to be able to filter by topic or filter out certain types of information with a few clicks. 2) Link to the announcement and/or source of the information more frequently (where appropriate - for example, merger announcement or press release on fiscal reports, etc.), and 3) differentiate between "source" info, and reported publicly info
  • I can't speak to hard numbers but can say I save time daily using the tool.
Hoovers was my go-to back in the day but have not used in a long time so can't speak to its efficacy. I remember when whoever wrote the company descriptions had a bit of sass and it always gave me a laugh. Hard to say the quality now given it has been years.

ONESOURCE was pretty terrible in my opinion, outdated/inaccurate information made really dirty lists and I don't recall the system being all that useful.
Contact reports for companies in my accounts -- they work but require a lot of clean-up after the fact due to different org structures and titles.
Great for sales people looking for a quick place to grab information. It appears it would be particularly useful for enterprise systems, software, and technology vendors as there is a significantly large amount of information on this front when it relates to scoops and current providers.

It can be challenging in the training space as there is no clear information beyond the formal systems of what might be in place as well as who some of the key contacts might be. This is a very difficult thing, though, as every company seems to take a different approach.

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Advanced search
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Contact information
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Smart lists and recommendations
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Salesforce integration
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Company/business profiles
Alerts and reminders
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Data hygiene
Automatic data refresh
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Filters and segmentation
Sales email templates
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Append emails to records
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