No more "its in the mail"
July 15, 2016

No more "its in the mail"

Tony Woods, PHR, CIPD | TrustRadius Reviewer
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DocuSign for Enterprise

Overall Satisfaction with DocuSign

We started to look for an e-signature solution to help streamline internal processes within the HR group. We built systems that relied heavily on the POWERFORM modules. What started out as a way for other departments to provide necessary information to the HR group soon became "the way" for interdepartmental communications. We totally eliminated missing and tardy information and were able to produce efficiencies within the company that produced savings in excess of $80k for the first year.

As our knowledge grew and we and our peers became more comfortable with docusign, we were able to expand on our uses, especially in the HR realm. We started with simple change forms for position, reporting structure and pay and ended up moving to taking our entire new hire process paperless. This included everything from the offer letter to pre employment paperwork that the candidate would receive in their email box. For our employees we gave access to powerforms through a kiosk that allowed them to make changes to benefits, beneficiaries, emergency contacts, personal information such as address and phone number changes, suggestions, HR contact (complaint) - anonymously, and many more.

With building these processes we were able to transition into a paperless employee file environment. NO MORE PAPER.

  • Support and training - There was always somewhere to go or someone to go to when there was a need for help. Not only that but the assistance was helpful.
  • Thinking outside the box - we came up with some pretty crazy scenarios and workflows but never once was able to stump DocuSign.
  • Ease of use - the mobile solution is great but we really relied on the DocuSign ink for outlook. So easy to use!!!
  • I would love to see a better tie in with our active directory (external database) so we could code HTML to better feed the powerforms
  • I'd like to possibly see a little better internal branding options. The look and feel is very docusign and isn't very customizable
  • Process efficiency - we have and continue to save time and are able to maintain a "one right way" of doing things.

PowerForms were a big part of the decision to go with DocuSign. The fact that there was practically an unlimited size allowance of the workflow and approval for a form was a winner for us.

When comparing a couple of e-signature solutions the things that we felt Docusign did better were:

DocuSign for outlook

Mobile solution


Ease of use for non-company people

In the HR realm DocuSign is great. There are so many uses that after a short while we were asking how we managed without it. It really streamlines processes. When sending documents for signature it is fantastic to have the ability to see where the document is in the process (who the form is waiting for) and even see if and when it was viewed by the recipient even if it was signed immediately. This allows follow up.

When I try to think of a use where DocuSign couldn't help, I honestly can't.

Using DocuSign

401000 - The majority of our admin users are either in the HR function or the IT group. The admin users are setting up new processes etc but the main use comes from the people that access the processes that are put in place. Once we look at that number we are into the 1000s.
4 - We have 4 people that have been through the DocuSign university and have become DocuSign certified. These were split between HR and IT. I think the ideal people to go through this would be someone that isn't afraid to get in there and try something new. They need to be able to ask "why" and "how" so that they can address gaps and build solutions.
  • New hire forms
  • Position - manager - pay - change forms
  • Vacation and time away from work requests
  • PowerForms - PowerForms - PowerForms - PowerForms
  • Docusign lead us to question how we managed employee files. We are now completely paperless
  • Sales contracts - we are looking into this as an option now
I can't imagine doing business without DocuSign now. I would never want to go back to the way we used to do things. The "new way" is "the way" is "the right way." We can honestly be proud of a "one right way" process and not have to suffer through "5 ways for 5 days."

Evaluating DocuSign and Competitors

  • Price
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
We needed, no had to have, ease of use. If the product was difficult to use then implementation would be tough. As it was we rolled out DocuSign and took off without any fight or pushback. I couldn't have been happier with the ease of implementation, we simply demoed the system and processes and the users ran with it.
I wouldn't have waited any or our time looking at other options and would have pulled the trigger much quicker on DocuSign. There really wasn't a need to grade any other system against DocuSign as DocuSign was clearly superior and fit our needs and requirements perfectly right from the start.