Druva Does Diligently
Updated June 05, 2020

Druva Does Diligently

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Overall Satisfaction with Druva inSync

Druva inSync is being used across our entire organization, for the backup of files and settings. All end users have it installed on their primary system, and it is used to backup certain folders, bookmarks, e-mail archives and then general computer settings. This has decreased requests to our IT team, by allowing users to recover files directly, without intervention.
  • Restore of settings when switching PCs
  • Easy to restore individual files, from a specific backup time frame
  • Excellent at notifying if backups are not occurring.
  • Druva could do a better job of speeding up the restore time
  • The navigation section for reviewing saved data could be simplified
  • The process for initiating a restore could be made more intuitive
  • It has helped us standardize between disparate platforms
  • Made it easier for end users to control the restore of their files
  • It has decreased the time IT has to spend replacing a user's system
At this time, we are not using Druva with any cloud apps.
At this time, we are using other solutions for those services.
I am not involved with that aspect of my companies systems, so I am not able to answer this question.
We have previously used Connected Backup, which was not as robust. Prior to that we used DLO, which had significant issues. Druva seems to do a better job of backing up over slower connections. DLO only works when connected to the network, so doesn't help when a user works from home, as it requires the VPN, which drastically slowed things down.
The cutover to Druva was fairly straightforward, and I don't recall having any real issues.

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Druva inSync is good for enterprise wide backup of files and settings. Whether you use multiple systems, or just one workstation, Druva does a good job of organizing your backups, and allowing for whole system restores, or just the restore of an individually deleted file. It is robust when it comes to dealing with loss of network connection.

COVID-19 Changes

I do not know that there is any specific impact that Druva has made. We continue to use it the same as we had previously. It has made it easier for our IT team, as we have all transitioned to work from home, to be able to replace a user's computer, as Druva allows us to restore their data without having to be on our corporate network, making the process faster when working from our home internet.
I have not seen any increase in ransomware infections in our environment, post WFH, so I don't know that Druva has had any real impact on that facet of our support structure. I imagine that it would be useful if someone was infected to the point that we needed to wipe their system, in that we could restore from a safe backup point.
We are fortunate in that we have not seen any increase to our employee turnover during this crisis. Druva has always been useful in allowing access to a departing user's data, through a restore to a network location accessible by management for review of any needed material. In that manner, Druva remains as useful now as it was prior to the crisis.

Using Druva inSync

9000 - All functions across the board.
20 - Our entire Tier 2 desktop support team supports Druva, and we have 1 dedicated engineer responsible for the management of the Druva service itself.
  • Capture of important data
  • ease of restoration when replacing a system
  • Ability to recover from a mistake
  • I know of nothing outside of the ordinary
  • Moving between multiple systems
The system works much better than previous systems we've used. This doesn't mean that we might not switch to a different service, if our needs were to change.

Evaluating Druva inSync and Competitors

Yes - We replaced Connected Backup. Connected Backup was slow to perform backups and restores, when not on our network, and more complicated to setup and maintain.
  • Product Features
  • Product Usability
Functionality in a slower network environment (like a home office) was very important.
I was not involved with the evaluation and selection process, so I can not provide a comment on that.

Druva inSync Support

I have never needed to contact Druva support.
I personally have never needed to contact Druva support. I am in the Tier 2 section of my company's IT support, and we have an Engineering team who manages the high level functions of Druva. If support is needed from Druva itself, it would be that team that would engage with Druva.

Using Druva inSync

Like to use
Relatively simple
Easy to use
Technical support not required
Well integrated
Quick to learn
Feel confident using
  • Initial setup is very easy
  • Initiating a new restore is easy
  • Restoring data takes a few more steps than I'd like
  • Moving between platforms is not as seemless as it could be
I find the process of setting up a system very easy, as is the process of restoring all data when moving to a new system of the same type. I also find that initiating a backup is simple to do. Some improvement could be made to the restoration process when moving to a different type of system, and the process of navigating backups could be simplified.