Get the Gist: one marketing automation / lead gen / lead nurture / customer support tool to rule them all
March 08, 2020

Get the Gist: one marketing automation / lead gen / lead nurture / customer support tool to rule them all

Kejda Gjermani | TrustRadius Reviewer
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Overall Satisfaction with Gist

I use Gist as a live chat, chat bot solution, unified inbox to handle inquiries through social media, lead generation tool, and email marketing and lead segmentation tool. Users can interact with my brand from my website to get any presale questions answered. I also track their interaction via my site from Gist and can send them targeted email marketing if they meet certain criteria and set off corresponding triggers.
  • Customer service via a unified inbox so you dont have to separately monitor your twitter, Facebook or IG account for consumer communication there. Gist unified all into one inbox, better than anyone else I've seen in the market. They archive all communications and tie them back to a single user so you get unified customer history / data.
  • Marketing segmentation and automation: they track user history and behavior across the site and have super detailed segmenting capability, on par with ActiveCampaign's, but better I'd say. Better UI for the marketing admin person, and more unified data than in AC.
  • Live chat and chatbot. Usually it's either one or the other but with Gist you can do both seamlessly.
  • Better integration with e-commerce platforms. I don't know where the Shopify integration stands right now but the WooCommerce one leaves something to be desired. I will have to use a traditional cart abandonment plugin instead of Gist for actually recovering my carts because even though Gist has all the automation features to trigger cart abandonment workflows, it lacks a dynamic cart inserted via URL and lacks native coupon generation. They seem to be working on those things but they're not there yet. For SaaS businesses and the like it won't be a problem but for ecom it is.
  • The automation workflow UI is a bit overwhelming and under documented. The features are there but it's sometimes not clear from the wording WHAT you are implementing, because the copy is not 100% clear on some fine points. HOWEVER their support is available to sort it out for you and the options are very powerful when implemented correctly. They'll just need to fine-tune the copy / explanations and beef up documentation.
  • In an ideal world their lead capture forms and display rules would be on par with Convertful's. They're not there yet and it's fine. It's still much better than ActiveCampaign's or any other CMS/marketing-automation tools out there.
  • Unified workflows so I don't need separate tools with separate setups for customer service vs lead gen vs marketing automation so it saves time to both set up and handle day to day operations.
  • Much better cost for value than ActiveCampaign or Mailchimp for the email marketing automation alone.
  • Chatbot tool automates a lot of presale issues, saves time and effort.
You can do everything you can with AC or Mailchimp (minus dynamic cart recovery for ecom) at a fraction of the cost, and you can do MORE -- better integration with FB ads than Mailchimp, more powerful workflows, unified inboxes, live chat and chatbot, etc. It's just a more holistic solution and better price point. Support is excellent too.
Gist is perfect for SaaS I'd say, and perfect for long sales cycles with lots of lead nurturing involved, and for scenarios where you re-market via FB ads, because there's FB custom audience integration built into the workflows. Perfect for customer service and support. Really outstanding there.

It's a little less suited to ecom but they're hammering out the finishing touches to make ecom cart recovery easier.

Gist Support

They're just great at it, super responsive and helpful, if the content of their solution is something I can't easily do myself in my account they will do it for me, so they're hands on and very active in their support. Completely different experience compared to the big guns of the industry.
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