Best Live Chat Software54Live Chat Software allows website operators to interact directly with visitors on their websites, typically through some combination of instant messaging / chat, video, and survey forms.Intercom1 by Zendesk10 SalesIQ13 Pro15 Live Chat16 Chat17 Live Chat18 Chat21 Live Chat25

Live Chat Software

Best Live Chat Software

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Live Chat Software Overview

What is Live Chat Software?

Live Chat Software allows website operators to interact directly with visitors on their websites, typically through some combination of instant messaging/chat, video, and survey forms.

The two major use cases for these tools are sales qualification and customer support.

Live Chat Software Key Use Cases: Sales & Support

Using live chat software, salespeople can answer prospects' questions or initiate a consultative conversation--at a key point in the buyer's journey, when the prospect is already engaged with the website or free trial (for online software products). They can also collect the prospect's contact information in order to follow up based on the prospect's readiness/likelihood to buy, for example trying to set up a call vs. entering them into a marketing nurture drip sequence.

Used by support or customer success teams, live chat software allows customers who have questions or problems to connect with an individual agent and receive a response in real time, without having to call in and navigate an automated phone tree or submit a support ticket. (Although sometimes the agent on the other end of the live chat will end up submitting a support ticket for them.)

Like social customer service tools, proponents of live chat support consider it to be a better customer service experience, because recognition is immediate, there's a personal connection, and help can be delivered in context of the website or application. Also, issues addressed via IM are kept more informal than filing a help desk ticket, and more discrete than a social support case.

Live chat point solutions for the support use case are lighter-weight and easier to implement than a full help desk, but using an integrated live chat/help desk solution has its advantages, since the customer interaction history can be stored in one unified record, and tickets can be created/routed directly from the chat interface.

Live Chat Products

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Top Rated
124 Ratings

Intercom is a contextual messaging system from the company of the same name founded in 2011 and based in San Francisco. Central to Intercom is live engagement with customers who visit your site or use your apps via text, chat, or email, or summarily: contextual messages for customer outreach....


83 Ratings

LiveChat serves as a customer service platform with live chat support, help desk and web analytics functionalities, allowing users to provide 24/7 support to customers. The core feature of the software is its chat tool, where both service and sales team can answer customers' questions in real time....


Top Rated
32 Ratings

LiveAgent is an online live chat and help desk software that’s especially popular with e-commerce businesses at the small and midsize level. In addition to their core live chat application, the vendor also offers ticket management, online self-service portals and change and license management, all...


Top Rated
33 Ratings

Kayako is a help desk / ticketing product and is available is both SaaS and on-premise configurations. Is is built in PHP and uses my SQL. The product competes with HelpSpot, ZohoSupport, Freshdesk and Zendesk. The Kayako Engage edition may be deployed as a live chat system without ticketing at a...


21 Ratings

GoSquared provides real-time website analytics to sites of all sizes. The real-time dashboard displays website analytics on an individual visitor basis. The Now App displays concurrent analysis (the visitors who are on your site right now) of your site performance. The Trends App displays...


24 Ratings

LiveEngage is a live chat tool from LivePerson headquartered in New York.


21 Ratings

Olark is a website live chat tool for engaging website visitors while they browse. It can be used to to track leads, drive sales, provide support.


19 Ratings

Drift is an AI-driven sales and marketing tool that acts as a virtual assistant, facilitating conversations with leads, qualifying them, enriching CRM data with information gathered, and automatically booking sales meetings.


13 Ratings

SnapEngage can be installed on any website and is designed for companies of any size. Sales and Support teams can chat with company website visitors while they browse and offer assistance in real time. This solution includes a "Call Me" feature to incorporate voice and text communication in one...

Zopim by Zendesk

27 Ratings

Zopim is a live chat tool developed by the Singaporean company of the same name that was acquired by Zendesk in April 2014.


6 Ratings

ClickDesk is an engagement platform offering live chat, video and social capabilities. ClickDesk also includes help desk functionality (ticket management, email support, alerts, etc.).


5 Ratings

LiveHelpNow is a configurable live chat and/or help desk platform featuring ticket management, live chat and email support, call support, a knowledgebase, analytics, and more.

Zoho SalesIQ

16 Ratings

Zoho SalesIQ is a solution that is designed to help companies convert website visitors into customers. This solution enables business users to track visitors in real-time, engage them effectively and increase sales conversions.


2 Ratings

Live2Support is a live chat software for online customer service

eAssistance Pro

1 Ratings

eAssistance Pro is a Live Chat Software for websites that provides unlimited live chat support to online customers. It allows organizations to get connected with their visitors, resolve their queries and offer them instant support. The tool includes a visitor monitoring to track website visitor’s...

Volusion Live Chat

2 Ratings

Austin-based eCommerce vendor Volusion now offers Live Chat software.

HappyFox Chat

1 Ratings

Indian software company Tenmiles offers HappyFox Chat, a live chat tool with a free edition, that is available as a standalone product, or integrated with the company's help desk software: HappyFox.

Comm100 Live Chat

1 Ratings

Comm100 Live Chat is an enterprise-grade live support solution that enables businesses to engage their website visitors when they need help most so as to improve conversions, sales and customer satisfaction. Unlike traditional chat, Comm100 Live Chat allows you to establish rich and multi-media...


4 Ratings

BoldChat is a live chat tool acquired by LogMeIn in 2012.


6 Ratings

AliveChat is a live chat tool for websites from Houston-based WebsiteAlive.

Zoho Chat

12 Ratings

Zoho Chat is a live chat tool, from Zoho Corporation.


1 Ratings

Freshchat is a modern messaging software built for sales and customer engagement teams to talk to prospects and customers on the website, mobile app, or social pages. A leap from legacy live-chat, Freshchat helps businesses and its teams focus on a continuous and context-driven messaging...


1 Ratings

SaleMove creates customer engagement solutions that enable companies to provide an in-person customer experience online. Through its all-in-one platforms, companies are able to identify high-value website visitors, communicate through live chat, audio, and video, and provide visual context and...


1 Ratings

All-in-one software for better customer communication HelpCrunch toolset includes: Live chatEmail marketing automationSimple HelpdeskIt's a perfect solution for customer support, sales & marketing teams at SaaS, E-commerce, and any other online businesses. Acquire, convert more leads, and...

Customericare Live Chat

We don't have enough ratings and reviews to provide an overall score.

Live Chat by CustomerICare is free software for online sales and support. It features a live chat window, automated lead generation capabilities, real-time web analytics. It also allows video and audio chats.