Convenient Solution for Video Conferencing
August 29, 2019

Convenient Solution for Video Conferencing

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Overall Satisfaction with Google Hangouts

We used Google Hangouts as a way to communicate with a group on users across several campuses as a method of enhancing project management calls. Alternatives such as conference calls or webinar formats didn't allow for the level of meaningful conversation that we wanted. Hangouts gave us a way to see the other people on the call and check their reactions in real time and allowed anyone to show through the video feed items that may be hard to describe with only voice.
  • Video Interaction. Being able to see each other face to face prevented those awkward situations we're people are all trying to talk at once or when you are not sure who is speaking.
  • High quality video. The video feeds were clear enough to see graphs, charts, or text that participants wanted to share with the group.
  • Ease of use. Almost everyone has a Google account anymore so getting people on the Hangouts were never an issue.
  • Voice quality. You can easily tell who the person is that is speaking and if they have left their mic on and are picking up background noise from a certain user. I never had trouble clearly hearing other users.
  • With many people on a Hangout on a mobile screen I felt that things were harder to track and manage. If people are thoughtful it is easier.
  • I found it difficult to track the chat and the video at the same time. If people were typing into the chat window it wasn't obvious what that conversation was while a Hangout was occurring.
  • Google Meet has taken over some of the space the Hangouts previously has done for us. If you are looking at alternatives it does have some similar features and is a robust product.
  • With small meetings you can use the product for free completely eliminating the need to purchase a solution.
  • It allows people to meet quickly, informally, and get problems solved without the need to spin up a conference bridge or goto meeting or some of those other solutions that tend to be managed by people that want advanced notice.
  • Google Hangouts isn't going to replace your entire office phone system. It just isn't that product so depending on your business object be aware of its limitations.
Even people unfamiliar with the product could likely use it the first time if you only told them to download the application. After that the product is so user friendly they would likely figure it out without additional instruction. There are finer features of course but they are easily found and at worst instructions are easily found with a quick internet search. You don't need a consultant or anything like that to get going with the product.
I never had to reach out for Google's support with the product but I am still rating it a 10 because so much of the product is intuitive and the rest can be found in easily accessible documentation. In the entirety of my use of the product it never crashed and I have yet to experience an outage.
The listings I could find in the database aren't exact competitors. I would think of Google Meet, GoTo Meeting, or Zoom Video Conferencing as closer competitors. Hangouts has instant messaging feature like Jabber but really they aren't competing in the same lane. I think Google Hangouts was the best for our needs. The cost is better than the others and it didn't require a lot of set up or getting people to work with software there were not familiar with.
I think groups of people 15 or less can do well in Google Hangouts. It is also better suited for people that can make use of the visual aspects. If you don't need to see each other and are familiar with the group you are communicating with perhaps a landline solution is easier. If you want to have a room of people as one party on the Hangouts I would not recommend it without better microphones. If you keep the meeting to one person per account it works better.

Google Hangouts (Classic) Feature Ratings

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