Jive was a Great Move for INSURICA and Our 30 Offices
Jeff Nickles | TrustRadius Reviewer
February 07, 2019

Jive was a Great Move for INSURICA and Our 30 Offices

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Overall Satisfaction with Jive Hosted VoIP

We use Jive Hosted VoIP at all of our 30+ insurance agency locations across five states. We've grown through acquisitions which means we inherited a wide-range of legacy on-premise phone systems. Jive gave us a powerful alternative system that we could standardize on. Plus, we can manage every location via one browser-based management console which improves efficiency. The cloud PBX is simple, yet very powerful. This enables us to customize the configuration (dial plans, call flow, etc.) for each of our offices based on their size, preferences, and culture. Furthermore, being on Jive is exceptional when you need to move an office to a new location or in disaster scenarios. It is so easy to reroute calls on the fly to another office in a matter of minutes.
  • Eliminates the need for complicated, expensive on-site equipment and phone line trunks. This reduces cost and overhead.
  • Very easy to use and configure. I've yet to encounter a situation where I couldn't meet the request of one of our users with Jive. When we first started with Jive, I was a novice with phone systems. But, I found the Jive PBX easy and intuitive to configure. This eliminates the need for a dedicated phone administrator.
  • Since all our phone numbers are held in the Jive cloud, it is very easy to make any number ring at any of our 30 locations. This is incredible for disaster recovery and business continuity needs.
  • We wish Jive had a stronger unified communication client. They've made strides in this area over the last few years, but it still isn't as powerful as other things we've seen.
  • We had the chore of migrating 30 offices to Jive from a wide variety of carriers and legacy systems over the past few years. This was challenging and while Jive did a pretty good job, I feel like they could have been better in terms of helping us manage this process.
  • By enabling us to eliminate costly PRIs from phone carriers, we've been able to significantly reduce our overall annual telecom spend with Jive. We have seen a very short-term (3-6 month) ROI in many cases by moving to Jive.
  • Jive gives us incredible flexibility in terms of call routing and flow. In the past, if we needed to have another office answer calls coming in on a particular number, it was a hassle and often cost us money to pay the carrier for call forwarding. That's not the case with Jive, we can make this kind of change in minutes and it doesn't cost us a dime.
  • We have also been able to invest our savings from moving to Jive to improve the Internet connections at our branch locations. This improves their overall Internet experience. We are so dependent today on these connections that this has been very welcomed side-effect.
Some of our offices had dedicated, on-premise Avaya PBX before we moved to Jive. I found Avaya difficult to configure, troubleshoot and maintain. That is all a thing of the past now that we are on Jive. I would never go back to a traditional phone system after I've experienced what being on cloud-hosted VoIP is like.
Jive is very well suited in most situations. For us, with multiple branch office locations, it is perfect. We don't have to support expensive, complicated equipment on-site all over the place. The architecture with Jive is very simple and straightforward. However, even if we only had one office, Jive would still be my choice. The only situation I can think of where Jive might not be appropriate would be if you had really poor Internet service. Obviously, voice quality is dependent on a decent Internet connection with Jive. However, we've been very pleased to learn that Jive operates very well in all our locations and they have tools to help you determine if your connection is good enough to support their service.

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Using Jive Hosted VoIP

600 - We have a wide-range of users on Jive. They include outside sales, account managers, support staff, IT, Accounting, HR and executives. Jive is extremely flexible and provides most of the options any sales and service organization would need. We've been very pleased with all the options Jive gives us. Our users seem very happy with our move to Jive.
4 - I want to be clear, we do not have any dedicated people for supporting Jive. We have four people in IT that help with Jive, but they all have other jobs and taking care of Jive is a small part of what they do because it really doesn't take a lot of time to manage the system. It is very easy to train logical, technical folks to manage this system. As long as you have a basic understanding of phones, you can be easily trained to manage the Jive PBX.
  • Provides basic phone capabilities to our employees.
  • Replaces, expensive cumbersome traditional phone systems.
  • Increases flexibility and functionality at a fraction of the cost.
  • It has enabled us with increased flexibility to meet the demands of today's mobile workforce. Jive literally works anywhere that you have a stable Internet connection. There is a mobile app, soft phone and the regular phone device. All of these function wherever our employees are working. This enables our business to be available to our customers in a more flexible, friendly way.
  • We have thought about integrating Jive with Salesforce.
We've been very impressed with the flexibility and cost-savings we've experienced on Jive. Also, they've been very responsive to our needs and attentive to supporting us. We are a pleased customer and look forward to many more years of working with Jive. I'm thankful for cloud-hosted VoIP. It has been a tremendously positive move for our company.